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  1. shiva

    Hyderabad to Belum caves and Gandikota camping

    Wow pictures came out very beautiful. Perfect family getaway around Hyderabad. After Feb it will be difficult to visit the place as temperatures rise. Right time to visit. Useful information.
  2. Reason, I went with Diesel torque converter. DCT is lighting quick, not sure about reliability. There are multiple drivers in my family, so decided with conventional TC GB.
  3. Great reading the log. Just today, I took the delivery of White GTX+ diesel automatic. Waiting for a highway drive. How is the ride quality?
  4. shiva

    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    Good pictures guys. Thread is active after a long break. Waiting for updates.
  5. Good tips. Even though we consider yourself to be experts. It better read such information and keep them in our mind during long drives.
  6. If you are buying a cover, buy a good branded one which has soft liner (inside). Local/Chinese stuff will lead to scratches on the car. I faced very bad experience with cover. PS: I own a black car.
  7. shiva

    Day Trip to from Hyderabad to Bhuvanagiri fort

    I did a early morning trek. We can trek from the back side of the fort, which doesn't have any entrance and join the steps little ahead. Early mornings during winter is too good, fog and sunrise must experience . I will try to share the pictures which are stuck in my old mobile (display not working 😡)/ Refreshed my memories. Thank for sharing the beautiful log. Any other places similar to this fort around Hyderabad?
  8. Short and to the point. Happy to see Safari Storm a rare breed. Do share more pictures of it.
  9. Luck is on your side mate. Never attempt such roads. Turn back is mantra. We can't predict the dept some times. Happy to see that Ford performed well. Did water enter into cabin?
  10. shiva

    Dash Cams in India

    Two important points to consider: -Manufactured in China -Designed in China I don't trust the products that are designed in China. I am fine with manufactured in China, more than 90% of electronics are manufactured in China.
  11. shiva

    Hyderabad to Bidar - Maruti Ignis

    Nice report. Pictures are crisp. Liked the way you covered food options en-route. Bidar is good to visit during weekdays. sometimes, weekends are getting crowded. During 2010, we used to drive inside the fort. Now they blocked the path and created a parking spot.
  12. shiva

    Weekend Trip to Belum Caves & Gandikota

    Hope you guys go on more trips. Became emotional reading your trip details. I will start bugging my friends. You made my Friday more lively.
  13. shiva

    Hyderabad to Goa Road trip

    Hyderabad to Goa road is most hectic route you will ever drive. Make sure you are comfortable for 14 hours+ drive. In which month you are planning, temperatures are high this week. Wait at least till end of June. I would suggest you take a flight to Goa and hire a self drive from Goa Airport. In this way you will save time and you can explore more places.
  14. Best video log of Srisailam. Great work man. I hope you must have clicked few pictures too. Please add them too.
  15. One of the best drone videos ever. It is awesome. Do visit Srisailam during Monsoon. Do you have images as well, if so please share.