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    Dash Cams in India

    This terms "DASH Cam With GPS" disappoints many customer like me once they receive the product. I myself was also thinking earlier that GPS means , it will guide route using Google Map on screen and/or it will allow me to Track my car by mobile app. But all this assumptions are wrong. This transcend,HP or Garmin etc which Provide GPS is just a GPS logger which registers the Geo-Coordinates in the video. I guess that in USA/Canada where there may be different rules in different state/province, GPS Coordinates are helpful. But in India, I guess just Video of Accident is enough to prove cause of accident. Also this High priced dash cam still don't provide rear camera recording for double security and OBD cable for parking mode. For budget dash cam I look forward to Car Camera India.
  2. sachin86

    Dash Cams in India

    Yup sure. Let me know whenever you visit Vadodara, Gujarat.
  3. sachin86

    Dash Cams in India

    Cases of Accident from behind increasing. At that time, front camera will have no record. Only rear camera will show the truth of wrong side overtaking, bike driver talking on mobile etc.
  4. sachin86

    Dash Cams in India

    Hi Sai Vardhan Bro, I am using it from last few months and I am satisfied with quality. I find price reasonable after doing R&D about other models of Transcend, HP, Garmin. This dash cam seems costly but it has: 1) Rear Camera which records simultaneously as well as assist in parking. Not present in Transcend, HP. 2) Comes with Free OBD Cable worth Rs. 1200, USB cable and USB adaptor. 3) 1 year replacement warranty. (Transcend says warranty void in high temperature. All covers only manufacturing defect) 4) Field of View is huge 170 degree compared to cheap models. ( Others has 130-150 degree) 5) Night quality excellent. 6) Inbuilt 4 inch IP Full HD Screen to play the video on the spot. Transcend, HP has small screen with low resolution. 7) Price is just Rs. 8500 which is much less than Base models of Transcend, HP, Garmin. 8) 15 days money return guarantee they say (verify before buying) I hope I didn't sound like the marketing executive of that brand & I request moderator not to block me. It's just my personal experience, I wish everyone use good quality dash camera to stay safe from Court Cases.
  5. sachin86

    Dash Cams in India

    Yes... Many dash camera has worst night quality. But I would like you to give a chance to this dash cam. It has Excellent night video clarity.
  6. sachin86

    Dash Cams in India

    Thx fir sharing such a in depth review. I would like to add few points. Night video quality must be excellent too. Also nobody has time to arrange for laptop to play footage, at that time dash camera having decent screen and inbuilt speaker would be good. Also, imagine someone overtaking from wrong side and collides from behind, Front camera will have no evidence. Here comes the importance of rear recording. You may search dual recording on Google. I m personally using this from link It has all above features just in ₹8500. Have a safe driving friends m
  7. sachin86

    Mumbai to Hyderabad to Srisailam

    Indeed useful guidance ..thx