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  1. Pulkit

    Hyderabad to GOA current best route ?

    Initially not (as i started 8 pm in night) and i enjoyed driving in ghat roads in night as well but when i about to reach hyderabad (around 6 am in morning) it became hetic i.e because of 10 hrs of long drive i got tired as i didn't sleep properley before start driving back. I drove vitara Breeza ZDI+.
  2. Pulkit

    Hyderabad to GOA current best route ?

    We started journey from HYD near Bowanpally at 2:30 AM on 16th of Feb 2019 and it took me around 13 hours to reach Goa(i.e calangut).It is a kind of non stop drive since we take only 15 min stop twice. We take this route with the help of google (Hyderabad > Zaheerabad > Humnabad > Kalaburgai > Bagalkot > Belgaum > choral > Calangut). The condition of road is overall good but from Kalaburagi to Bagalkot there is some bad patches of around 3-4 km(If you follow google maps blindly then it will take you from villages where you can hit bad roads). And while comming back we started at 8 PM in night and reach 8 AM in next morning on 19th Feb 2019. This time we took same route but we choose NH over other roads which google suggest us. So overall suggestion is start your drive in night as there is no traffic and you can cover more distance then in day time and route is safe so no problem at all but keep some snacks and water because in night you found nothing on that way to GOA.
  3. I am planning a trip to GOA from HYD by car next weekend. So anyone can suggest me the best route for that? I am planning to leave around 2:00 AM from Hyderabad to Goa which way i have to take?