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    Hi Guest Rana , A very happy new year to you. Either you can take the Route.-1 or Route-2 or Route-3. My experience says Route-2 is best though it is little longer around (50 to 60 km more than Route-1 and around 30 to 40 km more than Route-3). I had done both the stretches during my trip to Shirdi in Aug-2018. Kindly go through my detail report in this thread on both the stretches. Another of our India-drive member (Drsanthoshm) also visited to Shirdi using Route-2. The BHOOM stretch is below average (though not sure if any repair work has been done in last 2 month). The ROUTE-3 is the evergreen route since many days but the horrible stretch between OMERGA to SOLAPUR, Average route from Tembhurni to Ahmednagar have reduced the popularity of this route. The stretch from Tembhurni to Ahmednagar has always heavy traffic (trucks,tractors loaded with SUGARCANEs). Route-1 Hyderabad - Zaheerabad - Humanabad - Omerga - Naldurg - Tuljapur - Osmanabad - Bhoom - Ahmednagar - Shiridi Route-2 Hyderabad - Zaheerabad - Humanabad - Omerga - Naldurg - Tuljapur - Osmanabad - Beed - Pathardi -Miri-Vambhori-Ahemednagar- Shiridi Route-3 Hyderabad - Zaheerabad - Humanabad - Omerga - Naldurg - Solapur- Tembhurni- Ahemednagar- Shiridi So if you don't mind to drive some extra km and want to have stressfree drive , Kindly follow ROUTE-2. Regards Born Driver


    It is single lane all the way but the road is excellent and it is national highway being maintained by NHAI.
  3. Perfect Report Prem and pictures are very lively as well. Could you please add some details about the road conditions apart from 180 km stretch from Hyderabad,Solapur-Pune and Mumbai-Pune Express highway ?


    Not sure about BARSHI-KARMALA route but for sure try to try to avoid BHOOM-JAMKHED route ....I did this stretch in Aug-2018 and it was below average .....During evening/night it will be even more difficult to drive due to bad road condition. Go via OSMANABAD-BEED-PATHARDI-MIRI-VAMBORI-AHMEDNAGAR-SHIRDI as suggested in this route query section.This will not disappoint you.Kindly go throuth the route condition in this stretch by me or drsantoshm.
  5. In-fact from last 5 year , my Etios has never gone to outside workshop other than Harsha TOYOTA. However from last 2 year , I am observing such thing. You will be surprised to know that during one my repairing work the diesel meter reading from car was dropped down from 4 scale to 1 scale . During my 4th serving there was new dent on front bumper which they repaired free of cost after complaint. During 5th servicing the front right door was damaged. They repaired in with 50:50 share after complaint. Now my car Antenna is missing after that repair and will take my car tomorrow to their showroom for fixing a new one. I am not sure if the above are isolated incidents or others experiencing the same.

    Hyderabad to Shirdi by road

    Hello Manju, https://www.india-drive.com/index.php?/topic/562-hyderabad-to-shirdi-recent-route-condition/ I did the above trip in Aug-2018 and in Sept-2018 one of our member Drsantoshms also travelled to Shirdi with the above route. So if you don't mind driving some extra km than bogged down by horrible 100km stretch till SOLAPUR and average road from Tembhurni to Ahemednagar/below average road on BHOOM-JAMKHED stretch,TULJAPUR-OSMANABAD-BEED-PATHARDI-MIRI-VAMBORI-AHMEDNAGAR-SHIRDI will be the best one. In fact the stretch below is only 30 to 40km more than SOLAPUR-TEMBHURNI route or around 60 to 70km more than BHOOM-JAMKHED route but it will be stress free driving. HYDERABAD (GACHHIBOWLI)-ZAHEERABAD-HUMNABAD-OMERGA-NALDURG-TULJAPUR-OSMANABAD-BEED-PATHARDI-MIRI-VAMBORI-AHMEDNAGAR-SHIRDI.
  7. Thank you Sagar. I will get in touch with him.
  8. Friends, I need to do some minor painting work in my TOYOTA ETIOS (front & rear right side door bottom parts). I am looking for a good denting and painting workshop around KONDAPUR/GACHHIBOWLI HYDERABAD. In google search , I found like SHREE VENKATARAMANA MOTOR near to RTA KONDAPUR ,DRY CAR CARE in MADHAPUR...etc with good review and rating. Any suggestion from all of you will be very much appreciated. Normally I do the painting and denting works in HARSHA TOYOTA ,but I feel that their quality has been degraded over the years and they handle the cars very badly . Everytime I take my car to their showroom , I discover some dent and loss of paint in my car. Very dis-satisfied with their service. This time my CAR ANTENNA is missing after some repairing work.......😃😃

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    - Name: Satyanarayan Pradhan (BORNDRIVER) - Location: Hyderabad - Favorite past weekend getaway: Puttaparthi,Bangalore,Shirdi - Longest drive : Hydeabad-Bnagalore-Madurai-Rameswaram-Kanyakumari-Hyderabad - Car you own : TOYOTA ETIOS (VD-SP) MUMBAI TO SHIRDI HIGHWAY PAMBAN BRIDGE RAMESWARAM VIVEKANAND ROCK KANYAKUMARI

    Hyderbad to Tirupati road trip

    Hello Srikrishna, Thank you very much for sharing your travel experiences. 1. As asked by SPG , I also would like to know if the 4 lane has been completed between KADAPA and KURNOOL ? When I was travelling in this stretch (Chennai to Hyderabad) in 2014 , the 4 lane work was going on with lots of diversion. That time the initial 70 to 80km after KADAPA was complete 4 lane. 2. The road from KADAPA to TIRUPATI is single lane excellent highway or it is also now 4 lane? 2. It would have been very nice if you add some caption to each picture for everyone's quick understanding.

    Hyderabad to Bhutan Trip

    Hats off to you and your family for such trip and appreciate your courage . Normally such long trips are done in a group for more fun and enjoyment and also for safety. But you did it just with your family. This will now motivate many other members. My home state is Odisha (Specifically Bhubaneswar). You gave me some inspiration to drive down. Could you please provide some more details on the road condition (patchy stretches/pot hole stretches/ghat road/how safe the routes after ASANSOL) ? This could be difficult as it was a very long trip but if possible share more pictures and updates. If you can provide some details about your halts and time spent in each halt and the places visited in these halts , it will be great helpful for many members.

    Hyderabad to Shirdi by road

    Hello Prabhav, Refer the link below for complete details on recent shirdi trip route condition. https://www.india-drive.com/index.php?/topic/562-hyderabad-to-shirdi-recent-route-condition/ The best route will be HYDERABAD (GACHHIBOWLI)-ZAHEERABAD-HUMNABAD-OMERGA-NALDURG-TULJAPUR-OSMANABAD-BEED-PATHARDI-MIRI-VAMBORI-AHMEDNAGAR-SHIRDI.


    Thank you very much for update and it is my pleasure that I could be your help. Very well written and described. Hope it will help our other fellow motorists friends.