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    Hyderabad to Shirdi road condition 2019

    Hi all Just came from shirdi, yesterday night. I have to say the stretch up to Tuljapur turn, was excelleNt barring few stretches from him nabad yo Tuljapur as construction of four lane is in full swing. But after that the road conditions have to say below average as there are many potholes, and it will definitely drains ones energy like anything. This stretch is almost 140km which is just not alright. On my way back decided to avoid this hence took bit of longer route via pune and it's just awesome. From solapur to humnabad the construction of 4 lane is in full swing and it's in patches and the service road ghat has been laid is above average. Ic one doesn't mind driving an addl. 140kms then I suggest to ho this route. As I don't see anywhere near future the stretch of Tuljapur to Shirdi will be a 4 lane forget that even a proper two lane highway (with enough room for vehicles to ply ). If the potholes are sorted then definitely one can enjoy this route.