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  1. Happy birthday bro

  2. Confirm list: 1. Sagar +1 2. Gowtham+1 3. Rakesh+1 4. Varun +1 5. Jagadish+1 6. Aasresh 7. Vishu +3 8. Mady+2 9. Rahul +3 10. Sugandhar +2 (tentative) 11. Surya+3 12. Ashwin Rahul +3 13. Saran 14. Chinmaya +1 15. Anand + 1 16. Sruthi + 4 (+1 Tentative) 17. Kashyap +2 Sent from my iPhone using India-Drive
  3. A-1 drive & another scintillating report embellishing every bit of winsomeness. Kudos to the whole team for coming up with such a sterling story [emoji1305] Gujrat has always been an inviting territory with its elegant vista diffused all over. Wish to go on an expedition with you guys soon.
  4. Special mention of my classic stunner [emoji16] I fancy the drive and you guys always rock Planning, execution, hospitality... you make the climate culminating.. Looking forward to drive along again and again
  5. Kashyap

    Hyderabad to Konaseema!

    I scrupulously savour the commute. Stunning photography[mention=7]sagar[/mention],[mention=35]ravi[/mention] and @adithya Kudos to the team for coming up with such an effulgent write up. Sent from my iPhone using India-Drive
  6. Kashyap

    Automotive photography.

    This was At the first meet. Now the design is more refined and appealing Sent from my iPhone using India-Drive
  7. Kashyap

    Automotive photography.

    First merchandise from India-Drive [emoji41] I drive I explore Sent from my iPhone using India-Drive
  8. Kashyap

    Automotive photography.

    Sent from my iPhone using India-Drive
  9. Kashyap

    'Republic Day Drive' - January 26th 2016

    RSVP: 1.Sagar +2 2.Gowtham +1 3.Bhargav+1 4.Uday +1 5.Vijay +1 6. Gautam 7. Ravi Teja+2 8. Rachana+1 9. Varun 10. Kashyap+2 Tentative: 1.driveking 2.Karthik