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  1. Shekar

    Gandikota exploration drive meet and camping

    Few clicks from my album of 2016 trip to Gandikota It was way back in 2013
  2. Shekar

    Gandikota exploration drive meet and camping

    Nice trip. I had visited Belum once and Gandikota twice. Still I would like to join the team but starting on 24th jan to see White Spiti. Happy Drive to all.
  3. Yes I recommend the same. I had traveled in this route on 5th of this month. Never think of going through Mahaboobnagar -Raichur.
  4. Shekar

    Hubbli to hydrabad road condition

    Last week I did Badami-Hyderabad via Lingasur-Raichur-Mahabubnagar. It is pain in the ... number of speed breakers and bad patches in Karnataka and Road work in progress once we enter Telangana after Raichur towards Mahabubnagar. I will suggest you stick on to Gooty route even though it is longer.
  5. Shekar

    Bidar Fort an Half full filled Thirst

    What I was told is the the way through water to Narsimha Swamy Temple is closed now since some one died of heart attack in the water. Ezpanding the path and air circulation arrangements are being made. Once they are in place, the path will be opened once again.
  6. Shekar

    Bidar Fort an Half full filled Thirst

    Thank you for liking @Anand Singh. There is always next time. We have passed in front of Gurudwara on return, but as we were already late did not stopped there to see it. I always love to visit Gurudwara and sit peacefully for some time inside.
  7. Shekar

    Bidar Fort an Half full filled Thirst

    Thank you @Ranger. Yes I am an expert in Railway Accident Rescue and Restoration. It took us more than 3 hours to visit the places excluding the old fort area. Took about 2 hrs for small edit. Took double the time to put up the report.
  8. Shekar

    Bidar Fort an Half full filled Thirst

    Not now but when I find a link in ASI, yes the doors will be opened.
  9. Shekar

    Hyderabad to Nagarjuna Sagar

    Thank you @Ranger for liking.
  10. Shekar

    Bidar Fort an Half full filled Thirst

    Thank you @sagar. Still I have to visit underground beauty.
  11. Shekar

    Hyderabad to Hampi drive meet - Report

    Thank you very much @sagar it's very much helpful.
  12. Shekar

    Hyderabad to Hampi drive meet - Report

    Wonderful trip and detailed report @sagar. I had joined the group on 8th december when the group was at Hampi. Missed the team event. It was a three years wait and now I am going to this place on 5th Jan, 2019. I will be traveling with My aunt (Mother's younger sister) who can not walk much. Please let me know whether all the places can be approached in the car or we have to do lot of walking.
  13. Shekar

    Hyderabad to Hampi Route updates

    Hi all, Please suggest best route to Hampi. I am leaving Hyderabad on next saturday 05-01-2019. Suggest me also the places to visit in sequence in Hampi. I will be at Hampi on the day of journey (Evening) and next day full day and night halt at Hampi. 3rd day I will proceed to Badami.
  14. Shekar

    Bidar Fort an Half full filled Thirst

    Let me continue explaining my luck. While clicking the Woodpecker, I had gone through ID drive to Budar to check whether you guys have seen the Rangeen Mahal and Turkish Mahal or not. I did not found any photos of those. Decided once again to come with proper recommendation. When we are approaching the gate of Museum, we noticed a person appears to be watching us for some time asked us " Museum Dhekna Hai Kya?" we said " Ha" then he asked "Rangeen Mahal Dhekana Hai Kya" first for a second we did not believed our ears but when he repeated those words again, without wasting a fraction of second we said "Ha aap dikhavogi kya" he said "Ha chalo". We felt happy and the Mahal is not disappointing. Originally 7 storied building and some floors buried in the mud and top floors fallen. Let photos talk. Water ponds (Bath Tub?) inside Rangeen Mahal. We were told there used to be a beautiful canopy over it and curtains are draped for privacy. Other water ponds On the right is the dance hall and queen can watch it from first floor. There are floors below this. ASI had dug to find it but cont completed it for unknown reasons. Entry to main palace with wooden pillars with carvings and beautifully painted ceiling. Beautiful entry. Extreme end is the outer wall of the fort from where you can see the park and road. Both side of the main hall (s) we can see small and big rooms with doors. Walled sit out from where one can see out side of the fort. View of the lawn from balcony of the room. Beautiful wooden ceiling in one of the room. Main entry as seen from the top floor of Rangeen Mahal. The dome in the photo is of main gate. View of Turkish Mahal and Gagan Mahal Another view from top Said to be kitchen exhaust (Top closed later by ASI to avoid damage). Intricate carvings in lime mortar on the walls of dance hall Nicely designed main arch to dance hall. The black border is made out of black stone. Ceiling of dance hall. When we finished visiting this, we asked the gentleman will you show us Turkish Mahal too. After asking thrice he reluctantly said yes but asked us to wait for some time. Then we asked him about showing us the underground palace and Karez under ground water system. He said both are permanently sealed with welded grills as few died after entering the Karez system and people are misusing underground palace for other purposes by breaking the locks. Later we discussed this with security, they said it all depends on the ASI officer of that period. In fact we thought they can charge tourists and employ extra security and also to meet cost of some lighting and fresh air systems. Hope some day some officer will think similarly. We decided to spend that some time asked by our guide in visiting Museum and Big Canon. There is not much in the museum. We were asked not to click our cameras in the Museum as if some secrete is in side. Then we went to visit the big canon. Some photos again... Ammunition store A structure on Fort wall. ASI should have installed information boards at various places in the absence of proper guides at fort. The Big Canon. We were guessing how it could have been manufactured in 15th Century and how it was lifted to such height. . Canon balls lying at the private houses in the fort. Another smaller Canon on adjoining bastion View from Big Canon Long shot of the mai fort area This road will lead to ORR of Bidar Solah Kambha Mosque view from Big Canon This we found near Ammunitionunation stores. are they used for to make canon balls? We returned back to museum and along with our guide? we went to see Turkish Mahal. Crowds have increased by the time and many were in the Solah Kambha Mosque area and we did not asked for inside view of the Mosque. Avoiding ground floor (said to be damaged) we were shown other floors. Some photos... Garden View from Second Floor. There is a water tank on first floor to feed water to the fountain and water channel in the garden. There is deep well in side the palace still its water being used for watering the garden. Second floor low level arches and small rooms are available on either sides. Top most floors roofs have fallen Gagan Mahal under repair. This exactly behind Tukish Mahal and has a separate entrance. Some more ruins Ground floor roof exists Solah Kambha Mosque top view and other buildings as seen from third floor. Garden view from third floor Staircase. There used to be a canopy over it. After coming out of this, we have thanked our guide in the best manner and started to visit the ruins in the backside. (Old Fort) Both Dewan I Am and Takth Mahal are also locked up. We found many people who have come this side after seeing the direction boards are returning with much disappointment. We are not disappointed though and I know they are ruins not worth putting efforts to pester some one to open them. After making a quick roundup we started back and we are sure late for the marriage as it already past 12.00 noon. This is the vent hole for the Karez system in the fort which is 2 Kms of water channel dug under ground. People can pickup water from these vents. Total 21 such vents are provided of which 17 are existing now. We started from Bidar at 12.30 Noon and reached Udgir at 2.30 PM. Complete road SH4 is being laid with cement and in horrible state. We returned in different route SH122 and via Bidar reached home by 9.30 PM. Hope I did not dumped too many photos. Thanks for reading.
  15. Shekar

    Bidar Fort an Half full filled Thirst

    Thank you @sagar Yes I need to visit this place again with my family friends. Otherwise they will kill me.