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  1. Works out only if the no. of days are below three. I always prefer Pushpak(airport bus) when ever it is available. For people having late night flights, it is always better to drive your own car for short travel plans. I got a drowsy driver once. I had to keep him engaged through out the 40 minutes drive on ORR. He said he is driving from 0600 in the morning and got picked me up around 2300. 😮 It was a scary experience.
  2. shiva

    Hyderabad to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Resreve

    Nice pictures man. Sadly we did spot any tigers during our visit. We are planning to visit again. Can you please share more details on resort price?
  3. shiva

    Automotive photography.

    Mysuru : Wide angle
  4. shiva

    Best car wash in Hyderbad?

    Any discount for India-Drive members
  5. How many days you have for this trip? Any particular reason for taking Kolhapur route?
  6. shiva

    Hyderabad to Leh by road

    No permits required, Just carry original documents. Vehicle should be registered on your name. If you are taking Delhi -> Srinagar -> Leh and while coming back you are taking Leh -> Keylong --> Manali no one will ask for permits. If you are taking Delhi --> Manali --> Keylong --> Leh. You need to take permits for Rohtang pass(permits will be available at Manali) Usually people will go via Srinagar and come back via Manali.
  7. shiva

    Hyderabad ORR

    Hyderabad ORR update: source : Telangana new Finally it is opening If we do one full round and exit at the same gate. We will be charged zero?
  8. shiva

    A Mini Travelogue, Hyderabad to Suryalanka Beach.

    Many of my office colleagues are planning to Chirala during summer vacation. Sea Breeze is booked full on weekends.
  9. shiva

    Varanasi to Hyderbad

    I have no idea about Varanasi to Nagpur. But Nagpur to Hyderabad section is mix of good and bad roads. Once you cross Nagpur. There are plenty of bad patches till Adilababad. Adilabad to Hyderabad is pure joy. Beautiful roads!
  10. shiva

    Hyderabad to Coorg road trip in Apr 2018

    I have visited Coorg in May(last year) Temperatures are too high. Coorg is best during monsoon and winter. But on the upside you can strike good deals with the accommodation. Apart from temples you wont find any places on this route. Coorg can be done easily in a single day, In my opinion break at Bangalore will cost you both time and money. Would suggest you to start early morning from Hyderabad. If you any queries/places to visit around Coorg, let me know..
  11. shiva

    Short Trip Hyderabad to Nagarjuna Sagar

    Lovely pictures man. Nagarjuna sagar is my first long drive. It is always memorable place for me. Thank for reigniting those memories. I never heard of any place close to the dam?
  12. Andaman and Maldives are the best/economical places to visit for the beach lovers. Fantastic report Pinaki. I have visited Andaman last December, It was a very good experience. My next target is to visit Maldives.
  13. Download links Android Playstore This mobile App is for the National Highway Commuters of India, who wish to cross through a National Toll road in a pre-informed manner. The App also prevents frauds by way of overcharging by a Toll Plaza as it informs the user about the fee applicable. While on move, users can know the places of interest & Route to theses places if he/she wishes. The App tells real time waiting time at a plaza as at a particular time. Once the user crosses a plaza, he/she can also give feedback of his experience through the toll plaza. Key features 1. Nearby toll Plazas 2. Toll Plazas en-route 3. Fast-Tag 4. Know your highway 5. Report an issue 6. Report summery (issue tracker) 7. Near by (Hotels, hospitals, ATM and Fuel) Will give more details once I use the app. Overall app is impressive. Adding few screen shots. Home screen Near by works only on GPS, we cannot slect the place manually.
  14. shiva

    Hyderabad ORR

    What happened to Gachibowli to Shamshabad section. Road quality went down drastically. Very bad maintenance. Also they increased the toll price from 20/- to 30/- Any information on fast-tag solution? Daily I'm waiting around 10 minutes at Gachibowli exit?
  15. shiva

    Tirupati to Mumbai

    Stick to Bangalore route. Bangalore to Mumbai highway is excellent, you will have a stress free drive. Are you planning to do it in a single day? I would suggest a halt at Bangalore!