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  1. RajG

    Route to Mahabaleshwar

    Thank you for the update. Helpful. So share some pictures of your trip as well. Hope fog wont create issues at the view points.
  2. I am not sure about that combination. Then only option is to go with projectors in the fog lamps. Buy them from AliExpress, you can get the setup at the good pricing. Can you share some night pictures of your projectors?
  3. RajG

    Hyderabad to Singur dam roadtrip

    This is biggest worry for me. Specially, when me and wife go on a road trip. It is always risky visit a unknown isolated place. When Safety is in place, Overcrowded When the place is Isolated, Safety issues Reason, I joined India-Drive. Always feel safe driving in group.
  4. I would suggest you to wait few more days. Or you can split the journey into two days.
  5. Are you planning to drive?
  6. I would suggest you to try LED fog lamps from AliExpress. They are cheap and work well. One of friends swift has them. Performance is good.
  7. Nothing can beat this in south Indian. There are many unknown beautiful locations in Kerala. Any IndiaDrive plans to Kerala? Never attended a meet till now. Was promoted to father and got busy with early stage chores.
  8. RajG

    Hyderabad to Chikamagalur road trip

    Via Bangalore is good to go. Don't take the shorter route. It is very bad. Four days is good enough. On day1, Stay in the Chikmagalur town. On day2 and 3, Stay in the guest houses, these are located in hills.
  9. Hi All, I am looking for a family get away options around Hyderabad. Already covered Alankrita and Leonia. Any other decent options under 100 kilometers radius. We are a family of around 10 members with kids.
  10. Very good write up sir. Information is spot on. They have parking facility but it cannot hold more than 100 cars. Place is getting overcrowded on long weekends. Don't even plan to visit during festivals. In a way, I can say that you visited Laknavaram on the best time possible. Very less crowd from your pictures.
  11. Let me give you few suggestion. Don't drive from Nagpur to Srisailam, take a halt at Hyderabad. Srisailam forest will be closed during night time. Srisailam accommodations are not available online.
  12. RajG

    Hyderabad to Vikarabad breakfast drive

    Lovely pictures. Looks like some desert. How are the temperatures in Vikarabad? Place is looking very dry from the pictures.
  13. RajG

    Road Trip to Leh From Hyderabad

    Adding to Sagar's points Torch light Duct tape Air pump Car manual Wiper blades (new set/keep a spare in boot)
  14. RajG

    Hyderbad to Vijaywada

    My favourite highway after Hyderabad-Bangalore section. Get a ID sticker. Rear looks empty.
  15. RajG

    Hyderabad to south india drive

    Did you fix the plan?