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  1. I have found this article on my FB share and wanted to share it with my friends here as I felt it could be helpful for everyone commuting through the wild life or forest regions in India. In order avoid as well as to safeguard ourselves and vehicles from animal encounters, here are a few codes to be followed by motorists. 1. Firstly, Do not stop when you see the wild life on the road. 2. Do not honk or flash your headlights or do anything that can irritate the larger animals like elephants could turn aggressive. 3. Keep a steady pace and over-speed when you see the wild life. Drive at speeds not exceeding 40 kmph through wild life areas, be ready to brake. 4. Stop at a safe distance if you see wild life on the road or about to cross the road. 5. Keep yourself ready to make a U-Turn in case the wild animal starts moving towards you. 6. Do not get out of the vehicle. If you have to do for any reason as you can't catch the sight of the leopards which hunt from hiding on the tree trunks. 7. Never stop at densely vegetated places or a place which could be a wild life "corridor" such as a culvert or a water body or a narrow section of the road. 8. Wild life encounters happens a lot on curves when you can't see the animal till you are round the curve. Exercise utmost caution when taking curves through wild life sanctuaries. 9. Do not break rules for timings through wild life sanctuaries. 10. Establish eye contact with oncoming vehicles to check if there is any wild life ahead. Always scan the surroundings for any wild life threats. Please be kind to other road users. Be it human or animal.
  2. kamal

    Hyderabad to Bhutan Trip

    Hi @Tapahasu, Beautiful details and pictures of your trip sir, Could you throw some light on the immigration process at Phuntsholing entrance of Bhutan?
  3. kamal

    Hyderabad to Singur dam roadtrip

    Fabulous pictures guys and the information about the place is quite clear to explore this place. Any specific reason why the flow of tourists suddenly took a halt?
  4. kamal

    Hyderabad Road accidents

    This is a real shame on such a reputed firm in the country. The expenses spent on solving the issues in court would fall higher than the expenses which the park hotels would be spending on the car repairs. They would have bagged good will in bonus to that. Shear cheating acts will definitely cost them more.
  5. Great thread guys, Petrol or Diesel is always a never ending debate. Before I comment something, let me say that I am a proud owner of a petrol car and I would not step back in supporting my choice. Advantages: Petrol cars have a wide range of rpm and so you get to play with the power a lot. Low noise and smooth running engine. Low pollution. Service costs are half of a diesel car. You can save up to 1 Lakh INR during the initial payment. Disadvantages: Less fuel efficient when compared to a diesel variant of the same car. By doing the math you will find out that you were an idiot when you bought a petrol car thinking about saving 1 L INR Let me show you why. Here is the math. Considering that I need to travel 100 kilometres a day (Work<--->Home) 100x2 = 200 km Petrol cars fuel efficiency ranges between 12-18 kmpl for a 1.2 litre engine. Lets take an average of 14 kmpl. 200/14 = ~14.3 litres of petrol is being burnt for a journey. Petrol cost is 70 INR per litre. 14.3x70 = 1001 INR Trying the same math on a diesel car. For a 1.4 litre diesel car the mileage ranges between 16- 24kmpl Considering an avg. of 20 kmpl. Diesel cost is 60 INR per litre 200/20= 10 litres 10 x 60 = 600 INR for the whole trip. Wowwww... Almost half the money required. But, this is where people gets confused. People consider and compare both the mileages of petrol and diesel but they never consider the cost per litre to the account. So no matter how much money you spend initially will not bother you in a long run because, what’s gonna bother you is while you fill up the tank for long trips or short trips. All that I wanted to share
  6. Awesome travelogue.. The beauty of this white desert is something which cannot be explained in words.. how hot was the temperature there when you had gone there
  7. kamal

    Dash Cams in India

    Hi, I recently bought this same Xiaomi YI Smart Car DVR which was shared in this post.. I'm very happy with this built quality and its resolution which not only helps me get good videos but also great pictures.. but i'm facing a visibility issue during the night drive in the cam.. Is there a better version for this as I do most night drives most of the time..
  8. Wonderful travelogue and extensive photographs too.. I'm sure you guys must have had an amazing time. I'm definitely not missing the next drive
  9. RSVP: List of the Confirmed 15 members: 1) Sagar +1 2) Ravi +2 3) Varun +1 4) Gautam 5) Gowtham+1 6) Bhargav 7) Harshita +1 8) Sruthi +1 List of the members in the waiting list: 9) Uday 10) Basu 11) Sugandhar+1 12) Vivek+2 13) Ujwal +1 14) Rohit 15) Ganesh +2 16) Sudhir +2 17) Ullas+1 18) Ramu +2 19) Karthick +2 20) Balakrishna 21) Ramandeep +1 22) Ravi Teja +2 23) Mansur 24) Vinod Chowdary 25) Kamal
  10. Congrats on the buy [uSER=38]Pralay[/uSER] .. your white knight really looks stunning in the shots
  11. Beautiful photos.. Konaseema is always at its best during the monsoons.. A lot of places are still left unexplored in this territory.. And looks like you are already on the job exploring the roads less traveled .. Great job
  12. That's a very comprehensive article [uSER=38]Pralay[/uSER] . Its helpful all those buying their new vehicles.
  13. Nice pictures .. But i heard that the forests has some naxals.. is it safe enough to make a trip to this place..