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  1. mit1682

    Hyderabad to Bhutan Trip

    @Tapahasu hats off to your patience for writing such a detail log. Even with few difficulties that you faced, i can still see smiling and happy faces. That is the energy and support needed for such a long drive. I Appreciate your family for such support during trip. Will surely take lesson from your trip for any long drives.
  2. Nice travel log @sagar, @Ranger. This was in my list when I was in Delhi. But not able fulfill it. With your photos, I am cursing myself for not doing it. But will surely plan it in near future with information provided by you.
  3. mit1682

    Hyderabad to Sikkim road trip

    wow @Ranger very nice, clean and crisp photos. Every shot has something to say. Love it.
  4. mit1682

    Sunsets and Sunrise

    Awesome clicks @Krish
  5. mit1682

    Love of Photography

    Thanks @mayank for lovely words. Credit of my travel enthusiasm goes to my car, mine group BOCH (Baleno Owners Club of Hyderabad) and my home minister . Waiting for memorable trip with ID.
  6. mit1682

    Love of Photography

    Aarav saying good night to Sun
  7. mit1682

    Hyderabad to Gandikota - Camping

    Wow wow and wow. Awesome travel log. You guys are giving reason to live. I missed this as we had already planned Koilsagar drive during that time. One more location added in bucket list. Happiness is flowing on people faces. Saw few families with kid, now my fear of "kaise manage karenge" vanished. Will surely join in next trip with you all.
  8. Awesome @ksk. Really it was a memorable trip. Got inspired by india-drive. I think i will take credit of taking reference from india-drive😜 and suggesting BOCH to have this trip. Well planned, perfectly executed. And hard work of core BOCH team added test. Wish to have many more trip in future.
  9. mit1682

    Hyderabad to Chirala route , seabreeze resort

    Thanks @driveking for update. I was not aware of this. Now plan the trip accordingly.
  10. mit1682

    Hyderabad to Chirala route , seabreeze resort

    Chirala beach is in my bucket list. Will be planning it in March 2019
  11. mit1682

    Sunsets and Sunrise

    wow awesome click.
  12. mit1682

    Automotive photography.

    Yes @sagar. Actually I got this idea from India-drive meet-up only. @KSK and team organized it. It was awesome experience.
  13. mit1682

    Automotive photography.

    Baleno at Koilsagar
  14. Few photos from mine recent koilsagar camping
  15. mit1682

    Sunsets and Sunrise

    Sunset at Koilsagar. BOCH 7th meet-up on 26th Jan 2019. Photo shoot with Canon 1300D + 18-55 mm.