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  1. KarthikGannoju

    Hyderabad-Jogg Falls-Murudeshwar-Gokarna-Hyderabd

    Oops!!!Then I will make it Hyderabad-Hampi-Murudeshwar-Gokarna-Hyderabad
  2. KarthikGannoju

    Hyderabad-Jogg Falls-Murudeshwar-Gokarna-Hyderabd

    Firstly Thank you so much for your information. I want to visit jogg falls and murudeshwar and if possible visit gokarna.I basically want this as a relaxing trip and not to explore much.Just want to see jogg falls and Murudeshwar and chill .
  3. Hi,I am planing a family road trip from Hyderabad to Jogg falls and want to visit Murudeshwar and Gokarna(if possible). Dates : 21st December 2018 to 25th December 2018. Please suggest the best route to reach Jogg falls from Hyderabad.Also suggest which place to take a night halt before reaching Jogg falls. Or is it better to have a night halt in Bengaluru(Because it is really a nice stretch from Hyd to Blore) and then start to Jogg falls the next day morning? Please help me out in this.Thanks in advance.