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    HYDERABAD to GOA - Best route at present?

    Well I have cancelled my trip due to the flooded conditions. So no updates from me on this. August end might make things brighter but then you might want a second opinion from someone who has gone there

    Hyderabad to Goa by road + stop by's check out spots

    This apparently used to be the preferred route 2 to 3 years back but now there have been multiple reports of bad speed breakers once you get off the Bangalore highway. Also, now that the Mumbai highway is complete till humnabad , access to 4 lane toll road is for almost the same number of kms on both routes. So id say go through Gulbarga . ( Note: Iv been through Raichur route only till Hampi. I have always been to Pune /Goa through Gulbarga and though single road after humnabad, quality of road is definitely better ) Sent from my ONEPLUS A6010 using Tapatalk

    HYDERABAD to GOA - Best route at present?

    ok guys, so this is the best plan that I could come up with. Sharing Gmaps route as well which sticks to highways. 1. Start from BHEL jn towards Zaheerabad, Humnabad 2. Stop at Lumbini's Grand Hotel , Gulbarga.> Distance covered =198km Time= 3hr-35 min 3. Stop at Qaswa hills restaurant, vijaypura > Distance covered= 148 km Time= 3 hr-00min [ Total distance= 346 Total Time= 6 hr- 35 min ] 4. Stop at Saffron Vegetarian Cuisine, Belgaum > Distance covered= 216 km Time=4 hr - 25 min [ Total distance= 562 Total Time = 11 hr ] 5. Reach at our favourite Beach destination[North Goa] [emoji4] > Distance covered= 116 km Time=3 hr - 00 min [ Total distance= 678 Total Time = 14 hr ] This gives you rest room/chai/lunch/dinner/stretch breaks every 3-4 hours. I personally would start at 3 .AM and plan to reach by 4 P.M abouts[above timings are google baba's and pretty conservative] https://maps.app.goo.gl/2EqHCs1zx7fv56RF6

    HYDERABAD to GOA - Best route at present?

    Thanks @Ranger. Also, did anyone check on how the route is from gulbarga to bagalkot through Basavana Bagevadi instead of Bijapur? Gmaps always seems to suggest that(last time around -2018'August, we took the Bijapur route though) gulbarga(lumbinis grand hotel) to belgaum byepass is as below as per gmaps: through basavana bagevadi and bagalkot - 6hr 48 min through bijapur and bagalkot - 7hr 32 min through bijapur and Mudalagi - 7 hr 26 min

    HYDERABAD to GOA - Best route at present?

    Can you please list down the stop overs/ restaurants with decent rest rooms on this stretch please . Planning to travel after Aug 10. Start at around 3AM