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  1. The cheaper body covers available are not worth. They just cover the body but don't give proper protection to the car. Most of the cases by using these body cover car is more damaged. For example when it rains and you have your car covered, the rain doesn't get drained properly and get mixed with the dust present. Later it gives dark spots to your car. It would be good to keep the car without those covers. 😀 I just come across a good car body cover brand and as @Ranger mentioned this would be a costlier one. See the link below. https://www.tphcovers.com/ You can find videos for this cover on YouTube and it seems to be a good waterproof car cover.
  2. New Blog coming soon....


    Long trip from Hyderabad to Odisha.🤘

  3. How about visiting Lambasingi and Araku in Oct first week? Seems its raining in most of the places.
  4. I have visited one month back for a day trip. It was a hot day. Route: Madhapur - LB Nagar - Nagarjuna Sagar After Angadipeta you will find some bad roads around 20 kms due to road construction. You need be careful as the road will be narrow at some places and diversions. I didn't visit Ethipothala water fall as local people told water won't be there and we got late for return.
  5. Musafir

    Hyderabad to Chikamagalur road trip

    What is the best route now in 2019? What are must visit places for 5 days trip?
  6. Hello trippers, Tell your top monsoon destinations from Hyderabad and why?
  7. Musafir

    Hyderabad to Goa

    @travel.rtc Nice write-up and pictures are very nice. When did this trip happen and for how many days ? What places did you cover ?
  8. Musafir


    This may help you. You should post route related topic to https://www.india-drive.com/index.php?/forum/7-route-queries
  9. Musafir

    Hyderabad to Bogatha waterfalls

    Looks like govt has constructed a pool for visitors near water fall which can accommodate 200+ people. Some restaurants also available where you can order in advance if you are going as 20+ group. Recent Picture on 13th July Source : google
  10. Musafir

    Hyderabad to Maredumilli Forest Road trip

    Is the place recommended for a family trip? I heard like people are having alcohol and messing up with visitors. July/September? Which month is ideal ? Thanks
  11. Musafir

    Hyderabad to Bidar - Maruti Ignis

    Thanks @shiva Even this time also we parked our vehicle in parking and walked through the fort. Thanks @driveking . These pictures are taken using mobile camera only. OnePlus7Pro and MI A1