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  1. uday

    Fastag easy recharge

    Yes it is sensible for our traffic. But in developed countries, we can drive through without any issues. In my recent trip, I used to do around 30~40 kmph through tolls. Only difference major difference is they don't use gates.
  2. Never heard of such cases. Thank you for sharing the information. May I know how many kilometres your tyres clocked before this incident and what brand the tyres are? If you maintain correct tyre pressure, chances of puncture are pretty low.
  3. Thanks for the information. Is it possible to pitch our own tents?
  4. uday

    Automotive photography.

    Lovely capture. Road trip itch started 😀
  5. Hyderabad Gachibowli -> Patancheru -> Zaheerabad -> Humnabad -> Kalburgi ring road -> Jewargi -> Sindagi -> Bijapur By pass -> Bagalkot -> Lokapur->Yaragatti -> Belgaum - > Chorla Ghat -> Calangute Better to avoid this route, we took this route during the Hampi trip. it is in horrible state.
  6. uday

    Day Trip to from Hyderabad to Bhuvanagiri fort

    This is a perfect guide for the first timer. It was a great experience reading you post on Monday morning. How much time does it take? To and Fro for the trek. Can a beginner like me do it?
  7. Confirmed list 1. Ranger +1 (Civic) 2. Sagar +1 (Creta) 3. Bhargav + 1(Vento) 4. Rajesh +1 (Creta) 5. Sridhar Tandra + 2 (Tiago) - Tentative 6. Uday
  8. uday

    Weekend Trip to Belum Caves & Gandikota

    This place is getting booked one month in advance. Without booking it is very difficult to get accommodation. There are many camping options, but it will be difficult in summer. Fantastic report, I usually wont read entire travel story. This one I am able to complete it a single go. It is very involving and genuine.
  9. Eye pleasing to watch. My guess.. Mallelatheertham? There is a mud patch on the way to waterfalls, I can be wrong.
  10. uday

    Hyderabad to Hidden Castle resort

    Since I was part of both the visits. I can say that it is well maintained. Infra planning itself have less maintenance plan. They have added many new facilities. Not an ideal place for couples. But for groups it is perfect (more than 20)
  11. So far this is the best post on Warangal. Appreciate your road trip enthusiasm. Such articles inspire the couch potato like me. Even on the mid day, Pictures came out very well. Keep posting and drive safe. Add me to the list. Would love to join.
  12. uday

    Detailed Discussion on Tyres

    Completed 10k with my continental setup. They are silent and grip is excellent. Worth the investment.
  13. uday

    A solo road trip to Hampi!

    lovely pictures mate. I never did a solo trip in my life. I always wanted to do one. Your post game me some boost. For Hyderabad people Hampi looks good and ideal for solo trip. How do you guys camp in unknown places? It is fine around Himalayas. But in places like Hampi, I will be dam afraid to camp solo.
  14. uday

    Hyderabad to Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh.

    Well said. Spiti in winter is my dream drive!