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  1. Shekar

    Places to visit around Hyderabad in May and June

    May-June it will be too hot in Hampi
  2. It depend on retailer. Most of the oil companies share same fuel from bulk storage in many cities including private companies. At major cities each company may have bulk storage. Reliance BPC, else where reliance will supply that much quantity as compensation. We can notice IOC pumps at various locations give different mileage. I will recommend only location than the company.
  3. Nice to hear, Chitrakote waterfalls is one of the best place to visit from Hyderabad. Other than Monsoon we can easily travel through Bhoopalapatnam - Dhanthewada also. Please add some photos of Falls during winter
  4. Shekar

    Hyderabad to Rameswaram Road Trip.

    Informative Log. Thanks for sharing. When and how you passed Chennai?
  5. Shekar

    Weekend Trip to Pench National Park

    Nice log. Good planning too. My Nagpur friend is asking me to come to Pench in the last week of December as another common travel friend from Delhi also coming to Pench, but I am tied up with other programs so not going.
  6. Shekar

    Day Trip to from Hyderabad to Bhuvanagiri fort

    Very nice write up and will be a guide for first timers. My father's elder brother (no more now, my cousin stays now) used stay very close to the entry point of the fort and since my childhood I was dreaming to climb the fort but not finished it.
  7. Shekar

    55th Birthday Drive -Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar

    Lovely log, we could not visit Kas valley as we took a different road and stuck half way.
  8. Shekar

    55th Birthday Drive -Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar

    I do recommend route from Baramathi. Return via KAS pl check with locals/ It was not good in July it self.
  9. Waiting for the report
  10. Shekar

    Hyderabad to Chaya Someshwara Temple - day trip

    Hope you do not mind if I add couple of photos of this temple. This is the Chaya or shadow from unknown source visible at same place through out the day (Sun rise to Sun set). Interior of the temple.
  11. Most probably the road work might have completed by this time. Yes small car can do it. Roads in Chattisgarh are good. Only issue is very isolated with less traffic, not advisable to drive in night. Do not try via Bhoopalapatnam as there is a water stream crossing and it might be in full fury now. Via Bhadrachalam-Konta-Sukuma shall be good.
  12. Shekar

    Drive to Akka Mahadevi caves

    I could recall the number of the Boat manager at Somasila whom with I spoke long back, Mr. Rishi Reddy 9010007152.
  13. Shekar

    Drive to Akka Mahadevi caves

    Lovely log @Ranger. Beautiful clicks. Some time back I heard Telangana tourism also running a boat service from Somasila to Srisailam which includes Akkamahadevi caves. But it was on demand basis. (At least 70% booking). Any one have any idea on this. As far I know it was a two day trip including temple visit.
  14. Shekar

    55th Birthday Drive -Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar

    Sure I will try to do it soon