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  1. Dear All, I completed my Goa Trip this week. My observations summarised as below. Route : Onward: Hyderabad-Humnabad-Gulbarga (Night Halt) -Bijapur- Mudhol - Gandhiglaj- Amboli-Sawantwadi -Arpora Baga. Return : Baga-Chorla-Belgaum-Gaddanakeri cross (Bagalkot Outskirts) - Bijapur -Gulbarga (Night Halt) -Humnabad -Hyderabad. Road: Onward Journey: Between Humnabad to Gulbarga there is one narrow bridge (one vehicle can pass at any time) & not more than 5 locations where there is diversion due to road work. You have to be literally on the edge if it is dark (Due to diversion & deep excavation), should be very well manageable in day light. Between Bijapur & mudhol , few bad stretches are there. The Road from sankeshwar till Amboli is bad & I don't see any repair work currently happening. Due to monsoon, they are even worse. Return Journey : The Roads on Chorla ghat are very good in comparison with Amboli (Very few bad patches). Belgaum to gaddankeri cross (bagalkot) is very good. From Bagalkot to Bijapur i.e last 30 KM towards Bijapur, huge Road work is going on & literally speed is reduced. Other than these few observation, overall road condition is good. Hyderabad to Humnabad is the only 4 lane, everything else is normal double road highway without any dividers , but many of them with very good white boundary markers. Don't always trust google I mean, it always tries to show the shorter village roads rater than Highways, for example: NH 50 directly connects, Gulbarga-Bijapur-Bagalkot, But google shows a route Gulbarga - Gangapur-Sindagi-Devar hippargi-Basavan bagewadi-Bagalkot, which is 20-30 KM shorter, but not sure of the road conditions. You have to do a full preparation with interim stops to be feed into the google as stops, so that you are always on highways. Also having a Car in Goa, is very helpfull.
  2. Most probably, I will be starting in the evening & will be taking a break at Kalaburagi & then will be prceeding next day morning 5 or 6AM
  3. Hi Sagar, I need to go DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Goa - Arpora - Baga
  4. Hi Sagar, Is the direct road between Amboli & north Goa is a major road (highway). In google maps it is represented with a white line unlike a highway which will be in yellow line. Is that road safe & good?
  5. Hi Sagar, I checked in the Google, that road directly from Amboli to North Goa is a white line (Not a major Highway) not a yellow highway. Hence I am skeptical about taking that. If you are sure of the road condition.. I can even take that.
  6. I am planning to Goa this October. Trying to follow Hyderabad -> Humnabad -> Gulbarga -> Vijayapura -> Sankeshwar -> Amboli -> Sawantwadi -> North Goa. I wanted to travel thru Amboli ghat & hence this route .. any suggestions form the group is welcome..