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  1. shiva

    Planning trip from Hyderabad to Varanasi

    Not possible in a single day, even with multiple drivers. He should take a break. Question? Nagpur or Jabalpur
  2. shiva

    SCAM ALERT in Hyderabad.

    Very sad incident. He is lucky to have his colleagues backing him up. But he handled it very well. I could have given money to get out of the situation. I fear the mob mentality in the country. Recent incident at Bidar. Source I heard few incidents like this before hand. These things happen across the country. One of my colleague has got into a puncture scam recently in Bangalore. Being cautious and using common sense is only way to get out of the situations like this.. Always take a video, If you feel something is wrong. It will be very helpful as an evidence.
  3. shiva

    Hyderabad to Maredumilli Forest Road trip

    Drone shots of Maredumilli, WhatsApp forward.
  4. Near Sarpanpally lake. Shared by one of our members in WhatsApp group Resort?
  5. shiva

    Hyderabad Road accidents

    link This happend today morning, Im stuck in the office cab for 30mins. How much does it to take to implement a proper bus stop? I have seen most of the RTC bus stopping ahead/before/middle of the road. They never stop at designated location. I'm not blaming the bus driver but people rush as soon as they see the bus. Sharing Autos usually block most of the bus stop area. A proper marked bus stop is a distant dream in India?
  6. You need to install it on your own? Man this is too much for a simple insurance.
  7. shiva

    Hyderabad to Sahasrakund waterfalls

    There are many waterfalls in and around Adilabad. few of them are small. Most of locals have a good grip about these places. I think there are best during monsoon, there is no point in visiting them in winter/summer. Good share sudhir.
  8. Haha, I have Bajaj for my Verna. I think its time to move to some other provider. I have similar thoughts. Bajaj will loose numbers..If make this device mandatory. Even extremely cautious drivers break speed limits in India. It is like a GPS anklet tied to thief. Live young, live free and don't policies from such Insurance providers.
  9. This is the current trend in Western countries. Without proper infrastructure these devices will never work! Personally, I will avoid such a insurance company! I don't want insurance company to track me. I feel so much amount of resources are wasted to monitor each and every driver(24x7) 1. Did they install device on your car? 2. Is it mandatory? 3. Do we get live updates from the device? 4. Does the third party device tamper electrical and create warranty issues? Such kind of initiative never work in India. Period!
  10. shiva

    Remove Chrome from the car?

    Check with 3M guys. They have different patterns to cover the chrome bar. One of my friend got it done to his new Amaze and it looks fantastic. Though it is expensive but the quality is worth it. They charge based on square inch price. Local sticker shops can get it done for 200~500 bucks but I doubt the quality and finish.
  11. shiva

    Route information from Pune to Ranchi

    Hi Navin, I have done Nagpur to Pune few months back. Roads are great between Pune to Jalna and Amravati to Nagpur Roads between Jalna to Amravati is single lane road takes some time to progress. It took us around 15 hours including breaks. We started at 4AM form Nagpur, so less traffic. You can plan you halt at Nagpur, hotels are decent and economical.
  12. shiva

    Hyderabad City road updates

    Today traffic diversions.
  13. shiva

    Hyderabad Road accidents

    Traffic update:
  14. shiva

    Hyderabad to Bogatha waterfalls

    Any accomdiation suggestions? If I don't get any place in Laknvaram resorts.