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  1. The cheaper body covers available are not worth. They just cover the body but don't give proper protection to the car. Most of the cases by using these body cover car is more damaged. For example when it rains and you have your car covered, the rain doesn't get drained properly and get mixed with the dust present. Later it gives dark spots to your car. It would be good to keep the car without those covers.¬†ūüėÄ


    I just come across a good car body cover brand and as @Ranger mentioned this would be a costlier one. See the link below.



    You can find videos for this cover on YouTube and it seems to be a good waterproof car cover.

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  2. I have visited one month back for a day trip. It was a hot day. 


    Route: Madhapur - LB Nagar - Nagarjuna Sagar


    After Angadipeta you will find some bad roads around 20 kms due to road construction. You need be careful as the road will be narrow at some places and diversions. 

    I didn't visit Ethipothala water fall as local people told water won't be there and we got late for return.





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  3. Quote

    Nice report. Pictures are crisp.

    Liked the way you covered food options en-route. Bidar is good to visit during weekdays. sometimes, weekends are getting crowded. 

    Thanks @shiva



    During 2010, we used to drive inside the fort.ÔĽŅ
    Now they blocked the path and created a parking spot. 

    Even this time also we parked our vehicle in parking and walked through the fort.



    Lovely pictures, Can I know which camera is used?

    Thanks @driveking . These pictures are taken using mobile camera only. OnePlus7Pro and MI A1

  4. 39 minutes ago, Ranger said:

    Wow, beautiful pictures.

    Climate looks perfect. 


    How is the road condition from Zaheerabad to Bidar?

    Thanks @Ranger

    Overall road was good but in between, around 1 kms will be bad due to lack of maintenance. 



    Refreshing pictures. Those tombs are near Bidar?

    Are we allowed inside? 

    Thanks @karthik

    Yes, those tombs are near Bidar named as Bahamani Tombs.

    I think yes, you can go inside. It's a small place so we didn't spend much time there and had a look from road.

  5. I have three car dash cams in minds after going through many reviews.


    1. XIAOMI 70MAI Smart Midrive D01: 


    If if you are new to dash cam and want to try, this would be the best option for you.


    2. XIAOMI 70mai Pro Midrive D02 :


    If you have already experienced some dash cams and looking for a better one with mid budget range, then this one is for you.


    3. Viofo A129 Duo Dual Channel :


    I recommend this if you are find with the budget.


    Note: Images are from google.

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  6. We recently had a trip from Hyderabad to Bidar. Me with my wife and two other friends started at morning 6  o'clock and returned to Hyderabad by 6:45 pm. 


    Trip Details:

    Date: 29 June 2019

    Places Visited: Bidar Fort, Rangeen Mahal, Guru Nanak Jhira Sahib

    Route: Madhapur - Chanda Nagar - Zaheerabad - Bidar Fort

    Distance Covered: 266.4 km


    There was plan to visit Bidar along with Gulberga but we canceled Gulberga as we wanted to have a one day trip without hassle. Its just start of monsoon so weather was cool and while returning it rained little. So overall it was a nice trip. Attaching few pictures taken.


    Inner Ring Road, Bidar














    Bidar Fort and Rangeen Mahal




















    Gurudwara Nanak JhiraIMG_20190629_142206.jpg.f2b1648985fad6a87baf98cec456aac7.jpg

    Bahamani Tombs


    Hazrath Multani Baba Dargah


    Breakfast: At Hyderabad Delight Restaurant. They have all south indian items like idli, dosa, puri. Food was tasty and good. Irani tea was awesome. Car parking is available. 


    Lunch: At Royal Anmol Deluxe Family Restaurant. We had Dum Biryani and Chicken Drumstick. Good ambiance and food quantity but taste was average. There is a small car parking but you have to park on road side if you are travelling on weekends.


    For info about upcoming trips follow us.

    instagram: musafir_ds


    Hope you have liked our topic.



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  7. On 7/2/2018 at 4:30 PM, karthik said:


    Day 1:

    Hyderabad to Bogatha waterfalls

    Bogathawaterfalls to Laknavaram


    Day 2:

    Laknavaram to Warangal

    Warangal to Hyderabad

    How is this?


    Day 1:

    Hyderabad to Warangal - Start early morning from Hyderabad - Spent time till noon at warangal, Take lunch

    Warangal to Laknavaram Lake - head towards Laknavaram rach by 4. Enjoy evening and nightstay.


    Day 2:

    Laknavaram Lake to Bogatha waterfalls - Take breakfast(also carry some) and start towards waterfall. Enjoy till afternoon 

    Bogatha waterfalls to Laknavaram - Have your lunch

    Laknavaram to Hyderabad - Return to Hyderabad

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