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  1. SPG

    Hyderabad ORR

    I used the fastag yesterday on ORR entered at Shamshabad & exited at Gachibowli. it deducted the amount correctly(Rs 40) from Paytm wallet.
  2. Yes I would also suggest the Route 1, road condition is comparatively better.
  3. SPG

    Hyderabad to Tirupati road trip guide

    HYDERABAD - JADCHERLA - MAHBUBNAGAR - NANDIYAL - KADAPA - TIRUPATHI Total distance 585km each side. 10km bad batch(Under construction) around Nandiyal. Around 10 km of broken road in patches between Kadapa & tirupati. rest of the roads are Very good to good through out.
  4. SPG

    Hyderabad to Tirupati road trip guide

    Did Hyderabad(Manikonda)-Tirumala-Hyderabad(Manikonda). Started 7:00AM on 19th Nov Reached Tirumala 05:30PM Including four breaks(BreakFast, Tea, Lunch, Tea) total break time was 2 hrs. Started from Tirumala 12:15PM on 20th Morning & Reached home 10:30PM Including three breaks of 1hr 30 mins. Took below route for both Journeys.
  5. There no such thing happened in last 5 years. Absolutely no problem if you cover this section before dark.
  6. SPG

    Hyderabad to Tirupati road trip guide

    Thanks for the update. For me Kurnool -> Kadapa -> Tirupati is 70 km shorter would prefer that, do you think it is possible do it in 8 hrs? if I start around 5AM.
  7. @karthik Need some info on Tirupati road condition can you please update, I am traveling next month.
  8. OSMANABAD-BEED-PATHARDI-TISAGAON-MIRI-VAMBORI-RAHURI-SHIRDI Road condition is better. Though little longer around 40km. Follow Google Map.
  9. If you love your car do not take Nagar(Ahmednagar) Bypass while going to Pune this road is very very bad. Go through the Ahmednagar city instead.
  10. SPG

    Hyderabad to Tirupati road trip guide

    Thanks for the update. How much time it took for both the journey? Kurnool - Kadapa four lane is completed?
  11. SPG


    No Problem! in Maharashtra you will find 50% of vehicles with bumper guard. Just ensure that you carry all original documents of vehicle don't forget PUC.
  12. SPG

    Hyderabad to Shirdi route 2018

    Hi Krishna, Refer the link below for complete details. https://www.india-drive.com/index.php?/topic/562-hyderabad-to-shirdi-recent-route-condition/ The best route will be HYDERABAD-ZAHEERABAD-HUMNABAD-OMERGA-NALDURG-TULJAPUR-OSMANABAD-BEED BYPASS-PATHARDI-MIRI-VAMBORI-RAHURI-SHIRDI.
  13. You can cover Bangalore to Nagpur Bypass is a single day if you start by 4-5 in the morning by 7-8 pm you will be at Nagpur bypass. I traveled to Nagpur from Hyderabad last month, only 20-25km of bad section between Adilabad & Hinghanghat rest of the sections are good to very good. I could do Hyderabad to Nagpur in 7.5 hrs with 1 hr break.
  14. In my opinion the best route is via Mumbai & Pune, in this route there are only three problems 1) Crossing Mumbai, 2) Crossing Pune & 3) Bad road between Solapur & Omerga. If you want to take alternate routes then Below are the options. Option-1. Ahmedabad -Vadodara -Surat -Navsari- Surgana -Vani -Nashik- Sangamner -Alephata -Belhe -Nighoj -Shirur -Nhavare -Pargaon -Kedgaon -Solapur -Omerga -Humnabad -Zaheerabad -Hyderabad. I have traveled on this route last December(From Nashik to Hyderabad could cover 725km In 11.5hrs including 1hr20min break). Two problem with this road is 1) Single lane road between Alephata to Kedgaon but the road surface is good & 2) bad road between Solapur & Omerga. Option-2, Ahmedabad -Vadodara -Surat -Navsari- Surgana -Vani -Pimpalgaon -Lasalgaon -Vinchur - Shirdi -Rahuri -Vambori -Miri -Amrapur -Kharwandi -Madalmohi -Beed Bypass -Tuljapur -Naladurga -Omerga -Humnabad -Zaheerabad -Hyderabad (This is the route India Drive members are taking for Shirdi). Two problem with this road is 1)Single lane road between Pimpalgaon to Shirdi then Rahuri to NH52 intersection but the road surface is good & 2)bad road between Naldurga to Omerga. Road Condition from Ahemdabad to Navasari are good. I am not aware of the condition between Navasari & Vani. Option- 3, Ahmedabad -Vadodara -Rajpipla -Nandurbar -Dhule -Aurangabad -Beed Bypass -Tuljapur -Naladurga -Omerga -Humnabad -Zaheerabad -Hyderabad. This is the shortest route but Not aware of the road conditions between Vadodra-Dhule
  15. SPG

    Hyderabad to Western Ghats drive meetup

    Without any Doubt Jeep Compass