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  1. naresh237

    Polo lifetime

    My car model VW Polo - Diesel - 2012 - Trendline Last time I visited VW garage for regular service on Nov-2015 [odometer - 61000] [Yes, never visited VW garage after 2015]. Yesterday my odometer reached 1,50,000 Is it OK to continue my polo for next 3-4 years or should i sell it right now. Meanwhile i changed timing belt, tensioner, ac belt, break discs and break pads in local garage on Dec-2017 [odometer 110k],. At 150 K what repairs can i expect and how long my polo will run.
  2. naresh237

    Upcoming Meetup details

    I am completely new to this portal. Before posting this question I navigated to all pages but I could not find upcoming meetup details. Only thing I am seeing is completed meet up details. Please share correct URL to see upcoming meetup details please.
  3. naresh237

    Tamilnadu Temple tour

    We are planning to visit important temples in Tamilnadu. We don't have any time constraint. Earlier we already visited Mahabalipuram & Arunachalam. So we decided to exclude these two from the plan. Please suggest a road map. We are planning to start on January 2nd.