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  1. SUBBU1

    Planing to Tirupati trip on March 2nd week

    Thank you Sagar and Ranger for your inputs.
  2. SUBBU1

    Kohlapur to Hyderabad and back by car

    I went in Nov 2018 .. From Kolhapur started to Solapur @11:20 Route - Kolhapur –Miraj - sangola Solapur.(227KM) Road condition – Kolhapur to Miraj mix of patch road and normal road. later road is good but it’s a single road only. Reached Sholapur @4:00PM and had lunch and later visited siddheswar temple in Solapur. Started back to hyderbad @6:00PM and reached the hyderbad @11:30PM. Route - Naldurg -Omerga --Humnabad-Zaheerabad-Hyderabad Road condition - From Naldurg to hyd road condition is excellent.. Now I am not sure about solapur to naldurg road condition. Regards Subhash
  3. SUBBU1

    Planing to Tirupati trip on March 2nd week

    Thank you Ranger. Recently I went Madurai and Rameswaram and shared my entire trip details here.( Any inputs on Waynadu / Goa, route/best time/ road condition? Thanks in advance.
  4. SUBBU1

    Planing to Tirupati trip on March 2nd week

    No nee on the way...it will be fine to divert for good places... I have visited the above places expect Gandikota camping.
  5. Hello, I am planing to Tirupati trip on March 2nd week, which is the best way. I planned for 5 days trip, Looking for any other places we can visit other places. Earlier I covered Tamilnadu and Karnataka. Please suggest the best route and best places. Regards Subhash
  6. SUBBU1

    Hyderabad to Rameswaram Road Trip.

    Thanks Ranger. Yes enjoyed the drive...7 days and 2300 KM..
  7. SUBBU1

    Hyderabad to Rameswaram Road Trip.

    I just followed the google map, while going I took outer ring road .30 KM stretch...
  8. SUBBU1

    Hyderabad to Rameswaram Road Trip.

    Thank you Sagar
  9. We planned to road trip in Dussehra holidays, and got the proper information from india-drive about the route plan. Vehicle - Ertiga 4 Adult+3 Kids Days - 7 days As I am from Huzur nagar we started the trip from Huzurnagar just 150 Km away from Hyderabad. Day 1 – Huzurnagar – Mahabalipuram (Ongole – nellore – kelambakam-Mahabalipuram) 550 KM Distance – 550 KM Started @6:00AM and visited the Mattapalli Laxmi Narasimha Swamy temple that is near to Huzur nagar and proceed to Mahabalipuram. Reached Addanki around 9:30 and had breakfast (Food packed from home) and started.( As we bring food from home, we are not stopped here.) For Tea break stopped after Nellore around 11:45AM Lunch break at Eluru by pass road and food is very good. And proceed towards Mahabalipuram. Reached Mahabalipuram @5:00PM, crocodile park is closed. so went sea shore temple but ticket booking counter is closed. Passed some at beach beside sea-shore Temple. We are not reserved any rooms in advance, so tried near sea- shore temple. There are plenty of hotels near sea-shore temple. After bargain we go two AC rooms costing us 3000 Rs. Road Condition – Excellent. Huzur Nagar to Chennai toll road.(After Chennai I took some local route to Mahabalipuram as per google map, but Road condition is average). Day 2 – Mahabalipuram Local (Crocodile park, Snake Park, sea shore temple, and nearby visiting places.) As room is near to sea-shore temple start the day @8:00AM and visited the Local places. Around 1:00PM started to Pondicherry took Lunch Break @ Sai Saravana's and Food is good, Hotel is one the way to Pondicherry. Mahabalipuram to Pondicherry double road. Visited Arovelli, rock beach and other beach in Pondicherry. Same day night around 8:00PM Started to Chidambaram, We booked the rooms from OYO @ Chidambaram and we called the hotel, they said rooms are not available. As rooms are not available @ chidambaram we stayed in Cuddalur(40 Km before Chidambaram). Road Condition – Very good, Mahabalipuram to Pondicherry and Pondicherry –Cuddalur (Double road without divider and more traffic). Had Dinner at Cuddalur @ A2B(Adyar Anandhar Bhavan), There have more than 10 branches in Tamil Nadu and food taste. We booked the rooms @ Hotel Durai, Cuddalore and Hotel is in center of the town, but rooms are average. Day 3 – Chidambaram – kumbakonam-tanjavuru- stay in srirangam Morning started towards Chidambaram from Cuddalur @8:00AM and reached Chidambaram by 9:00AM(Road condition is good and it is double road with more traffic ) Visited the temple and some other local temples and proceed towards Pichavaram mangroover forest. @ Pichavaram mangroover forest, Hire a Row boat as its go narrow way, we hire for 1 hour but he went very slow and I asked to bring me to narrow ways(where most of cinemas shows)…he asked 300 rs extra for that… once I agree then he went very fast as he has to finish and come back with in an hour. Once finish the boating we started towards Kumbakonam @2:00PM ( No options for lunch in this road and most of the road is under construction) reached Kumbakonam by 4:00 and had lunch. After Darshan @ Kumbakonam proceed to Tanajvur and reached by 7:00 PM and visited the Big temple.( Temple simple superb) Had dinner @ Tanjavur near big temple. Road Condition is average, Most of the road will go through the small villages and more speed breakers.(Kumbakonam to Tanjavur) @Tanjavur, bruhadeshwar Temple also Called Big Temple... Its amazing...once in life time mush see this temple. Had Dinner Near to Big temple and proceed towards Srirangam and stayed . Road Condition – Chidambarma to Tanjavuru is average. Tanjavuru to Srirangam- Toll road and it is excellent. Day4 – Srirangam local and proceed to Madurai and Darshan at Madurai and proceed to Rameswaram Early morning 5:00 Am went for Darshan and there are many temples with in compound and finished to visit all of them by 8:30AM and took prasadam there only( there you can get multiple verities of prasadam and we finished our breakfast there only.) proceed to Madurai. We stayed in some other hotel but one they way we have seen this Sree Renga Villas and its nice place for stay and food. we had our lunch here. Road Condition – Srirangam to Madurai – toll road excellent Reached Madurai @5:00PM, but due to dussara navarathi celebrations temple closed betweek 5:00PM to 8:00PM for some decoration. we had darshan only utsav vigraham. we proceed towards Rameswaram. Madurai to Rameswaram – 170KM Toll road and its excellent (around 100 KM double road without divider) Day 5 – Rameswaram Local and proceed to Madurai and stayed in Madurai Early Morning visited the spatika linga darshanam and had holy dip in Agni teertham. Had bread fast and Darshan the main temple and visited some local visiting points. Evening proceed back to Madurai and stayed in Madurai. Day6 – Madurai local and proceed to Kanchi ( near to srirangam and its pilgrims place - samayapuram ) As We missed to darshan @ Madurai, we went to the temple while return and had Darshan. This is big single rock near Madurai, I think around 1 KM of rock. Road Condition – Excellent (Toll Road). Day7 – kanchi to Huzurnagar. We visited both vishnu Kanchi and Shiva kanchi. we hired a Auto for local temples and finished all local sight seeing by 1:00PM and started back to Home town. A2B Highway branches. Thank you.
  10. SUBBU1

    Planing to Road trip in October 2019

    Any suggested hotels in above locations.
  11. SUBBU1

    Planing to Road trip in October 2019

    Thank you Ranger
  12. SUBBU1

    Planing to Road trip in October 2019

    My Plan is like... Plan - Day1 - Miryalaguda - Mahabalipuram – Stay (550 KM – approx. 12 hours) Day 2 – Mahabalipuram – Pondicherry – Stay (100KM – approx. 2 hours) Day 3 – Pondicherry –Mangroover forest-- Chidambaram –(65km – approx. – 1:30 min)—Thanjavur(110km 2:30 hours) Day 4 – Thanjavur – Rameswaram – Stay (230km – approx. 4 hours) Day 5 – Rameswram local Day 6 – Rameswram to Kanyakumari(309KM 5 Hours) Kanyakumari Local. Day 7 – Kanyakumari to Madurai – (245km approx. 4 hours) and proceed to Bangalore (450km 8 hours) Day 8- Banglaore to Hyderabad(570km approx. 9 hours) Any changes or suggestions. Suggestions on good pit stops. Thank you. Regards Subhash
  13. 4 years and 6 years of my kids trekking along with me.. its not difficult.. It took 3 to 4 hours. entire stretch is 7 KM. But we can cover it less than 2 hours if only Adults.
  14. Not very bad... its manageable. we went till temple only, For Ugra Stambham we have to trek 2 more hours from temple as per the guide.
  15. SUBBU1

    Planing to Road trip in October 2019

    Have you gone to this trip ? any updates on this ?