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  1. PareshBhinde

    Hyderabad to Hampi Route updates

    Can anyone suggest the latest routes update to Hampi ? I did see Hyderabad --> Kurnool (take right turn) --> Kodumur --> Alur --> Ballari --> Hampi route above posted by Ranger. Please suggest if we can take this route only or any short route is ready now ? Thanks!
  2. PareshBhinde

    Hyderabad Goa Family trip

    Thanks a lot for your suggestion and guidance Ranger. Appreciate it!
  3. PareshBhinde

    Hyderabad Goa Family trip

    Hi Ranger, Thanks a lot for your valuable inputs. I am going for a 4 day trip. To be very frank, I am still thinking about this long drive( from BHEL to Palolem) which, I don't think, I can cover in a day. I must take a night halt in Vijaypura and then next day I can proceed towards Goa as per your advised route. What would be the approximate travel cost, including Fuel and Toll for both ways please ? Thanks in advance!
  4. PareshBhinde

    Hyderabad Goa Family trip

    I just noticed that Panaji-Belgavi route is closed for some reason on Google maps. Anybody have any current update pls ?
  5. PareshBhinde

    A solo road trip to Hampi!

    Such a beautiful post.. Lovely pics. Thanks for sharing!!
  6. PareshBhinde

    Hyderabad Goa Family trip

    @Sridhar Tandra Thanks for your valuable inputs.. Can I cover the full distance in a day if I start at 4AM in the morning , or I should break the journey and next day I should proceed ?
  7. PareshBhinde

    Hyderabad Goa Family trip

    Friends, This is my first post in this group and I am really looking for learning and sharing experience from/with the group, thanks! I am planning for Hyderabad Goa trip in first week of June with my wife and son. I will be staying in Palolem. I have already gone through the route info and Will follow that strictly. I have Wagon R LXI- 2011 Model and it is in good condition. Is it a good idea to travel this long route on this Car ? Please suggest anything I have to consider before planning this trip. Any suggestions/replies are highly appreciated.