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    Yes it's compulsory to do wheel balancing & alignment for new tyres to maintain the tyres. To avoid the uneven wear & tear of the tyres due to unequal weight distribution. If the B & A was done very recent before the tyres change, then you may avoid Balancing. However, I recommend both should be done when tyres are changed. Also, every 5000 KMS B & A to be done for the safety & life of tyres.
  2. Pralay, You were the lucky one to drive. Your fast decision helped to enjoy & experience the Endeavor Off-roading. Thank you for sharing this great experience. I acknowledge and respect your appreciations with humble gratitude. Feel lucky to be a part of this Amazingly Awesome India-Drive Group. Wishing you the best at all times. Happy & Safe Driving. Cheers! Prashant
  3. Prashant

    Hyderabad to Gandikota - Camping

    Hats off to The ID Team for this successful drive meet and appreciations to Sagar for this amazingly perfect travelogue presentation. While reading thru I really felt as if I am driving & experiencing live. Surely, I missed this awesome drive meet due to health reasons. Would love to join next meet up. Thanks.....
  4. Prashant

    Hyderabad to Mutyala Jalapatham Waterfalls (Warangal)

    I will try to recollect n update you. It's been many years ago I travelled extensively.
  5. Yes. My father Late M. P. Mathur (Maharaj Prasad Mathur). You can call me too if required.
  6. Prashant

    Hyderabad to Mutyala Jalapatham Waterfalls (Warangal)

    Thanks Anand Singh for sharing about the trip with precise detailing. Appreciate your interests n patience to write without missing any update. While reading your post I became emotional as we use to visit frequently to Warangal, Mulugu, Ramappa, Pakala, Bhupalpally (stayed at the Forest guesthouse built by Dad in 1980s), Tadvai (the guest house huts were burnt n now reconstructed), Mahadevpur, etc. Thanks again for the efforts to share. Regards. Prashant K Mathur
  7. You can as well stay at Haritha resorts, Jannaram. This will be nearer to the Kawal Tiger Reserve. You meet the DFO (Divisional Forest Officer) n explain your interests. Should help you. DFO can guide you to venture inside. The forests are not that much thickly populated as compared to the 1980s. I have been there few years back to relive my Dad's tenure as DCF (Dy. Conservator of Forests). Stayed at the forest guest house (not maintained properly). The house we lived then was abandoned. The sawmill has been closed long ago. The badminton courts constructed are still maintained. Was very happy to see. Take a boat ride in Kadam waters. Wishing you luck to spot tigers.