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  1. Shekar

    Hyderabad to Rameswaram Road Trip.

    Informative Log. Thanks for sharing. When and how you passed Chennai?
  2. Shekar

    Weekend Trip to Pench National Park

    Nice log. Good planning too. My Nagpur friend is asking me to come to Pench in the last week of December as another common travel friend from Delhi also coming to Pench, but I am tied up with other programs so not going.
  3. Shekar

    Day Trip to from Hyderabad to Bhuvanagiri fort

    Very nice write up and will be a guide for first timers. My father's elder brother (no more now, my cousin stays now) used stay very close to the entry point of the fort and since my childhood I was dreaming to climb the fort but not finished it.
  4. Shekar

    55th Birthday Drive -Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar

    Lovely log, we could not visit Kas valley as we took a different road and stuck half way.
  5. Shekar

    55th Birthday Drive -Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar

    I do recommend route from Baramathi. Return via KAS pl check with locals/ It was not good in July it self.
  6. Waiting for the report
  7. Shekar

    Hyderabad to Chaya Someshwara Temple - day trip

    Hope you do not mind if I add couple of photos of this temple. This is the Chaya or shadow from unknown source visible at same place through out the day (Sun rise to Sun set). Interior of the temple.
  8. Most probably the road work might have completed by this time. Yes small car can do it. Roads in Chattisgarh are good. Only issue is very isolated with less traffic, not advisable to drive in night. Do not try via Bhoopalapatnam as there is a water stream crossing and it might be in full fury now. Via Bhadrachalam-Konta-Sukuma shall be good.
  9. Shekar

    Drive to Akka Mahadevi caves

    I could recall the number of the Boat manager at Somasila whom with I spoke long back, Mr. Rishi Reddy 9010007152.
  10. Shekar

    Drive to Akka Mahadevi caves

    Lovely log @Ranger. Beautiful clicks. Some time back I heard Telangana tourism also running a boat service from Somasila to Srisailam which includes Akkamahadevi caves. But it was on demand basis. (At least 70% booking). Any one have any idea on this. As far I know it was a two day trip including temple visit.
  11. Shekar

    55th Birthday Drive -Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar

    Sure I will try to do it soon
  12. Shekar

    55th Birthday Drive -Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar

    Thank you @travel.rtc and @sagar and all others for liking. I would like add few places I had visited during my 50th Birthday in previous Mahabubnagar Dist for information as they are less known places close to Hyderabad. I had celebrated my 50th Birthday at Srisailam and stayed at Forest Guest House of TS at Domalapenta which was at a beautiful location. After Darshan we stayed at this place and started early morning as soon as the road was open and reached Kollapur Mahabubnagar dist at Breakfast time We had visited Madhava Swamy Temple which was relocated from Srisailam back waters and Surabhi Palace or Kollapur Palace. From here we went to Somasila which is close by and visited Someswara Temple complex. These temples were are also relocated from Dam area. From Somasila We went to Jetprole and visited another beautiful temple of Venugopala Swamy which was also relocated. Nearby are another set of 20 small temples relocated from Srisailam. Present haritha is near by these temples. Our last place of visit on the day was Sri Ranganayaka Swamy Temple at Srirangapur. From Here we entered Bangalore - Hyderabad NH at Pebbair. We had spent a day at Srisailam after late start from Hyderabad Second day we had visited all the above places and reached home late in the evening. Roads from Munnanur to Kollapur was 2 lane good (Very old data). To Somasila it was single road with little damages. To Jetprole also single road good. To Srirangapur two lane good. To Pebbair two lane good. Food options were almost Nil
  13. Shekar

    55th Birthday Drive -Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar

    We reached Satara at about 2 PM. Till Satara roads were not so good in Ghat and good in plains. We encountered a traffic Jam at Satara due to failure of a tourist bus at a Junction. When we came on to NH 48 for Kolhapur, we stopped at the first Dhaba. I was not hungry and had a coffee and my wife had a wada. We decided to skip lunch. 4. We picked up the speed on NH and covered 30 Kms in no time, at that time I had to stop for taking a call which forced me to change my plan. I had set Google map to Hyderabad. Distance shown was about 580 Kms via Phalton-Pandharpur. Time of arrival at Hyderabad 2.15 AM (May be without breaks). I thought I will stay somewhere close to Solapur if I feel tired. Took the next U turn and stared back. We crossed again Satara and entered road towards Phalton. When we are about to reach Phalton, we found many police blocking the road with barricades and not allowing vehicles in to town. We were directed to another road stating that will connect Mumbai-Pandharpur Highway. It was not a long diversion and we entered Highway in 10 Minutes. 5. Immediately on entering Mumbai-Padharpur road we had to change our lane to right as the Left line is full of devotees. After driving slowly for some time, 4 lane road became two lane and we had to move inch by inch and when were in the middle of town, we were stopped by police as the devotees increased. When enquired with police, they said it is Rath Yatra similar to Jaganath Rath Yatra. There were few lakh devotees walking with bajans on the road. Temporary water and food arrangements were made for them. When I requested the police officer on duty telling him that I have to reach Hyderabad, we were allowed after 5 minutes. Mean time google map said further road also blocked and asked us to take diversion. We followed it and exited the town without any traffic jams. It took us about 50 Minutes to cross the town of about 5 Kms. Distance to travel increased again and showing 525 from Phalton and the road is through Baramati entering NH 65 at Bhigwan. Till Baramati Roads were good with mix of 4 Lane and two lane and after that till Bhigwan also good two lane road. We entered NH 65 at about 18.30 Hrs and the distance to home is about 475 Kms. Expected time did not change with all the delays and extra kms. It is showing 2.30 AM. Just after 15 Kms on NH from Bhigwan, it started raining and it became complete dark. Though road was good, mist coming out of truck tyres brought down the speed. By the time we reached outskirts of Solapur weather became clear. I saw a OYO hotel before Solapur but my wife not shown interest. I felt I can drive further. For a moment, I thought of bad roads and diversions after Solapur but decided to face it. We continued our journey without dinner. After Satara we did not stop for a tea also. Reached home sharp by 2.00 AM of Day-4 (Friday) and slept off. Finishing touch of the journey is the front right tyre was completely flat when I woke up at 10 AM. Thank god nothing happened in the middle of night. Two punctures were found in the Tyre. Clicks some where between Mahabaleshwar and Satara Ghat road. This is in Mahabalshwar End of the Log Thank you one and all for liking the log.
  14. Shekar

    55th Birthday Drive -Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar

    Day-3 Everything went wrong I suggested to stay one more day at Mahabaleshwar but my wife said no as the rains are not giving any break. We planned to visit Kolhapur Mahalaxmi on day 3 with night halt and start for Hyderabad on Day-4 morning and reach by evening. But some thing different was in fate. We got up by 7 AM and ready by 9.00 Hrs. We thought of having breakfast at restaurant which is on main road and checked out the room. Some of our member suggested to drive through Kas valley. Erlier I had gone through ID drive to Mahabaleshwar and liked the place and decided to travel via Kas-Satara to Kollhapur. Google was showing 180 Kms and about 4 Hrs drive. We have ample time and started after breakfast at 10.30 Hrs. 1. By the time Google map picked up I went in wrong direction for a Km and had to turn back. It started raining again and we entered Mahabaleshwar - Satara Road passing through Lingamala Falls entry point. 2. After some 9 Kms we were supposed to take right turn on to Kas road from SH-58. Here also I missed the turn and luckily I had to turn back after 500 Mtrs. This 9 Kms road was two lane Ghat road with damages at places. Once we took the turn, it is all single road and 95% good. At Bagdadh Point the road takes a sharp hair pin bend and for a couple of Kms we found shooting stones and small land slides. We encountered thick fog and slight drizzling. We had found none on the road and my wife became little scary and asked me to turn back. I asked her to enjoy the vistas and if we have to come under shooting stones let it be. 3. After traveling on this road for about 10 Kms or so, we entered a badly damaged road with lot of stones. First I thought for some reasons part of the road might have damaged and went ahead carefully for a Km. and then I got doubt as the stones on the road are bigger and may likely damage engine chamber. I stopped the car and went ahead by walk to see the road condition. After 100 Mtrs the road was much more damaged my car can't pass through by any means. There is no place to make U turn also. One side deep valley and other side hill and loose boulders are close to the road. Only option left for me is to drive reverse. I asked my wife to guide me and I came back to the safety of good road and made a U turn. In this tension, I even forgot to take a snap of the road. When we turned back, the fog was cleared and we could see beautiful valleys on both side of the road. I took out my Cam and captured them. came back to the Mahabaleshwar - Satara road (SH-58). The time was 12.30 Noon and for two Hrs we are just roaming in circle.