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  1. The Auto Expo 2018 kicked off on 7th February with car makers and commercial vehicle manufacturers unveiling a slew of electric and hybrid vehicles, in line with the government’s aggressive target to electrify all new vehicles in the coming years ahead. The thrust on electric vehicles was a unifying theme across the lineups. In comparison to Auto Expo 2016, this year saw the number of EVs surge to over 50 electric and hybrid vehicles as car makers drew up plans for electrification of their fresh line-up of products. Volkswagen Group, Nissan India, Bajaj Auto, Royal Enfield and few others gave the Expo a miss. Here are a few highlights of the Auto Expo that I would want to share with all of you. Kia's Indian debut to major car launch. South Korean automaker Kia Motors said it will introduce a range of vehicles, including an India-exclusive compact electric vehicle in the country between 2019 and 2021. Introducing it's new SP concept and it just stole the show. KIA has unveiled this Concept of compact SUV, whose production model will be the first for the Indian car market. This car has the most successful Hyundai Creta as it's rival KIA has brought it's sports sedan as part of it's first public showing in India. KIA motors seem confident about taking the Indian car market by a storm by showcasing an enthralling lineup of 17 cars The smart Niro is Kia's crossover that is a natural rival for many models in India. The one that stood out amongst the crowd is the white Stinger. KIA's hotshot that can aim right at the luxury category KIA carnival is an MPV that can compete against the Toyota Innova if launched
  2. Hyderabad to Varanasi route status

    Hello roadtrippers, I'm Karthick and love cars and roadtrips.. I am planning on a drive to Varanasi, starting from Gachibowli.. Can somebody please suggest the best route and the road conditions between Varanasi and Hyderabad.. It is totally a 7 days trip including travel.. An itinerary for all the 7 days along with the stay options will be more appreciated
  3. Nice post guys. This would be really helpful for everyone. The reason why we need to take extra care of the car or take some preventive measures is because there are several factors which make driving unsafe during rains. Would love to post a few points on which you may have missed out on. 1) Keep yourself away from distractions such as mobile phones and even entertainment like Radio to keep a close watch. 2) Keep a minimum of a good five car length from the car in front of you. 3) Be aware that the maximum speed at which you can drive is DIRECTLY related to your tires. 4) Be aware of hydroplaning. This is where your vehicle travels on top of the water and has NO or very little contact with the ground. Your traction is reduced significantly. To safely get out of a hydroplaning situation let off the gas and steer straight or slightly in the direction you must go. Do not make sudden motions and remain calm. 5) Avoid flooded roads. Never drive through standing or flowing water in a road way unless you have no choice or you are able to follow someone else to judge the depth of the water. Note: The rains can also disrupt your car's electrical systems. Have the workshop double-check all important connections such as the wiring for the battery and the alternator for proper insulation.
  4. Hyderabad to pondicherry road condition

    Road condition is good, I have taken the one via Vijayawada
  5. Fantastic pictures .. The place looks fabulous and clean. 12 cars in a convoy sounds awesome :clap: Any plans of organizing a drive to this place anytime again.. A night stay with a bonfire around would be ecstatic over here.
  6. Hyderabad to pondicherry road condition

    Thanks a lot again.. I have finally done the trip and your information has helped me a lot.. I would like to add in another place to the visit list which i felt was the best amongst the ones close to pondicherry. Its 'Pichavaram' mangrove forest. It is the 2nd largest mangrove forest after Sunderbans and is ~60kms from Pondicherry. A boat ride into those backwaters was a thrilling experience. I would recommend this place to all the people driving down to Pondicherry. Have a safe trip
  7. RSVP: List of the Confirmed 15 members: 1) Sagar +1 2) Ravi +2 3) Varun +1 4) Gautam 5) Gowtham+1 6) Bhargav 7) Harshita +1 8) Sruthi +1 List of the members in the waiting list: 9) Uday 10) Basu 11) Sugandhar+1 12) Vivek+2 13) Ujwal +1 14) Rohit 15) Ganesh +2 16) Sudhir +2 17) Ullas+1 18) Ramu +2 19) Karthick +2
  8. Awesome pictures ... i guess the accommodation you chose looks pricey... Any economical stay options around ??
  9. The right time to be there at the right place and the photologue just talks about it - Monsoon Glory .. The Mileage of your Rapid is a wonder bro.. 25.3 ?? Awesome
  10. Awesome pictures guys.. Looks so much fun to drive in a group.. Will definitely join for the next drive.. Keep it going..
  11. Hyderabad to pondicherry road condition

    Thanks a lot for those valuable suggestions guys.. I think thats more than required for me to spend a weekend over this place. Can somebody help me on suggesting the best place to stay and eat too.. We have so far decided to stay around James street and may vary depending on your suggestions.. Preferrably an economic beach resort.. TIA
  12. Hyderabad to pondicherry road condition

    Hi, I am planning on a drive to pondicherry in the month of August.. Please suggest me the must visit places in Pondicherry also suggest me if August month is the right time to visit the place
  13. Hi, this is Karthick.. I have been to Horsley hills 2 years ago by road.. I have checked into the wild winds resort and it was very clean. It has few view points which gets you the sight of a best sunset. Places to visit around Horsley hills if time permits : Talakona waterfalls (Highest falls in AP) and Talakona wildlife sanctuary (~100 KMS from Horsley hills) Keep revving Karthick :cool: