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  1. uday

    Detailed Discussion on Tyres

    Completed 10k with my continental setup. They are silent and grip is excellent. Worth the investment.
  2. uday

    A solo road trip to Hampi!

    lovely pictures mate. I never did a solo trip in my life. I always wanted to do one. Your post game me some boost. For Hyderabad people Hampi looks good and ideal for solo trip. How do you guys camp in unknown places? It is fine around Himalayas. But in places like Hampi, I will be dam afraid to camp solo.
  3. uday

    Hyderabad to Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh.

    Well said. Spiti in winter is my dream drive!
  4. uday

    Hyderabad ORR

    Must needed. Gachibowli exit needs two dedicated lanes for tag users.
  5. uday

    Hyundai Creta - Electric folding ORVM

    I think base variant doesn't come with fold option. Better to get it done via showroom.
  6. uday

    Hyderabad to south india drive

    Wish we had a bridge from Danushkodi to Srilanka. Don't miss Danushkodi in your drive.
  7. uday

    Hyderabad to Kodaikanal road trip

    Fantastic pictures. Kodiakanal, Ooty and Munnar, which one has best views.
  8. Hi All, One of our clients will be visiting us in the next month. We are looking for places around Hyderabad to take them. We have two full days time. They will be staying around Madhapur. Any must visit places/Food joints etc. Please share the information. Thank you in Advance.
  9. We are planning a drive along with my office mates. We are considering Goa. But I have shown this post to them. Now they are inclined towards Mahableshwar. Is it right time to visit? Any recent road condition update from Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar?
  10. uday

    Exploring Yanam Part 1

    There many areas around Coastal Andhra which should be accessible to tourists. Lack of proper roads and hotels made us to neglect these places. Nice pictures and information SK.
  11. I carry only Air pump and Jack with basic tool kit.
  12. uday

    Best Go-kart track in Hyderabad

    Nice information I have done laps on both Shamshabad track and Chicane track. Both of them are good. I liked Chicane track most.
  13. uday

    Hyderabad to Gandikota - Camping

    Nice report team. This is my first over night meetup with India-Drive. Two days went off so quickly. Weather was great through out the drive. It was very nice meet you all online. I can identify few members from the group. :) Had fun winning the Dumbsharads :P, after battling the Telugu pundits. Events of Duster and Volvo showing their muscle power.
  14. uday

    Amazon Eco Auto in India

    Still it is not able to buy. Any idea on Indian launch? Not a good device for cars. Wait for Echo Auto.
  15. uday

    Short trip towards singoor dam

    Good one Saikishore. Please share some more pictures.