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  1. SUBBU1

    Planing to Road trip in October 2019

    Any suggested hotels in above locations.
  2. SUBBU1

    Planing to Road trip in October 2019

    Thank you Ranger
  3. SUBBU1

    Planing to Road trip in October 2019

    My Plan is like... Plan - Day1 - Miryalaguda - Mahabalipuram – Stay (550 KM – approx. 12 hours) Day 2 – Mahabalipuram – Pondicherry – Stay (100KM – approx. 2 hours) Day 3 – Pondicherry –Mangroover forest-- Chidambaram –(65km – approx. – 1:30 min)—Thanjavur(110km 2:30 hours) Day 4 – Thanjavur – Rameswaram – Stay (230km – approx. 4 hours) Day 5 – Rameswram local Day 6 – Rameswram to Kanyakumari(309KM 5 Hours) Kanyakumari Local. Day 7 – Kanyakumari to Madurai – (245km approx. 4 hours) and proceed to Bangalore (450km 8 hours) Day 8- Banglaore to Hyderabad(570km approx. 9 hours) Any changes or suggestions. Suggestions on good pit stops. Thank you. Regards Subhash
  4. 4 years and 6 years of my kids trekking along with me.. its not difficult.. It took 3 to 4 hours. entire stretch is 7 KM. But we can cover it less than 2 hours if only Adults.
  5. Not very bad... its manageable. we went till temple only, For Ugra Stambham we have to trek 2 more hours from temple as per the guide.
  6. SUBBU1

    Planing to Road trip in October 2019

    Have you gone to this trip ? any updates on this ?
  7. Vehicles - Ertiga and Dzire,. Day 1 : Hyderabad to Srisailam (235) Route : ORR – Exit 14-Kadthal – Amangal - kalvakurthi- Munnanur- srisailam. Road condition : Excellent. 10 Gates are opened and we stopped at the DAM view point and kids enjoyed well, next Sakshi Ganapati Temple then moved to srisilam, checked-in the hotel as we booked the rooms in advance. After lunch we went for Rope way and boat ride(Akka mahadevi caves closed due to heavy water flow) then did the darshanam of Lord Mallikarjun and Bhramaramba Devi. Day 2- Check-out from hotel and started to Mahanandi. In the morning visited the Paladara panchadara but no water there, later visited the shikara darshanam and moved towards Mahanandi. Route – Srisailam – Dornala –Atmakuru – Mahanandi.(175 KM) Srisailam to Dornal ghat section(Road is good) Dornala to Atmakuru(Forest and full bamboo tress, Road is Average) Atmakur to Mahanandi( Road is good except 5 to 7 KM.) Reached the Mahanandi by 5:00PM and Inside temple have koneru that will be closed between 5:30PM to 6:30PM so we waited for 1hour and take the holy dip at 6:30 and darshan the Lord shiva. Started towards to Ahobilam(75KM) Route – Mahanandi- Giddaluru Junction-Allagadda bypass- Ahobilam Road condition – Excellent. Checked into hotel. Stay – There are many trusts for staying. I stayed in (Yogi Vema Reddy Bhavan and booked through https://tripnetra.com. Day 3 There are 9 temples in Eguva Ahobilam and Diguva Ahobilam so have to cover all of them in one day so hired a guide for route. Started at 8:00 AM and went o Eguva Ahobilam For Darshan Upper Ahobilam temples we have to trek around 7 Km. For Pavana Narasimha(one of the 9 temples) we have to go by car for 14 KM. ( we can hire local jeep/auto or we can go by our car) For Bhargava narasimha (One of the 9 temples) we have to hire a local jeep/Auto because of road is not good.(4KM) We came back to hotel around 6:30PM and stayed in Ahobilam only. ------Some pics of Ahobilam Trekking----- Day 4 – Ahobilam to Yaganti(80KM) Route – Ahobilam – Allagadda – Koilkuntla- Banaganapally Road is good. @Yaganti Visited the Yaganti and had lunch there and started to Belum Caves. Route – yaganti – banaganapally – owk – Belum Caves(40 Km) Road condition is good. Visited the Belum Caves(caves will close at 5:30PM) and started towards Hyderabad at 6:30PM. Route – Belum caves – Banaganapally – Betham charla – Kurnool – Jedcharla – Hyderabad. Reached Hyderabad by 2:00AM. Road condition is excellent. Had a good trip with family. Thank You.
  8. Thanks for the replay. We are planing to go Group of 12 family members and plan to visit akkamahadevi temple. and rope way..so plan to stay a day in srisailam. How about route any idea ... Srisailam to Mahanandi. Regards Subhash
  9. Hello Everyone, I would like to plan the Road trip on this August 14th. Day 1- Hyderabad to Srisailam (on the way mallela theertham) Day 2- Srisailam Local Day 3- Start to Mahanandi -- stay in mahanandi or start to Ahobhilam? Day 4 - Ahobhilam -- Hyderabad Please suggest is this fine or an compress this plan. or can we add any other stops. How about the road condition from Srisailam to mahanandi. Can we get accommodation in Mahanandi or ahobhilam ? Thanks in Advance. Regards Subhash
  10. SUBBU1

    Planing to Road trip in October 2019

    wow super... some more places.. it time permits will cover them too..
  11. SUBBU1

    Planing to Road trip in October 2019

    Thank you Ranger.
  12. SUBBU1

    Planing to Road trip in October 2019

    Thank you Ranger. Day 1 – Hyderabad to Mahabalipuram stay in mahabalipuram (690KM) Hyderabad --> Narketpally(take left) --> Nalgonda --> Piduguralla --> Addanki --> Ongole(take right) --> Chennai (Bypass Road)--> Mahabalipuram Day 2 – Mahabalipuram sight seeing start to pondicherry(95 KM) Day 3 – Pondicherry Local sight seeing Day 4 – Pondicherry to Rameshwaram(473 KM) Day 5 - Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi local sight seeing Day 6 – Rameshwram local(Thirupullani, Devipatnam and Uthirakosamangai.) Day 7 – Rameshwaram to Kanyakumari(309 KM and local sight seeing) Day 8 – kanyakumari local sight seeing and start to madurai ( can we cover madurai?) Day 9 – Madurai Local sight seeing and start to Bangalore. Day 10- Bangalore to Hyderabad. Is it better plan or can we cut down any places/days, or cover any other places on the way. I haven't visited the chennai, can we cut down rameshwaram and kanyakuari and start from chennai ? Regards Subhash
  13. SUBBU1

    Planing to Road trip in October 2019

    Round trip will be 2500KM ... if we go Kanyakumari and round trip will come 2850...just 350 is the difference.. What will be best plan for this... any reviews on this road trip. what are the places we can cover other than you mentioned here. Thanks in Advance.
  14. SUBBU1

    Planing to Road trip in October 2019

    thanks Ranger...round trip comes around 3000 KM... can we short this trip? is it best in October month
  15. SUBBU1

    Planing to Road trip in October 2019

    I am based out Hyderabad. When you suggest I come to know I had traveled these places.. I covered Munnar, aleppy , tekkedy... Regards Subhash