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    Born and raised as an Odia with nothing more than passion, gadgets, travelling and my dreams. I don’t fit into a conventional box, I am multi-passionate that’s because I’m business strategist, marketing maven; I am foodie, I love cooking and recently gained interest in driving.


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    I am foodie, I love cooking and recently gained interest in driving


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    Business strategist, marketing maven

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  1. gp1927

    Hyderabad to Shirdi road condition 2020

    Thank You for update, its a great help for many.
  2. gp1927

    India-Drive stickers

    India-Drive stickers improves aesthetic look of my car
  3. gp1927

    Hyderabad to shiridi

    The best route is Hyderabad - Zaheerabad - Humanabad - Omerga - Tuljapur - Osmanabad - Ahmednagar - Shiridi. I covered this route December 2017. Roads are good but after entering Maharastra you will get average road with lots of small potholes. You can plan to visit Tulja Bhavani Temple on the way to Shirdi.
  4. gp1927

    A quick breakfast drive!

    1. Ranger -- Civic 2. Karthik -- Duster 3. Sree+2 -- SCross 4. Uday -- Will be joining in Karthik's Duster. 5. Vinith -- Duster 6. Varun - Ecosport 7. Akhil - Jazz 8. Sridhar Tandra + 1 - Will join in Vinit's Duster (Depending on Space Availability & to reduce number of cars) or get my Tia baby 9. Gupta -- Honda City 10. Faizan Ahmed- Esteem 11. Anil - Audi A4 12. Ganesh+2 - Grand i10
  5. Nice trip and good information. Kindly add route map and restaurant details.
  6. Someone driving 200km per day then he must go for Diesel car. There are some other points too like how are you buying. Suppose someone taking loan from bank then for one lakh extra amount at the rate of interest Rs 9 for 3 years he has to pay Rs 3180 per month. My question is are you adding that while choosing Diesel over Petrol. Please calculate Net present value if someone is very serious about money and saving. But if you want luxury and comfort at lesser value then go for Petrol. Last but not least please value for our own environment. Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using India-Drive mobile app
  7. RSVP (Confirmed list of members) : 1) Sagar +2 2) Gowtham +1 3) Harshita Tentative: 1)Ganesh+2
  8. I am really upset. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, I'm not joining the forthcoming driving meet.
  9. Originally posted by Jayan View Post 1. Gowtham+1 2. Bhargav 3. Ganesh+2 not joining 4. Sagar+1 5. Harshita+1 6. Arjun +2 7. Saichand+1 8. Tej +1 9. Gautam+1 10. Suchi+2 11. Sujay+3 12. Sruthi+2 13. Srinivas+1 14. Balakrishna 15. Kalyan +1 16. Jayan+1
  10. 1) Sagar +1 2) Ravi +2 3) Varun +1 4) Gautam 5) Gowtham+1 6) Bhargav 7) Harshita +1 8) Sruthi +1 9) Uday 10) Basu 11) Sugandhar+1 12) Vivek+2 13) Ujwal +1 14) Rohit 15) Ganesh+2
  11. yes, almost all kind of water sports. It was good entertainment for my kid.
  12. Hi, Gowtham, Inspired by your post, I drove down to Surya Lanka, on return I stayed at Bhavani Island for one day. It was an excellent trip. Thank you.