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  1. ok thank you for your information. I think from 1st june we can travel (if anybody wants) hassle free.
  2. In 1 week span twice you traveled HYD-AP-HYD, correct !!! No body questioned your Quarantine stamp on your hand ?? Are they providing pass only emergency or any other reason ?? I came to know that if you have any emergency or valid reason than only they are allowing to cross the border. Asking you out of my curiosity.
  3. Rajagopal

    How to get Fast tag for highway tolls

    I ordered FASTAG from Paytm 3 weeeks ago still not received, 😨
  4. Rajagopal

    Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam Road trip

    Between Hyd and Vskp. Which route is better between Eluru to Rajahmundry:- Eluru - Nallajerla - Rajahmundry (Godavari 4th bridge, Diwancheruvu) or Eluru - TP gudem - Nidadavole - Rajahmundry or any other ....???
  5. Rajagopal

    FASTAG.. Mandatory or Optional

    Guys, I would like to know the implementation of FASTAG as Mandatory or Optional. I think there is no such GO passed that FASTAG is Mandatory (still trying to figure out some concrete information). Per my opinion it should be an optional, you can take FASTAG and pass through that lanes or you can pay by cash and go through non- FASTAG lanes. Government is announcing to be as Mandatory but seems no proper implementation in this regard. Even in USA you will see both options in all Toll plaza (Cash/Cashless). Above said is just my thought/opinion/assumption and would like to know concrete information regarding the same, please share from your perspective.
  6. Rajagopal

    Hyderabad to Tirupati

    Tirupati Tour details:- We started @ 6:30 am on 29th Nov from Gachibowli and reached tirupati @ 5:30 pm, total duration 11 hrs including 2hrs break (breakfast 1/2hr + Lunch 1/2 hr + other's 1hr) Gachibowli - kurnool - 4hrs Kurnool - Kadapa - Vontimitta temple darshan - 4hrs Vontimitta - Tirupati - 3hrs same day we had padmavathi amma vari darshan 30th nov - Srikalahasti temple darshan and local tour 1st dec - went to tirumala and post lunch had a 300/- special darshan ( 1 1/2hr darshan duration) 2nd dec - Suprabhatam seva and post lunch vasanthotsavam seva Return journey: 3rd dec - we started @ 7:30am from tirumala and reached gachibowli @ 11:30 pm, total duration 16hrs including 4 1/2hrs break (breakfast 1/2hr + lunch 1/2hr + orvakal rock garden, kurnool 1hr + jogulamba temple darshan 1 1/2hr + dinner 1/2hr + other's 1/2hr) Road condition:- Gachibowli to kadapa - Excellent highway Kadapa to Tirupati - Average road 2 lane without divider with lot of potholes, speed breaker etc., While return changed the route via Rayachoty ( extra 1/2hr journey, 25kms) Tirupati to Pileru - Road was OK with some ghat section Pileru to Kadapa - Highway road without divider with some ghat section Kadapa to Gachibowli - Excellent highway If anybody wants to visit Talakona waterfalls then they can choose this route, it is near by Bhakarapeta on the way to Pileru.
  7. Rajagopal

    Hyderabad to Tirupati

    Thank you for updating the recent road condition and made it clear to my route map to & fro via kurnool-kadapa. Surprise to know the duration as 7.5hrs.
  8. Rajagopal

    Hyderabad to Tirupati

    Thank you for the update.
  9. Rajagopal

    Hyderabad to Tirupati

    There are some mixed opinions from hyd to tirupati route, Option-1 - LB nagar - nalgonda - addanki - NH-16 - nellore - srikalahasti - tirupati Option-2 - Gachibowli - kurnool - kadapa - tirupati It all depends upon the start point from hyderabad and also if you want to visit srikalahasti temple. Again no clear clarity on completion of proposed highway kurnool - kadapa, but what I got the information is that almost completed. The only issue you may face is between kadapa to tirupati, this stretch is not a highway and you may not feel comfortable. Even I am planning to travel tirupati 29th Nov. Gachibowli - Nalgonda - addanki - NH-16 - nellore - srikalahasti - tirupati Day1 - 29th Nov - Srikalahasti temple darshan Day2 - 30th Nov - Padmavathi amma varu and local temple Day3 - 1st Dec - reach Tirumula, special darshan (300/-) Day4 - 2nd Dec - Suprabhatam seva and vasanthotsavam seva Day5 - 3rd Dec - Return journey Tirupati - vontimitta (temple darshan) - kadapa - yaganti - kurnool - gachibowli All seva tickets and accommodation (tirumala) tickets are booked except tirupati, I need to try in vishnu nivasam current accommodation if not search good hotel nearby. Any suggestion, please..... Thank you, Raj
  10. Rajagopal

    Car Insurance Renewal

    I ended up paying high premium 19615/- May 2019 for IDV of 6.3L (Baleno petrol 2018). HDFC Ergo Brand name with unlimited claims (so far no claims this year).
  11. Rajagopal

    55th Birthday Drive -Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar

    Mahabaleshwar Amazing/Thrilling/Awesome Tour:- Started 5:30am, 3rd Oct from Nallagandla, lingampally, reached Mahabaleshwar @ 6:00pm, check-in hotel and took rest. Road from Indapur to Phalton is not good, may be due to rain. 4th Oct, full day sight seeing, Mapro Garden, Pratapgad, Elephant head point, Lodwick view points. Unable to cover other view points due to bad weather condition, rain/clouds covered roads/no visibility etc. 5th Oct, visited Table Land panchgani and depart to Kaas plateau via Satara, then we reached Kolhapur @ 7:00pm for Maha Laxmi amma darshan and had night stay. 06th Oct, post breakfast @11:30am we left kolhapur and reached Pandharpur @3:30pm, had lunch and Vithal Rukmini darshan and left there @6:00 pm. Road from Kolhapur to Pandharpur is not good due to under construction. 07th Oct, reached home @2:00 am safely with dinner break Zaheerabad.
  12. Rajagopal

    55th Birthday Drive -Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar

    Got a feedback from a local guy (one of my friend friend, he is from Satara) about the road condition. He told no need to worry about the road condition, sight seeing places etc., it is safe to travel Mahabaleshwar (no need to worry) and also he is looking for accommodation for us. Based on his feedback below is my travel plan details:- Hyderabad - Mahabaleshwar - panchgani - Kaas - thoseghar - Kolhapur - Pandharpur - Hyderabad Start Date:- 03rd Oct 5:00 am (Nallagandla, Lingampally) Reach Mahabaleshwar 5:00 pm (Approx.), check-in Hotel, 04th Oct - Full day Sight seeing 05th Oct - check out Hotel, Half day Sight seeing, post lunch depart from Mahabaleshwar, Kaas (valley of flowers) - thoseghar (waterfall) - sight seeing on the way, Reach Kolhapur - check in hotel for night stay, 06th Oct - Shree Mahalaxmi Temple darshan, check out hotel and depart from kolhapur, Reach Pandharpur - Shri Vitthal-Rukmini temple darshan and depart from pandharpur 06th Oct - Reach Home, may be late night. (If time not permit whatsoever reason, we will avoid to go kolhapur). Any suggestion, please....
  13. Rajagopal

    55th Birthday Drive -Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar

    Thank you for the valuable reply, as you said via Baramati will be better (same thought). To Nallagandla-Lingampally-Zaheerabad-Solapur-Indapur-baramati-Phaltan-wai-panchgani-Mahableshwar From Via Kas-Thoseghar-satara-Pandharpur with Darshan-solapur-nallagandla. So far no accommodation reservation/booked. Per plan 3rd Oct start from Lingampally, but due to bad weather condition not able to decide, need to decide on or before 2nd oct then I will book for accommodation. https://www.accuweather.com/en/in/mahabaleshwar/189475/october-weather/189475?year=2019
  14. Rajagopal

    55th Birthday Drive -Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar

    Planning to visit Mahabaleshwar Oct 1st week, request to provide more details like present road condition from Hyderabad, local site seeing possibility etc., due to present weather condition.