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  1. Amazing ad from the volvo group .. Whatta journey.. Great compilation
  2. Balakrishna

    Hyderabad to Konaseema!

    Beautiful.. The place looks so blissful. I always wanted to explore this side Andhra Pradesh for its nativity and my urge towards this place has pepped up even more. Excellent report @Ravi and amazing pictures too..
  3. Excellent pictures @gowtham .. I keep going there frequently, but never covered this sanctuary .. Good to know that they have allowed cars inside. I shall cover this during my next visit at pocharam. Thanks for sharing
  4. Nice details of the place @teju b . and Beautiful pictures too
  5. Balakrishna

    Premier padmini 1986 model

    Awesome pictures @TDI superb stuff.
  6. All the photographs are superb, and you did it at the right time before monsoon ended. Another informative wanderlust travelogue. Keeps us wanting for more.. Way to go 'India-Drive'
  7. Lovely pictures and write up.. Relived the drive going through this post.. I loved the rules during the convoy and great tips too.. Can't wait for the next drive.
  8. 1. Gowtham+1 2. Bhargav 3. Ganesh+2 4. Sagar+1 5. Harshita+1 6. Arjun +2 7. Saichand+1 8. Tej +3 9. Gautam 10. Suchi+2 11. Sujay+1 12. Sruthi+2 13. Srinivas+1 14. Balakrishna
  9. Balakrishna

    Hyderabad to Gandikota - The Grand canyon of India

    Brilliantly written mate.. The pictures look really awesome.. The convoy pics you articulated so explicitly needs a special mention.. :clap:
  10. RSVP: List of the Confirmed 15 members: 1) Sagar +1 2) Ravi +2 3) Varun +1 4) Gautam 5) Gowtham+1 6) Bhargav 7) Harshita +1 8) Sruthi +1 List of the members in the waiting list: 9) Uday 10) Basu 11) Sugandhar+1 12) Vivek+2 13) Ujwal +1 14) Rohit 15) Ganesh +2 16) Sudhir +2 17) Ullas+1 18) Ramu +2 19) Karthick +2 20) Balakrishna
  11. Congratulations Loved your entire write up.. Your details with the pictures is commendable.. Hope you have many miles of joy
  12. Thanks a lot nitin for the recent update, I am planning to visit this place in the next 2 weeks and was quite skeptic about the weather conditions over there. you have cleared the doubt.. Great pictures btw
  13. Balakrishna

    Hyderabad to Maredumilli road trip

    Few queries 1) Which would be the best route from Hyd? 2) Is Vana Vihar maintained well? 3) Any special permits required for this forest drive? TIA
  14. Balakrishna

    Hyderabad to Maredumilli road trip

    Hi guys, I am driving down to Maredumilli forests next weekend with my friends. Can you suggest me the best route to take and the present road condition and if this is the right time to visit the place? TIA, Regards, Balakrishna