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  1. Dear Friends , I just newly joined this forum and glad to see so many feedbacks on different routes. I also drive a lot especially long drives and would like to contribute in this forum for benifit of other friends. I am fond of long drives and in last 5 years did almost 20 times from Hyderabad to Bangalore, also Mumbai and Chennai. I have done a complete south india trip covering MADURAI,RAMESWARAM,KANYAKUMARI and back to Hyderabad. Recently in SEP-2017, I did HYDERABAD-OMKARESWAR-UJJAIN (MAHAKALESWAR)-SHIRDI-HYDERABAD. There are hundreds of other smaller trips around HYDERABAD city (HYD). So I think I can do some useful contribution to this forum. I am planning for a trip from Hyderabad to Shirdi next week. I usually travel to Shirdi once/twice a year and every time I take the route following route. HYDERABAD-ZAHEERABAD-HUMNABAD-OMERGA-SOLAPUT-TEMBHURNI-AHEMEDNAGAR-SHIRDI While return I take the following route SHIRDI-AURANGABAD-JALNA-JINTUR-NANDED-NIZAMABAD-HYDERABAD However during my recent trip to OMKARESWAR from HYDERABAD , I found that the route after NIZAMABAD has deteriorated a lot and in very bad shape. So this time I will surely not take this route . From some of the post I see the alternate route is HYDERABAD-ZAHEERABAD-HUMNABAD-OMERGA-NALDURG-OSMANABAD-YEDASHI-BHOOM-AHEMED NAGAR-SHIRDI. So I need your suggestion if I take HYDERABAD-ZAHEERABAD-HUMNABAD-OMERGA-SOLAPUR-TEMBHURNI-AHEMEDNAGAR-SHIRDI or HYDERABAD-ZAHEERABAD-HUMNABAD-OMERGA-NALDURG-OSMANABAD-YEDASHI-BHOOM-AHEMED NAGAR-SHIRDI. I know the route till HYDERABAD to OMERGA is excellent . From OMERGA till SOLAPUR is patchy (old mumbai highway) . From SOLAPUR to Tembhurni it is again 4 lane excellent highway . However from Tembhurni to Ahemednagar it was below average and Ahemednagar to Shirdi it was above average. I am talking this road condition as per my trip during SEP-2017 (OMKARESWAR TRIP). Does this route condition especially TEMBHURNI to AHEMEDNAGAR improves ? How about the road condition from NALDURG-OSMANABAD-YEDASHI-BHOOM ? Regards Satya


    Hello Surendar, Please go through this thread since beginning . It will provide you with clear indication of the route condition. If you have any specific questions kindly do let us know.
  3. Confirmed list 1. Ranger +1 (Civic) 2. Sagar +1 (Creta) 3. Bhargav + 1(Vento) 4. Rajesh +1 (Creta) 5. Uday  6. Ashwin + 2 (Polo)  Tentative List 1. Sridhar Tandra + 2 (Tiago) - Tentative 2. Akhil + 1 (Honda Jazz) - Tentative 3. Shiva +1(compass)- Tentative  4. Jai +2(Honda City) - Tentative 5. Naveen (Ecosport) - Tentative 6. Jagadeesh (Ecosport) - Tentative 7. Sai Kishore (indica ev2)- Tentative 8. BORNDRIVER+3 (ETIOS)- Tentative

    Hyderabad to Shirdi road condition 2019

    Tuljapur to Beed is excellent ......You will enjoy like driving from Hyderbad to Bangalore..... After BEED ...around 20km is still good towards aurangabad where I used to take a left turn towards MIRI-PATHARDI to Shirdi. Thereafter I am not sure how the road is up to AURANGABAD. For sure avoid AURANGABAD to SHIRDI ...It will be nightmare....However the road construction is going on ..So we can expect this stretch to be perfect in coming years.


    Finally get it done at STUNNERZ BOTANICAL GARDEN ROAD. It was good and they are very professional. Finished both alignment and balancing in around 40 mins and they charged Rs.600. They also rotated the tyres.


    Friends, Need your suggestion for below questions. Kindly help with your valuable suggestions. 1. Recently I changed all 4 tyres to MRF ZLX (185/60 R15 84H) Which is exactly same as the earlier BRIDGESTONE ones. However I did not do WHEEL ALIGNMENT and BALANCING. Is it mandatory to have wheel balancing and wheel alignment done with new set of tyres ? 2. The reason I did not do WHEEL ALIGNMENT and BALANCING , because I did not feel any discomfort while driving with new set of tyres and during my last servicing in Sept-2018 , I did WHEEL ALIGNMENT and BALANCING in HARSHA TOYOTA. 3. Now with that new tyres, I have almost traveled 1500 km (CITY limit drive and one long trip to Shirdi). Will it cause any damage to the new tyres as I did not perform WHEEL ALIGNMENT and BALANCING ? 4. Is there any thumb rule for wheel balancing and alignment (annually or every 5000km etc....) ? I always do this in my annual service. 5. Kindly let me know some good wheel balancing & alignment workshop around GACHHIBOWLI (HYDERABAD) area ? If it is must needed to do HEEL ALIGNMENT and BALANCING after tyre change , I will get it done right now. 6. Normally how much it costs for WHEEL ALIGNMENT and BALANCING and how much time it will take ? Regards BORNDRIVER

    Hyderabad to Tirupati road trip guide

    Friends , Planning for a trip from HYDERABAD to TIRUPATI on 18th April and DARSHAN in 19th APRIL . This will be my 2nd trip to TIRUPATI. The 1st one was when I was around 7 to 8 yr old, Now I am 38.😃 😃. I went through the complete thread " https://www.india-drive.com/index.php?/topic/66-hyderbad-to-tirupati-best-route/&page=5&tab=comments#comment-11334 " The route is clear . Planning to go via NAM HIGHWAY and return via KADAPA to check the latest route condition via KADAPA. I need couple of basic information as below. 1. When I checked in TTD website for SPECIAL ENTRY DARSHAN ticket ( Rs. 300) , the online quota is not available till end of APRIL . Is there any otherway to get ticket for SPECIAL ENTRY DARSHAN ? 2. As per google, I am Planning to go to TTD information centre near "Balaji Bhavan Opp Stanza complex, Domalguda Rd, Gagan Mahal, Liberty Circle, Hyderabad, Telangana 500029, India" to check If I can get the SPECIAL ENTRY DRARSHAN ticket . 3. We need to stay in TIRUPATI or TIRUMALA and what are the budget accommodation options available in both places ? 4. I guess TTD must have lot of accommodation options in TIRUPATI or TIRUMALA . Can they be booked online ? Both AC/NON-AC rooms are available ? Please help if possible. Regards BORNDRIVER
  8. Hello Friends, In JAN-2019 , I had visited PUTTAPARTHI (PRASANTI NILAYAM) where Lord SATYA SAI BABA's Ashram is located . We entire family being devotee of LORD SATYA SAI BABA , frequently visit to PUTTAPARTHI . I would say minimum 2 to 3 times a year. This time I decided to put some blogs on our PUTTAPARTHI trip which might be helpful if any of our friends wants to visit PUTTAPARTHI. ACCOMODATION IN PUTTAPARTHI In PUTTAPARTHI , We used to stay Inside BABA's Ashram . The accomodation can be booked online http://www.srisathyasai.org.in/ For booking a room, We need to register first . Maximum 2 days is allowed per booking .If more than two days stay is needed a fresh booking can be made for another 2 days. As it is an ASHRAM , only NON-AC rooms are available but rooms with GEYSER and without geyser is available. Anyway we never mind to have AC/NON-AC room as our visit is solely for DARSHAN of LORD SATYASAI BABA SAMADHI and have a peaceful and spiritual stay. Inside the ASHRAM the room rent are very reasonable (200 to 250 rupees). We can take our cars inside the ASHRAM and there are ample of parking space available everywhere. NO HORN IS ALLOWED INSIDE THE ASHRAM and VEHICLE SPEED IS RESTRICTED TO 10KM/HR. Outside the ASHRAM , there are many HOTELS with AC and NON-AC rooms avaialable. FOOD OPTION IN PUTTAPARTHI Inside the ASHRAM there are three major canteens as below. 1. SOUTH INDIAN CANTEEN 2. NORTH INDIAN CANTEEN 4. WESTERN CANTEEN In SOUTH INDIAN CANTEEN the food avaialble are RICE,SAMBAR,CURRY , BUTTER MILK . The RICE and SAMBAR is unlimited where as CURRY and BUTTER MILK is only once. The food price is Rs.10/- and the timing is 11 AM to 1:30 PM & 7 PM TO 8:30 PM In NORTH INDIAN CANTEEN , various options are available like RICE,ROTI, DAL, RAJMA, 2 TYPES OF CURRY ,CHOWMIN,SWEETS, CURD , BUTTER MILK etc... In this canteen all food items are priced as per SCOUP. For example if 1 scoup rice is Rs.6 and if someone takes 2 scoup it is RS.12/-. The timing is is 11 AM to 1:30 PM & 7 PM TO 8:30 PM The WESTERN CANTEEN is mainly for FOREIGNERs but also for others as well .Here food like BURGER,PIZZA,PASTA...etc are available and timing is from 11 AM to 1:30 PM & 7 PM TO 8:30 PM. In all the three canteens there are separate queues & sections for LADIES and GENTs Apart from LUNCH and DINNER in above three canteens , the breakfast is available only in SOUTH INDIAN CANTEEN from morning 6:30 to 8:30 AM. In BREKFAST , the items are IDLI,CHUTNEY,UPMA & UTTAPAM. The breakfast coupon price is Rs.4/- . In each breakfast coupon we will get 2 IDLI/1 SCOUP UPMA/1 UTTAPAM. Apart from BREAKFAST & LUNCH , There are many snacks stall inside the ASHRAM where we can get food items like PIZZA,DONUTS,BREADS,POP-CORNs SAMOSA,CHAT,BHELPURI,GREEN COCONUT,TEA, COFFEE,WATER BOTTLES, ICE CREAMs etc......Those STALLs are time bounded (10 AM TO 11:30 AM & 3 PM TO 5PM & 7 TO 8PM). There is a bakery inside the ASHRAM where lots of varieties are available like PIZZA,DONUTS,BREADS,POP-CORNs...etc... So as a summary food is absolutely a no problem inside the ASHRAM but it is time bounded . DARSHAN TIMING BABA's SAMADHI is located in SAI KULWANT HALL. The VEDA CHANTING starts at 8 AM in the morning followed by BHAJAN and than DIVYA DARSHAN . SAI KULWANT HALL closes around 11 AM. In the evening same schedule from 4 PM to 7 PM. No MOBILE PHONE. REMOTE LOCKING DEVICEs , SHARPED items are allowed . There are lockers available. Normally we wear traditional dresses for DARSHAN but there is no such restriction except shorts. ASHRAM GATE OPENING & CLOSING The ASHRAM gates open at morning 4 AM and closes at evening 9:30 PM. ROUTE TO PUTTAPARTHI Two ROUTEs to be followed as below from HYDERABAD. 1. HYDERABAD-KURNOOL-ANANTHAPUR-MAMALAPALLI-DHARMAVARAM-PUTTAPARTHI-PRASANTHI NILAYAM 2. HYDERABAD-KURNOOL-ANANTHAPUR-PENUKONDA-PUTTAPARTHI-PRASANTHI NILAYAM In both the route , the road condition is absolutely a blessing ..... Drivers paradise ..... It is our lovely NH-44 till MAMALAPALLI or PENUKONDA. From MAMALAPALLI to DRAMAVARAM to PUTTAPARTHI the roads is double lane but excellent excellent..... Similarly from PENUKONDA to PUTTAPATHI the road is good though little narrow and this route is little longer than previous one. We always prefer to follow ROUTE-1. Total 6 TOLLs to be paid till MAMALAPALLI /PENUKONDA (around Rs.500/-). PLACES TO SEE IN PUTTAPARTHI There are many places to see in PUTTAPARTHI as below 1. SATYASAI BABA SAMADHI 2. SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL- It looks like a temple 3. CHAITANYA JYOTI 4. SATYASAI BABA PLANETORIUM 5. SATYASAI BABA HILL VIEW STADIUM As a summary once you enter into PUTTAPARTHI main GATE....It will be a temple atmosphere...and absolutely SPIRITUAL ATMOSPHERE. PICTURES NH-44 (HYDERABAD TO MAMALAPALLI) FOOD PYRAMID ON NH-44 MAMALAPALLI TO PUTTAPARTHI ROAD ENTRANCE TO PRASANTI NILAYAM STREETS IN PUTTAPARTHI Thanks BORN DRIVER

    A Day trip from Hyderabad to Basara

    Perfect blog @travel.rtc and thank you for sharing latest road updates . Approaximately how many km this bad stretch was ? I traveled to BASARA in 2016 during my HYDERABAD-PARLI VAIJNATH-AUNDHA NAGNATH-HAZUR SAHIB NANDED-BASARA-HYDERABAD trip. That time the roads till BASARA from NANDED and from BASARA to HYDERABAD (via NIZAMABAD) was pretty good. We had done a night stay in Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Nri Yatri Niwas . A very nice place to stay and it is a part of HAZUR SAHIB GURUDWARA . We did our younger daughter's AKSHARABHYASAM in SARASWATI MATA temple. There is a decent south Indian Hotel adjacent to SARASWATI MATA temple. We had our lunch their and started to Hyderabad around 3 PM.

    Hyderabad Mysore Ooty (TS11 to TN 43 via KA09)

    Very nice write-up TRAVEL.RTC and thank you very much for sharing ..... The pictures are excellent . A perfect way to celebrate your marriage anniversary. Noted your suggestion for accommodation in Ganapathi Sachidanda Ashram in Mysore. Do they have any online booking or or any timing restriction for entry and book the accommodation ? They have sufficient rooms for stay ? Yes BANGALORE-HYDERABAD highway NH-44 is one of the best in our country ....In-fact this extends till KANYAKUMARI..... Till Kanyakumari NH-44 is beautiful 4-lane roads with loads of food options, stay option and many more facilities...So driving in NH-44 is always like flying in heaven. Only thing is , we need to pay lot of tolls but never mind to pay for such wonderful road and facilities. However during last visit to PUTTAPARTHI from HYDERABAD , I saw some new speed breakers has been put in this highway . I was little disappointed to see such speed breakers but anyway those are not in our control.

    Hyderabad to Tirupati road trip guide

    No Shekar I am asking how to go to Wadapalli while travelling to TIRUPATI in NAM HIGHWAY. I mean where to take exit from NAM HIGHWAY to Wadapalli.

    Detailed Discussion on Tyres


    Hyderabad to Tirupati road trip guide

    Hello Shekar, Thank you so much for sharing and will keep a note of this while visiting Tirupati. Where exactly we need to take exit ? after Ongole/nellore/adanki ? I tried to search in Google map but unable to locate. Regards BORNDRIVER

    A solo road trip to Hampi!

    Yes Yes I forgot your best friend.....😃😃 Well said. It seems we both have some similarity on feeling towards our cars...

    A solo road trip to Hampi!

    Very Very Nice picture Pralay. Did not feel bore as a SOLO motorist in this trip...... 😃 ? The road after Kurnool till HAMPI looks single lane but looks to be in perfect shape without any pot holes. Is this correct ?

    Hyderabad to Tirupati road trip guide

    Hello SVVP, Yes it is NAM EXPRESS HIGHWAY.....and it is very very good with less traffic with minor toll amounts. After crossing ADANKI , you need to take a right turn where you will meet VIJAYAWADA-CHENNAI HIGHWAY which is excellent till CHENNAI. If I remember well, You will find diversion to TIRUPATI after GUDUR. Till TIRUPATI diversion , it is all the way 4 lane from HYDERABAD. You should be able to reach TIRUPATI max by 12 hrs to 13hrs in a relax drive. Even I am planning around 3rd week of APRIL as well.....😃😃😃 Thanks BORNDRIVER


    Thank you Sagar ....I will get it done in STUNNERZ , BOTANICAL GARDEN ROAD . Is there any discount for INDIA-DRIVE members......😃😃

    Detailed Discussion on Tyres

    I just checked MRF ZLX tyres in my car and found one tyre is 4918 and other one is 4818. So they are manufactured in Nov-2018 & Dec-2018 . I put them in Feb-2019 . I guess it should perfectly alright. However for other two MRF ZLX tyres , I could not able to find the same..... May be they are on the inner side of the car. I can only see DOT 7R 90MLX...and no digit or number after that...


    Thank you Ranger....Yes I will immediately go for both alignment & balancing. Yes I have seen STUNNERZ near to BOTANICAL GARDEN /SPAR (SLN TERMINAL) , as that route was my daily office route (CHIREC SCHOOL to HITECH CITY) before I shifted to Manikonda. I will look for Mr. Harish there. Regards BORNDRIVER


    Thanks Prashant. I will go for wheel balancing and alignment . Any information for question no.5 & 6 above ?

    Hyderabad to Sikkim road trip

    Thank you Ranger. Yes for us ODISHA peoples, PURI means LORD JAGANNATH TEMPLE, SRI LOKNATH TEMPLE (near to PURI) and SEA BEACH..... Nothing else...I never stayed in PURI overnight.....😃 Because my Hometown is Bhubaneswar which is just 60km from PURI. We normally start to PURI around 1 PM and reach by 2 or 2:30 (very high traffic every time between PURI & BHUBANESWAR ). Do the DARSHAN in the temple , take lunch inside the temple (SPECIAL FOOD called ABHADA). Take a look at the picture . This is called ABHADA or LORD JAGANNATH's PRASAD. You will get them inside the temple . We always eat this whenever we visit PURI . There are ample space inside the temple where you can sit and eat . We eat the food on BANANA LEAF..... If you see below picture , the person has holding BANANA leaf. We always visit PURI as a group . ry once if you go to PURI again or come with me ...We will go together .......😃🙏 Any ROAD REPAIR GOING on in FARAKKA BARRIAGE ? This FARAKKA BARRIAGE road is how much km ? Regards BORNDRIVER

    Detailed Discussion on Tyres

    Thank you Ranger. When I was replacing the old tyres with new ones , I just checked both were 185/60R15 84H, TUBELESS & STEEL BELT RADIAL. I did not check any other thing (I think I should have checked the MANUFACTURING DATEs.....Will go down and check now.....😃). Anything other to check when taking a new tyres ?
  23. Nice work Pralay.....Pefect Other way work around... Try avoiding frequent change of this AC VENT POSITION going forward.....and keep the clip and Fevikwik all the time inside the car.......😃

    Mumbai to Hyderabad road condition and route updates

    Yes correct ...As per my last two trips to Shirdi, I can see the road condition between OMERGA to NALDURG has improved a lot . The earlier route near NALDURG fort was horrible , but now it is very smooth. I am quite sure the stretch between NALDURG and SOLAPUR must have improved as well. Regarding the food option between SOLAPUR and HYDERABAD, I saw many road side DHABAS but yes my personal feeling says many of them are not suitable if we have families with us especially during night times ... Many times we take lunch/dinner in HOTEL SAI PRASAD just before NALDURG, which has quite good ambience. There is also KOHINOOR restaurant , which is very big with good ambience and I have seen many BIG BUSES like ORANGE,KESINENI,DIWAKAR etc...used to stop there. I think in coming days we will have many food outlets with roads are improving. When I travelled to MUMBAI ( APRIL- 2015 ) , my MAP MY INDIA navigation took me inside PUNE CITY to catch MUBAI-PUNE EXPRESSWAY . Though I was lucky to enter PUNE around 11:30 to 12PM , still there were lots of traffic inside PUNE city . Do we have a BYPASS before PUNE to catch MUMBAI-PUNE expressway ? I started from HYDERABAD at around 12:30 PM and reach MUMBAI (HOTEL RENAISSANCE , POWAI) at 2:20 AM with LUNCH,DINNER&BIO breaks. That time (APRIL-2015) , I was not aware of our INDIA-DRIVE website....Else I would have put a detailed travel report......😃😃😃😃

    Hyderabad to Himalayas road trip video

    Very nice video Sagar & Ranger. I wish I could drive some day in these terrains, I must upgrade my ETIOs to some SUVs (FORD ECO SPORT or higher segments like DUSTER,CRETA etc) to drive such stretches. What route you guys follow from Hyderabad to CHITKUL ? The google map says HYDERABAD-NAGPUR-JHANSI-DELHI-CHANDIGARH-SIMLA-CHITKUL (HIMACHAL PRADESH). All the way till CHITKUL , the road condition is good ? It is possible to drive to CHITKUL by ETIOS . Till CHITKUL , I can see road but from CHITKUL to CHANSAL is there any TAR ROAD. I see only mud road no tar at all . In google map I see CHANSAL PASS is before CHITKUL .