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    Hyderabad to Shirdi road condition 2019

    Have you captured any picture of these routes? Naldurg to Tuljapur pathetic....Surprise ...I just did this in Jan last week during Nashik travel.... When you take Tuljapur exit from NH65 after Naldurg....the 1st 100 to 150 meter is pathetic....their after till Tiljapur road is good to very good though there are frequent speed breakers before 2 to 3 km to TULJAPUR..Even inside Tuljapur the road is very good (newly made). After Tuljapur till NH52 flyover...(It is only 2km) the road is very fine. Anyway I have captured all the pictures of these roads. I will upload in the thread "HYDERABAD TO SHIRDI RECENT ROUTE CONDITION". From PATHARDI to till VAMBHORI via MIRI and TISGAON is HELL spelling......are you sure? Yes before PATHARDI it becomes patchy and bad but that will be just 5 to 10 km and that to in patches and not the entire one. From TISGAON to MIRI till VAMBHORI the roads are newly laid and repaired and it is perfectly alright. I could even drove at 80 speed without any issue in my ETIOS SEDAN. Anyway I will upload the pics in couple of days.....Than peoples will decide how bad OR good this stretch is. NALDURG-TULJAPUR-OSMANABAD-BEED-PATHARDI-TOSGAON-MIRI-VAMBHORI- RAHORI ...till 30km before Shirdi... Sent from my SM-M305F using Tapatalk

    Fastag easy recharge

    The wait time is increased due to slow response of detecting machines. Ideally the gates should open at least 20 to 30 meter before the vehicle reaches. In reality we literally have to stop in front of the gate and than the gate open. In one occasion I also have to reverse my car and move forward again for opening of the gate. Sent from my SM-M305F using Tapatalk

    Hyderabad to Shirdi road condition 2020

    Hello Ragi, I just returned from Shirdi last week. I am going to put my details in "HYDERABAD TO SHIRDI RECENT ROUTE CONDITION" . I used to keep this thread updated every year....[emoji3][emoji3][emoji3]. I started using the below route from 2018 and for me it is the best one. It will not disappoint you at all. HYDERABAD-ZAHEERABAD-HUMNABAD-OMERGA-NALDURG-TULJAPUR-OSMANANBAD-BEED-PADALSINGHI-PATHARDI-TISGAON-MIRI-VAMBHORI-RAHURI-SHIRDI In this stretch it is little patchy just before PATHARDI (around 5km) and before Shirdi (around 20km) ....Rest all are very good. RAHURI is in between Ahemednagar and Shirdi. The above route is fantastic. Absolutely 95% road conditions are fantastic.It is little longer than traditional SOLAPUR-TEMBHURNI-AHEMEDNAGAR-SHIRDI route but you will find very good roads. Sent from my SM-M305F using Tapatalk


    The NASHIK and SHIRDI trip completed and I will share the details in coming days . The very first important thing that comes to my mind is the usage of FASTAG . All the TOLL gates till NASHIK (Total 6) has been equipped with FASTAG gates. In a particular TOLLGATEs there is either only 1 or 2 CASH GATEs and rest all are FASTAG gates. I guess through out our country the situation could be same and there is huge advertisement of FASTAGs in the highways. The FASTAGs gates are still equipped with persons but they just sitting quite and help you in-case the gates does not open. The vehicles with no fastag are not allowed to enter into FASTAG gates.We have seen in many TOLLGATEs very long queues in CASH GATES whereas we cruise through the FASTAG gate without any issue . The only thing is that the response of the FASTAG gate is very slow. We need to move very slowly towards the FASTAG gate and it opens when the vehicle is exactly infornt of this .Ideally it should open much before . In one instance I need to do back and forth for opening of the FASTAG gate . However nevertheless this is really good and hassle free and time saving . So my suggestion is whoever does not have FASTAG , Please have it as early as possible . In coming days non-fastag vehicles will have nightmares in toll gates.


    Thank you Sagar. Travelling to Nashik tomorrow(25th Jan) early morning. All set for a long drive. I will capture pictures of latest road condition . Sent from my SM-M305F using Tapatalk
  6. Very nice post Paresh.This route is very famous due to Shirdi travel....The WagonR mileage is awesome..... [emoji108][emoji108][emoji108] I am also starting to Nashik tomorrow early morning...and I will go via Tuljapur-Osmanabad-Beed. I hope the stretch between Omerga till Naldurg must have been improved since my last travel in March-2019. Sent from my SM-M305F using Tapatalk

    Hyderabad to Shirdi road condition 2019

    Yes Sagar this is a nice hotel in the stretch between Hyderabad to Naldurg....I guess between Omerga to Naldurg.... I have been to there most of the time in this stretch and it is a very nice Hotel.... Sent from my SM-M305F using Tapatalk


    Yes Sagar....From last 2 year there is not much long drives due to lots of official international travels and work stress. Only able to do our regular drive that is SHIRDI and PUTTAPARTHI.....[emoji3][emoji3][emoji3] This year luckily it again starts with Shirdi but this time it is mainly NASHIK for some personal work....So thought of covering Shirdi as well...[emoji3][emoji3] However this year there are some trips lined up like HYD to PONDICHERRY ,HYD TO BHUBANESWAR(my home town) ,Kerela Trip...Let's see how it goes... Sent from my SM-M305F using Tapatalk

    How to get Fast tag for highway tolls

    I just purchased FASTAG from ICICI and going to put on my CAR. Lets see how it goes.

    Hyderabad to Shirdi road condition 2019

    Hello JVK9999, If you are planning to travel to Shirdi , Take a look at the below thread and you may try the route HYDERABAD-ZAHEERABAD-HUMNABAD-OMERGA-NALDURG-TULJAPUR-OSMANABAD-BEED-PATHARDI-AHEMADNAGAR-SHIRDI. This route will not disappoint you as compared to other routes. I am driving on this route regularly from 2018 and very happy about it . It may not be 100% smooth road but for sure 80% of the road is excellent and than 10% is good and than 10% is average. Try this route.


    Travelling from Hyderabad to Nashik (on 25th Jan 2020) and will return via Shirdi . Plan is as below. 1. Travel to Nashik from Hyderabad via Zaheerabad-Humnabad-Omerga-Naldurg-Tuljapur-Beed-Pathardi-Ahemednagar-Nashik 2. Return from Nashik to Hyderabad via Shirdi-Ahmednagar-Pathardi-Beed-Tuljapur-Naldurg-Omerga-Humnabad-Zaheerabad I consider this route to Shirdi/ Nashik is still best among all as I am regularly driving from 2017 on this route. Last time I traveled on this route in March-2019 as per my earlier blog in this thread. I hope the road condition will still be same as in MARCH-2019 . I will update about the road condition once finish my trip.

    Car Insurance Renewal

    Is IFFCO-TOKIO is a good insurance company for CAR ....They are offering ZERO-DEP even after SIX YEARs and that to a very attractive premium price. I am looking to renew the insurance of our car HYUNDAI EON MAGNA (PETROL+LPG KIT) ....It is a 6 year old car and this will be the 7th Insurance ...I see HDFC ERGO without zero dep premium is 4980 excluding GST and IFFCO-TOKIO is 4381 excluding GST. Only EDELWEISS & IFFCO-TOKIO are offering ZERO-DEP policy. This price is from PolicyBazaar.com. Any suggestion ?


    Hello Surendar, Please go through this thread since beginning . It will provide you with clear indication of the route condition. If you have any specific questions kindly do let us know.
  14. Confirmed list 1. Ranger +1 (Civic) 2. Sagar +1 (Creta) 3. Bhargav + 1(Vento) 4. Rajesh +1 (Creta) 5. Uday  6. Ashwin + 2 (Polo)  Tentative List 1. Sridhar Tandra + 2 (Tiago) - Tentative 2. Akhil + 1 (Honda Jazz) - Tentative 3. Shiva +1(compass)- Tentative  4. Jai +2(Honda City) - Tentative 5. Naveen (Ecosport) - Tentative 6. Jagadeesh (Ecosport) - Tentative 7. Sai Kishore (indica ev2)- Tentative 8. BORNDRIVER+3 (ETIOS)- Tentative

    Hyderabad to Shirdi road condition 2019

    Tuljapur to Beed is excellent ......You will enjoy like driving from Hyderbad to Bangalore..... After BEED ...around 20km is still good towards aurangabad where I used to take a left turn towards MIRI-PATHARDI to Shirdi. Thereafter I am not sure how the road is up to AURANGABAD. For sure avoid AURANGABAD to SHIRDI ...It will be nightmare....However the road construction is going on ..So we can expect this stretch to be perfect in coming years.