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  1. Dear Kam, would you plz share your Mobile number. I am planning to go to Shirdi this weekend. i need your advise

  2. We're back from our recent trip to Shirdi, Triyambkeshwer and Shani Signapur. Here are my trip stats: Distance Covered: ~1600 KM's Route (While going): Hyderabad -> Zaheerabad -> Solapur -> Tembhurni -> Karmala -> Ahmed Nagar -> Shirdi Route (While coming back): Triyambkeshwer -> Nashik -> Nandur-Shingote -> Rahuri -> Shani Signapur -> Ahmed Nagar -> Karmala -> Tembhurni -> Solapur -> Zaheerabad -> Hyderabad Day1: Hyderabad to Shirdi, started 05:15 am from KPHB and reached Shirdi 06:00 pm, took 1 hr break for breakfast/ lunch. Day2: Shirdi to Triyambkeshwer, started around 12pm and reached Triyambkeshwer 2:45 pm, Day3: Triyambkeshwer to Hyderabad via Shani Signapur (1.5 hour stopover at Shani Signapur), started from Triyambkeshwer at 08:15 am, reached Shani Signapur around 1:30 pm, started from Shani Signapur around 03:30 pm and reached Hyderabad home 12:30 am Road Conditions: 1. Hyderabad to Basavakalyan, 200 KM stretch is toll road and very good road condition 2. Basavakalyan to Solapur Bypass, 95 KM stretch is still a mess but things are moving and road condition has improved, lots of diversions 3. Solapur Bypass to Karmala, Single road but good road surface 4. Karmala to Ahmed Nagar, patchy road but manageable 5. Ahmed Nagar to Shirdi, four lane road, condition is okay, heavy traffic 6. Shirdi to Triyambkeshwer, mixed condition roads, at some places it's bad but 80% road condition is good 7. Triyambkeshwer to Shani Singnapur, I should have taken a different route (Sangamner, Tharabad, Rahuri), the route I have taken was pathetic, broken roads for almost 50-60 KM's after I took Nandur-Shingote route, the worst section of the entire trip Caution: 1. Don't take Bypass before Ahmed Nagar, rather go via Ahmed Nagar city, Chandni Chowk etc. Bypass road condition is just terrible, no roads and car struggles in 1st/2nd gear only 2. Carry all original documents of your vehicle and make sure no window meshes (even magnetic ones) are installed, no crash guard, no extra lights - this is applicable if you are travelling around Nashik or Pune. No issues around Karmala, Ahmed Nagar, Shirdi
  3. We did Hyderabad to Coorg in one single leg around 7 years back, started early around 4 am and reached Coorg by evening before dark. Followed below route: Hyderabad -> Anantour -> Doddaballapura (this bypass BLR and connects you to the Mysoor Higway) -> NICE Ring Road -> Mysuru -> Coorg Till Doddaballapura it was a non stop drive after that we took many break for lunch and evening tea. We covered most places in Coorg, Golden Temple (a bit far), Elephant Camp (again a short drive away). Video Part-I (Towards Coorg): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56QANWp-9X4 Video Part-II (Towards Coorg): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlahW739MqM Coorg to Elephant Camp Drive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEjRPObAMfo
  4. Kam

    Hyderabad to Shirdi road condition 2019

    I do this trip at least once in a year and taken up most of the available routes in all these years. Now from past few years I am taking up following route: Hyderabad -> Zaheerabad -> Solapur (Take Bypass) -> Mohol->Tembhurni (from here take right turn towards Karmala) -> Karmala -> Ahmednagar -> Ghodeygaon -> Shani Singnapur -> Shirdi We start from Hyderabad (KPHB) around 4 AM and reach Shirdi by evening 6 PM. We stop at Shani Signapur for darshan while going and it takes around 1 hr in total, other than that almost 1.5 hours break for breakfast and lunch. Road Conditions: Hyderabad to Solapur: Out of ~290 KM's last 90 KM's towards Solapur is not in good shape Solapur Bypass to Tembhurni: Excellent 4/6 lane road Tembhurni to Karmala: Good roads Karmala to Ahmed Nagar: Good roads as advised even in previous thread, please start as early as you can. Another Important Point: If you reach Shirdi by 6 PM then check-in to a Hotel, fresh-up and then go for Darshan around 08:30pm/9pm, trust me you don't need any special passes for darshan during this time, we do this all the times and come out of the temple within 30 mins after Darshan. Most buses reaches there early morning and that when it becomes crowded and takes hours to get darshan. Hope this helps, update this thread once you are back from your trip.