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  1. Andaman and Maldives are the best/economical places to visit for the beach lovers. Fantastic report Pinaki. I have visited Andaman last December, It was a very good experience. My next target is to visit Maldives.
  2. Download links Android Playstore This mobile App is for the National Highway Commuters of India, who wish to cross through a National Toll road in a pre-informed manner. The App also prevents frauds by way of overcharging by a Toll Plaza as it informs the user about the fee applicable. While on move, users can know the places of interest & Route to theses places if he/she wishes. The App tells real time waiting time at a plaza as at a particular time. Once the user crosses a plaza, he/she can also give feedback of his experience through the toll plaza. Key features 1. Nearby toll Plazas 2. Toll Plazas en-route 3. Fast-Tag 4. Know your highway 5. Report an issue 6. Report summery (issue tracker) 7. Near by (Hotels, hospitals, ATM and Fuel) Will give more details once I use the app. Overall app is impressive. Adding few screen shots. Home screen Near by works only on GPS, we cannot slect the place manually.
  3. Hyderabad ORR

    What happened to Gachibowli to Shamshabad section. Road quality went down drastically. Very bad maintenance. Also they increased the toll price from 20/- to 30/- Any information on fast-tag solution? Daily I'm waiting around 10 minutes at Gachibowli exit?
  4. Tirupati to Mumbai

    Stick to Bangalore route. Bangalore to Mumbai highway is excellent, you will have a stress free drive. Are you planning to do it in a single day? I would suggest a halt at Bangalore!
  5. Best car wash in Hyderbad?

    I would recommend 3M, both kforce and 3M are priced similarly. 3M staff are very professional and informative. And we have a nice lounge to sit and watch the whole process.
  6. Hyderabad to Himalayas road trip video

    Fantastic video. Happy to be the part of the trip. Once in a lifetime memory. Excellent co-ordination between cars and good set of drivers made the drive memorable. Getting stuck in snow and recovery process was the best part.
  7. Hyderabad to Bangalore by Bike/Car

    Bangalore highway is always fun to drive. Those banking angles are too good. It is a drivers paradise. I think both car/bike drivers enjoy the route.
  8. Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Fantastic information Skumar. How is the climate in Mahabalipuram? I think I will stick to NH. Instead of Gulbarga route. I drive a Ritz/Duster. It can handle those roads.
  9. I can still see many cars with bull bars. Is the rule active? My office cab has huge bull bar.
  10. It is better to have a discussion with hotel management. There is lot of confusion on routes. Pacherla information shared by Varun is 100% correct.
  11. Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    My colleague is planning to drive down this weekend. Shared the recent review by Shri. Will update, once he is back. Thank you
  12. Hyderabad to Gottamgutta road trip

    Thank you for the update. Adding few points from my research. This place has multiple names. Gottamgutta Gottam gotta While using google maps, we should search for Chincholi wild life sanctuary. Also other side of the water body is called chandrampally. According to the reports Gottamgutta side view is much better than Chandrampally.
  13. Hyderabad to Gottamgutta road trip

    @Saran and @Ranger beautiful pictures. Keep on finding more places for people like us. Fantastic work. You guys have explored many unknown places and made it easy for us. Any timings or entry fee for the sanctuary?
  14. Even I heard new roads are great. I'm planning to drive down in mid of December. Any tips? Will take the above suggested route. I heard they are collecting huge toll at the ghat section, Is it true?
  15. Hyderabad, weekend drive Meetups

    Is there are any meetup planned in December? Please let me know in advance so that I can join this time.