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  1. raman

    Hyderabad to Nagarjuna Sagar

    Thank you for the quick response @Shekar. Much appreciated
  2. raman

    Hyderabad to Nagarjuna Sagar

    Superb pictures @Shekar. Especially the waterfalls. Where is this SRIPARVATA ARAMA located ? Never heard of it before.. I never visited this place during my previous visits to Nagarjunasagar
  3. I would suggest to do your trip after the Rann Utsav gets over. The place looks better with out crowd and much enjoyable. Between December to February, Kutch is heavily crowded because of the festive season.
  4. Oh, That's lovely. You camping site looks awesome. Waking up to a beautiful sunrise and a water body. I can imagine the peace you have experienced at this place
  5. Looks like you have taken all the cars of the same segment. Lovely pictures inside.
  6. raman

    Hyderabad to Munnar, Valparai, Athirapally.

    Beautiful pictures @arifismyname That's a lot of information you have given. Thanks much for sharing your experience
  7. @Kumsi Amazing pictures accompanied by superb write-up mate. It was so much fun, reading through your travelogue. Waiting for more of such
  8. raman

    Favourite travel picture.

    Awesome picture @chaitanyap. One of the best places one can visit. Maggi available beside this lake at 3-idiots café is amazingly tasty :D. Btw, Did you visit the place in the month of June?
  9. Awesome pictures @Saran @Ranger @sagar. How big is the island and is it completely isolated or is any living out there?
  10. Hi Ullas, At present the best route to reach Vizag from Hyderabad is Hyderabad - Suryapet - Vijayawada - Rajamundry - Vizag. I suggest you to cover a place named Araku since you have enough days in hand and not much to see around Vizag. Places to cover in Vizag are: Ramakrishna Beach, Kailasagiri Hill Park, Submarine Museum, Yarada Beach (A must visit beach in Vizag), Dolphin's Nose, Visakhapatnam Zoo, Bhimli Beach. Araku is a small hill station close to Vizag which is approximately around 100 kms from Vizag and takes 3 hours of drive time. Haritha valley resort is one decent and recommended place for a stay between the hills.
  11. raman

    'Year end day drive' - December 10th 2016

    Confirm list --------------- 1. Sagar+1 2. Gowtham+1 3. Saran 4. Nitin 5. Vinith + 1 6. Jagadish + 1 Tentative list ----------------- 1. Karthik 2. Raman
  12. Excellent and meticulously planned drive and your pictures never fail to disappoint us. Great to see the cars follow a convoy and the rules which is quite a departure from Indian nature to follow rules. Can't imagine this kind of convoy amidst the western ghats. Waiting for your next with an even longer convoy.. Good luck India-Drive.flag
  13. RSVP: List of the Confirmed 15 members: 1) Sagar +1 2) Ravi +2 3) Varun +1 4) Gautam 5) Gowtham+1 6) Bhargav 7) Harshita +1 8) Sruthi +1 List of the members in the waiting list: 9) Uday 10) Basu 11) Sugandhar+1 12) Vivek+2 13) Ujwal +1 14) Rohit 15) Ganesh +2 16) Sudhir +2 17) Ullas+1 18) Ramu +2 19) Karthick +2 20) Balakrishna 21) Ramandeep +1
  14. This map is so crystal clear covering information about all the places around the Kuntala waterfalls.. Thanks a lot for sharing ..