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    Hyderabad to Nagpur Road Trip

    Guys, I am back to Bangalore on Nov 2nd. Started from Bhopal on Nov 1st early morning 5:00 AM. Reached Nagpur around 11:30 - 12:00 and continued. As mentioned earlier, I wanted to cross Hinganghat - Adilabad stretch during day time so didnt halt much in between. This time to my surprise, after Hinganghat and near Kelapur toll, was greeted by craters. If anyone is crossing this section first time that too in dark its very dangerous. There was hardly any place to move car from there. Somehow crossed that section and within 2kms there is a toll named Kelapur toll. I complained there about the road condition and they told work in progress. I even raised public grievance on "https://pgportal.gov.in/." and awaiting reply. We reached Hyderabad at 7:00 PM and stayed in a hotel for night and started next day morning (Nov 2nd) for Bangalore. After having breaks for breakfast and fuel reached home (in whitefield) by 4:30 PM). With this, I completed the trip successfully :). Thanks , Dhananjay
  2. Dhananjay

    Hyderabad to Nagpur Road Trip

    Hi All, Thanks for all your suggestions. As planned, I could start by only 6:00 AM from BLR and reached Nehru ORR by 1:20 PM. Took 2 stops , 1 for breakfast for 20 minutes and then refueling before Hyderabad. Climate was good and was greeted by rains in between twice till Hyderabad. As I was able to cover till HYD by 1:20 PM, I decided to continue further and finally reached Adilabad by 5:40 or 6:00 PM. It started getting dark. As the road till now was good , I decided to continue till NGP. and break journey there. But to my surprise suddenly greeted by very bad patch. My car took sudden hit on road and I was scared, luckily nothing happened to car. There were no cars on the stretch. Only Big trucks were passing and roads were pathetic. I slowed down to 40 KMPH from 80-90 KMPH. My only worry was, if anything happens to car then it will be a big problem, even mobile network wasn't there. (If anyone is taking same road, it will be good to cover this stretch during day time, at-least till the road gets repaired.) Somehow, I kept driving and reached Hinganghat. Here road was good and now I was able to see some local cars moving towards NGP. Also, was able to get mobile network too. On the way, my wife booked a hotel near NGP Airport and by 9:15 PM checked in a hotel opposite to airport. Had hot water bath and dinner and slept. Started for Bhopal next morning by 8:00 AM. Road till Betul was excellent and after that single lane but was able to drive at 50-60 KMPH. After crossing Hoshangabad at Budhni , took road towards Salkanpur and at Rehti took Kolar road. This lag(NGP - BPL) of journey was tiring. Reached Bhopal at 6:00 PM ( After halting at Pandhurna for 1 and 1/2 hours). I will start my return journey from Bhopal on Nov 1st and planning to start by 5:00 AM and will try to reach HYD same day. Will share my experience on this part after reaching back. Any suggestions are welcome :). Thanks, Dhananjay
  3. Dhananjay

    Hyderabad to Nagpur Road Trip

    Actually my complete trip is till Bhopal. So, I thought of covering as much distance possible on day one and avoid night drive. Keeping this in mind, I thought of staying at Nizamabad as I heard after that there is no good place to stay at night with family. And, I am not sure, if , I will be able to cover BLR -> NGP in single day even though I start at 5:00 AM from BLR. Still, I think if I can reach HYD by or before 1:00 PM, I will try to continue till NGP same day. But, not sure if its possible and doable. BLR -> HYD is 600 KM app and HYD ->NGP is 500 KM app. 1100 km in single day looks too optimistic with single driver (thats me ). From NGP, my brother will join and will take over.
  4. Dhananjay

    Hyderabad to Nagpur Road Trip

    Thanks Sridhar for your valuable suggestion.
  5. Dhananjay

    Hyderabad to Nagpur Road Trip

    Thanks for your valuable suggestion, Ranger.😊 Its really useful. After reading someother post in this forum only, I thought will halt at Nizamabad. But, after your post, I think I will do a break journey at HYD itself. Once again thanks.
  6. Dhananjay

    Hyderabad to Nagpur Road Trip

    Hi Ranger, I don't think it's possible to do in one day from BLR to NGP. Thinking of taking halt at either HYD or Nizamabad. Both the places are new for me. Any suggestions? Regards, Dhananjay
  7. Dhananjay

    Hyderabad to Nagpur Road Trip

    Hi Guys, I am new to India-Drive. Wasn't aware about this wonderful website. I would like to know your suggestions for Hyderabad to Nagpur drive, like how much time it will take, decent stops ( as I am travelling with family), Fuel stations and as I will driving from Bengaluru, on the way which place , after Hyderabad , I can stop for night halt. I am planning to start by morning 5:00 AM from Bengaluru in Swift with limited stops. Awaiting your valuable suggestions. Thanks, Dhananjay