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  1. Shekar

    In search of Big Cat, Hyderabad to Tadoba drive

    We had returned to guest house around 10 and had our breakfast. Ordered food for lunch and went to bed to have some rest. Post lunch we packed our bags and reached Navegaon gate by 15.00 Hrs for afternoon safari. Timings are 15.00 Hrs to 18.00 Hrs. It was very hot now and the morning wetness on the ground disappeared. It was New Jeep and New Guide. We enquired about morning vehicle and guide and we were told that their serial will come on next day only. It was so hot that we could not see any animals on roads like we saw in the morning. We roamed and roamed in various directions. Our guide got a call from other guides about sighting of Tiger and by the time we rushed there it disappeared in to forest. Found some more birds at a water hole. \ Then these After shooting this cute one, we got information that a Tiger (I forgot the name of it) is sighted at a specific water hole. We rushed there and found a canter and a half a dozen jeeps are lined up in front of the water hole waiting for the Tiger to come. After waiting for some time at about 17.00 Hrs we gaot another message that the Tiger reached another water hole It was the same where we waited in the morning. By the time we reached there it was too crowded. More than 20 jeeps are there with big big cameras zooming out and clicking the BIg Cat. With great difficulty we squeezed in (Jeep) (None is allowed to get down from the jeeps. Not only here but during entire safari time. And at last we could see a Tiger taking rest in the pond after a belly fool of hunt. Around 17.30 all the vehicles came from other gates including Mohrali left the place as they have to travel more than 30 minutes to reach their gates. We had an advantage of short distance to Navegaon gate and we stayed up to 18.00 Hrs and left the place. I do not have proper Zoom Lens and the snaps of the Big Cat are not so good after more cropping. Here are few... This is the last one away from core area said bye bye to us. We started at about 18.15 from Navegaon gate and started for nagpur as I have to drop Pandey and his kids. Otherwise we can directly come to Hyderabad. We reached around 20.00 Hrs to Nagpur it rained again reducing our speed to 30 Kmph while reaching Nagpur. We stayed overnight at Nagpur and started after breakfast at 9.00 from Nagpur and reached Hyderabad by 16.00 Hrs. Summary 1. Navegaon Gate is the most nearer to the core area and one can reach the core area quickly and there will be more chances of animal sighting. 2. Private resorts like Tigers heaven Resort and Jharana Jungle Lodge are available when we visited in June 2016. Some more might have been added now. We did not stayed in any one of them hence no feed back. 3. Unlike other gates, very limited vehicles are permitted from Navegaon gate. What I remembered is 10 in the morning and 10 in the Afternoon. 4. Advance booking (Online) is best option. Direct entry (Booking at Gate) is possible only if permitted quota is not booked online which most unlikely. 5. Private cars also permitted on condition that a forest guide is available in our car. I do not think it is wise as visibility to rear seat occupants is not good and one seat in the front is occupied by guide. It will be difficult to take photographs. None will be allowed to get down from car, 6. We can directly reach Hinganghat on NH44 from Navegaon and the distance to Hyderabad will be about 530 Kms. Other option is via Chandrapur but quickest is Via Hinganghat. I am not aware of road condition between Navegaon to Hinganghat. 7. Road between Nagpur to Navegaon gate is mostly two lane and very good up to Umred (Chandrapur dist border) and good beyond that. Total about 100 Kms. I would love to share any further information known to me. Hope I did not write too much.
  2. This is about June 2016 travel to Tadoba Tiger reserve from Hyderabad. In Jan-2016 I had traveled Chopta and Munsiyari in Uttarakand with another three new travelers met first time at Delhi. One of them Mr. Pandey is from Nagpur and he asked me to come down to Nagpur for visiting Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve and booked safari a couple of months before for 12th June 2016 . Till then I had no experience of any forest safary and I was excited to see many wild animals. Mean time our travel friends planned for Ladakh tour in the last week of June, 2016 (25-06-2016). It was one of the dream destination and I know it will be difficult and expensive if I go alone and said OK and booked flight/train to Delhi and back. Then started thinking it will be hectic for two tours in two weeks. But Pandey who is also coming for Ladakh trip did not agree and made me to visit Tadoba. Day 1 On 11th June we started at 5.00 Hrs in my car from Hyderabad. My wife and son were with me. We are two drivers and had a back seat to sleep if needed. We reached Nirmal by 8.00 Hrs entered town leaving NH44 and had breakfast at Hotel Mayuri. Breakfast was good but when we had lunch next year, it was very bad. We joined NH44 through old NH7 road. Reached Nagpur by 13.00 Hrs and Pandey's home by 13.30. Roads up to Adilabad were excellent. Four lane work and Underpass works at Hingenghat (about 30 Kms) not completed and have to change lanes and pass through the villages. Road at places in this section also not good. After that till Nagpur roads are good. One more travelmate Mr. Jagtap from Betul (MP) who is mine safety officer in Western Coal Fields (WCF) and a native of Nagpur was supposed to join us with his family in his car. But due to some fire accident in a coal mine he could not join us. Our plan was to reach WCF guest house at Murpar which is about 15 Kms away from Navegaon Gate of Tadoba Reserve and stay overnight and reach the gate early in the morning. We started from Nagpur at about 17.00 Hrs and reached Murpar by 19.45 Hrs. While entering Chandrapur district at Umred check-post, local police stopped our car for checking and found one whiskey bottle in our luggage which was kept by Pandey. The police told me that alcohol is banned in chandrapur district and we can not carry. I said I am from Hyderabad and I do not the local rules and never imagined that a particular district will have a ban. He looked at Pandey in the car and asked he is from Maharashtra and how come he do not know. I said he does not know about it and i brought it my self. Some how he took away the bottle and allowed us to proceed further. So those who are travelling to Tadoba please do not carry alcohol. By the time we reached Chimur which is a little bigger town close to Navegaon Gate, it started drizzling and when we took right turn at Khadsangi for Murpar, heavy downpour started and visibility was hardly 20 mtrs in head lights. Left turn at Khadsangi will lead to Navegaon gate. Mr. Jagtap booked the guest house at WCF mine area, Murpar. We found one Telugu cook in the guest house and when we told him about Umred check post incident, he said we are too lucky to be let off, otherwise they arrest and harras for carrying alcohol. When we asked about dinner he said other than non veg, he will prepare any thing. Non Veg has to be brought from Chimur some 12 Kms away and it is not possible at that time and that too in heavy rain. We ordered roti, dal and sabji with omlets. Mean time me and pandey went to Khadsangi in the rain and enquired about safari vehicles. we were told that there is no need to book in advance and Gypsy cars will be available at the gate as per the serial and as many as permitted for the day/session. We had dinner and had good sleep. Day 2 We got up early and reached Navegaon gate before 5.30 Hrs. We found only one car before us at the gate. We went to gate office and booked a safari car and engaged a Guide. Safari car is for Rs. 600 and Guide Rs.350 (That's what I remember). Sky is clear and we found water of previous night's rain on the roads pot holes. We entered the forest by 5.45. Our guide said it is always advantage of more sightings if your car is first and it proved correct. Myself with wife and kids of Pandey The first site before entering the core area Second sighting a glimpse of bear Then a Jackal There were lot of birds and I could not shoot them as I do not have a proper lens. The same bear came out of the forest and crossed our path. We were told that Tiger will come here but after waiting enough time he did not turned up. There are many deers and Neelgai Obviously not happy with our presence Canter from Moharli gate Now many jeeps arrived and waiting at a water hole for the arrival of the Big Cat. But it did not show up and the our morning session ended. Little disappointed and our guide was telling us that people make more than six safaris and go back without seeing a Tiger. We had a booking for afternoon safari also. With a little hope we returned to our guest house. On the way back from morning safari Padey with our Driver and Guide. Will continue with after noon Safari..
  3. I checked up yesterday about Safari Storm, on 2019 models only 25K discount is offered across all variants. on 2018 models insurance at 14990 and exchange bonus of 20K is being offered. Malik Cars offered 70 K discount on 2018 models and on 2019 model 25 K only.
  4. Sure @sagar by weekend. Today I am going to Tirupathi for Darshanam and on return I will post the details.
  5. Shekar

    Hyderabad to south india drive

    This is some thing what I would like to plan if I go on a similar drive. Yes the same can be customised depending on individual taste and interest
  6. Shekar

    Hyderabad to south india drive

    You can add Trichy/Srirangam and Tanjavur in the list with little deviation from NH 44
  7. Shekar

    Hyderabad to Bhutan Trip

    Really a great drive @Tapahasu. Very detailed narration and good photos. Hats off to your courage to cover these places being single driver with family. Loved reading the log.
  8. Shekar

    Hyderabad to Gandikota - Camping

    @sagar and all admins who had planned and executed the trips have done a great job. Beautiful drive and well documented log. Enjoyed reading it. Hope I will join next drive. Where is this camp site. How far from Haritha? Have you carried the tents or there is some agency who are providing them? Where you had dinner and breakfast.
  9. We stayed at Mayura Bhuvaneswari, Kamalapur. KSTDC hotel. There is another KSTDC hotel at TB dam which is less expensive comparatively.
  10. Thank you @sagar for your encouragement. My Spiti trip could not move beyond Shimla due heavy snow fall. I will post the story as early as possible.
  11. Thank you @driveking for liking. I had visited Yaganti twice and latest being in 2016.
  12. Returned from Himachal Trip. (Supposed to be Spiti Trip) Let me complete the Hampi trip log so that I can go to next log. Day Four 08-01-2019. We were all ready by 6.30 AM and reached Badami caves in less than 10 Minutes. Uncle and Aunt remained in the hotel. We were the first visitors at the place. Security person asked us to wait for some time till sunlight comes over the caves. But we said we will go up to 3rd cave first and come back to 1st in the last and went up. It was so pleasant though little chilled. Kids enjoyed the maximum. We had spent nearly two hours and left the place when other visitors started coming in. It was beyond our imagination, how much time and pain they might have taken to create these caves so beautifully. We reached the hotel by 8.30 and after breakfast we started again to Bhoothnath temple complex along with Uncle and aunt. As soon as we came on to main road, there was a police block and they informed us there is a bandh by labor unions. When we requested, they allowed us to go to Bhoothnath temple side. The way to the complex is too narrow and Archaeological Museum on the way after a narrow stone gate way. There is a parking lot at beginning of the complex (little far from main temple. Water level in the lake is less than half and it must be beautiful when water is touching the temple. Beyond the Bhoothnath temple also some sculptures and a small temple are available. after spending half an hour we returned to hotel to start back to Hyderabad. We reached back to the Hotel little after 10 AM and were ready before 11 duly packing our bags on roof carrier. We found the air pressure in the left rear Tyre is less and stopped at the main road for check up. after filling the air we asked the boy to checkup for any puncture by pouring water over the Tyre. For our Bad Luck or Good luck one puncture was detected in the Tyre. The puncture shop does not have a jack and he tried to pull out the nail which punctured the Tyre in position but not succeeded. Finally Tyre was taken out and the puncture attended. Finally we have lost one hour and we started again at 12 noon. As soon as we came for a turn on main market, police stopped again and said road is blocked ahead by agitators and we can not go. We told them we have to go to Hyderabad and asked is there any alternative. He asked us to go back towards our hotel and there is a bypass to join the main road. We switched on the Google maps after turning towards our Hotel, it was showing some 7.5 Kms for diversion and we went up there only to be fount it is a wrong route. Google was asking us to take U turn and proceed to same route. We asked some local on the road and they said there is no other road. we came back to Hotel again and took small by lane proceeded in the back roads for couple of Kms and entered again on to the main road from where the road is clear. Further we lost another 30 Minutes and finally exited Badami town by 12.45 PM. The road is again through pattadakal and Aihole (by pass) which is new and good. Road up to Lingusur which is about 120 Kms from Badami is also mostly good with few speed bumps. We reached Lingusur at about 3 PM and stopped for Lunch. Very close to the turning to Raichur we found a AC hotel with clean toilets and the food was good. We started from here at about 4.00 PM and our driving troubles started increasing as we progress. First up to Raichur By pass it was few bad patches and many speed bumps. From Raichur to Deosugur where we enter in to Telangana speed bumps. From Deosugur to Mahaboobnagar except 15 Kms before the MBNR, road widening work is in progress. Part of the road completed one side and none of the culverts were completed and multiple diversions and sudden end of good road had took the toll. We reached Mahaboobnagar at about 9 PM and stopped twice for coffee but could not get. Finally had a cup of coffee near Shadnagar and reached Home by 12 Midnight. I might have missed some details but will try to share if any one needs. Thank you for reading.