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    Agree with both of you @sagar @Ranger if I change from train to road then i'll take one day leave and plan as suggested by both of you. Add me to whatsapp group, submitted my number in the link.
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    Dear friends... I am back to this thread after a year as it's again a time for my annual pilgrimage to Shirdi. Last time you guys were awesome in guiding me through my HYD-SHIRDI-MAHABALESHWAR-HYD trip. I enjoyed that 1700 km journey. This time the plan is for HYD-SHIRDI-HYD only. Though I have upgraded my car from Santro to Tata Tigor around two months ago, I actually booked train ticket to and from Shirdi to save leaves. Start on Friday evening and return on Monday morning just me my wife and 4.5yr old son. The driver inside me is pushing for road trip and says cancel train tickets. I am in love with my new car and clocked first 2k km in first 20 days. One trip to Chirala Beach and another to Basara and a few 100 - 200km trips near Hyd. Now my questions: - I know most of you will strike down my thought, however I expect to get some direction to make final decision by asking this question. How it would be if I start around 8-9pm on Friday night and reach upto Beed by sunrise and then cover rest until Shirdi in daylight? For return journey, start from Shirdi on Sunday afternoon and cross Beed before sunset and cover rest with headlight on. I am thinking that driving on 4 lane road in night is as good as driving in day. The only worry is any unfortunate breakdown of car post NH 65 will call for big trouble. Can @Ranger @sagar @BORNDRIVER @drsantoshms help me out from my dilemma. Thanks Guys!
  3. S Kumar

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Hey Ajay, As suggested by @Rangerstick to NH 65, you can reach Solapur easily, but from Solapur to Humnabad it's old Mumbai highway, where I would not suggest driving at night unless you have experience of driving on highways at night. Akkalkot - Aland route would again be same. In Feb i took Akkalkot - Kalburgi - Humnabad, this is excellent road but again you have to take risk while overtaking at night. See if you can plan a day journey or else stick to NH. Drive safe!
  4. S Kumar

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    It's actually a big property, there may be separate restaurant for lunch or dinner, however I did not inquire. We entered one right there on the road, it's a big hall under a shed. Nothing great but decent one. Being vegetarian we just tried idly, wada. Driving from Hyd to Humnabad just for food? Crazeeee may be another reason for driving
  5. S Kumar

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Until Omerga it almost done, even where work is in progress, they have laid at least one lane. So until Omerga there is no problem. After Omerga old Mumbai highway will start and it's same until Solapur. No work started for four lane on this stretch, so this part is not going to change in near future. Though Gulbarga - Akkalkot - Solapur is excellent road, but it's long and time consuming. I would personally prefer driving on old Mumbai highway from Omerga to Solapur to save time. Only suggestion is, avoid this route during sugarcane season, else you'll encounter heavy traffic. @sahil Hotel at Mahabaleshwar was Sun Shine near Poonam Chowk, as it was offseason, I got spacious room with two double beds for Rs.1,250 per night Name of guide is Ankush - 9423321665, he took good interest in showing places and is of kind nature person. Hope this helps.
  6. S Kumar

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    @Ranger@sagar Guys here is my detailed review on my trip route Hyderabad – Shirdi – Pune – Mahabaleshwar – Hyderabad. Total 1,716km Hyderabad to Shirdi 21st Feb 2018 Started from Hyderabad to Shirdi: Took outer ring road from Nanakramguda and it’s worth paying one extra toll, it drops you at Patancheru. After a few kilometers NH 65 Mumbai highway toll road starts. Clean four lane road until Humnabad, two tolls of Rs.80 each. Had breakfast at Noor Dhabha after crossing Humnabad city. Decided to continue on NH 65 as suggested by locals, this was against my original plan of taking Kalaburgi(Gulbarga) – Akkalkot – Solapur route. Four lane is almost completed until Omerga, some diversions are easily manageable without slowing you down. After Omerga you’ll be on OLD Mumbai highway, two way road with patchwork throughout, moderate traffic of heavy vehicles. This stretch is toll free, so traffic is expected. If you are driving in a vehicle with big wheels then you need not bother about patchwork, you can still maintain decent speed. Solapur to Tembhurni is again four lane NH 65 towards Pune. Excellent 95km stretch, except for first 30-40km where they are re-carpeting. Tembhurni to Karmala next 46km is single road with local traffic and sugarcane trucks. I was warned to cross Jeur before sunset which I did well in advance before sunset. Karmala to Ahmednagar is decent two lane road, with lot of expansion work is going on at many places. Gets better when you near Ahmednagar. Ahmednagar to Shirdi is again an excellent road, I did not get much traffic as I was driving after dark. 22nd Feb 2018: Had dharshan at Shirdi at 11AM Decided to change my plan of staying overnight at Shirdi and Starting to Mahabaleshwar in the morning. Rather decided to reach Pune by night and stay there for overnight so that I can start for Panchgani in the morning and cover a few places by afternoon. This decision paid off as I got two full days at Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar. At 5PM started from Shirdi, took Ahmednagar route as against the route suggested by Google Map, as I know road condition till Ahmednagar. Avoided Pune bypass before Ahmednagar as advised by locals and went straight from the city, this decision paid off as road from Ahmednagar to Pune is paradise from drivers. Excellent four lane road with dividers and blinders throughout. Reached Pune by 9PM. 23rd Feb 2018: Started from Pune to Mahabaleshwar in the morning. It’s a Mumbai – Bangalore four lane highway until Surur, Satara. First stop was a Wai, took Darshan at MahaGanpati Temple and started to Panchgai. Next stop was at Sydney Point, then Table Land, Then Parsi Point. Had lunch at Panchgai (if you are vegetarian, then Purohit and Namaskar are two best places in Panchgani). Post lunch started to Mahabaleshwar with breaks as felt like, as we were not in a hurry to reach hotel. Reached Mahabaleshwar by 3.30PM, check-in at hotel and in the evening went for Sunset Point (Mumbai Point) but it turn out to be normal sunset the way you see in City. Then went to Venna lake garden. As we took hotel near main market, we could explore market before and after dinner. Poonam is the best place for vegetarian food. We have Vittal Kamat at also, but they has limited food options for dinner. 24th Feb 2018: In the morning, started to Old Mahabaleshwar, on the way took a guide who agreed to show all places for Rs.400 in 4 hours. It was a good decision as he was a local person and know all places along with history. In the evening again went to Venna lake for boating, then shopping then dinner before we retired for the night. 25th Feb 2018: 6AM started from Mahabaleshwar to Solapur From Wai to Surur road is decent, from Surur we were again on Mumbai – Bangalore highway for a brief duration. Then turned towards Lonand road, single road which goes from villages. From Lonand the Google Map incorrectly chosen Phaltan route rather than Nira route, I realized it after reaching Phaltan. Lonand to Phaltan is excellent four lane road where you can test speed limit of your car. From Phaltan, corrected route and took bypass for Baramati, road under construction with diversions, but it was only 20km stretch I need to cover. From Bramati took Bhigwan road, 25kam good road, finally reached NH 65 to Solapur. Took a two hour break at Solapur and started to Akkalkot 40km (don’t go with the route shown by Google Map, ask locals and they will show you excellent road to Akkalkot, it starts near Ashok Chowk). From Akkalkot to Kalaburgi (Gulbarga) again excellent toll road, state highways in Karnataka are really good. Gulbarga to Humnabad is again four lane excellent toll free road. At humnabad again took NH 65 until Patancheru, from there got on to outer ring road to reach Nanakramguda. And finally reached sweet home.
  7. @Ranger@sagar Guys I am back from my Hyd - Shirdi - Mahabaleshwar - Hyd trip yesterday night, clocking 1700 odd kms in total. Most part I could stick to my plan, however at times took different routes than planned and now have a wider review to share. I'll comeback with my detailed post asap, until then bear with me. You guys made my life easy, thanks for that
  8. S Kumar

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Great! I didn't explored this as I was not sure about road condition, hence planned via Pune. Now I can take this route with confidence. Thanks!
  9. S Kumar

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Thanks for your detailed reply @Ranger this is going to make my journey easy. I'll be going in my Santro... yet to finalize on hiring other car. I have traveled on Kalaburgai road twice before and I enjoyed driving here, so will take this one. Diversions on NH 65 are annoying and time waste. I think I'll plan for this one. thanks This will help, let me do some micro planning for 23rd and 24th. Need to return by 25th as 26th is Monday and as usual office. I have read blog on Mahabelshwar and found it very informative . If whatsapp group is still active then please add me there, I have already submitted request. Thanks Thanks for quick reply. Pune to Hyd sure I can, I am not sure about time taken from Mahabelshwar to Pune. I'll note Google maps of food joints you suggested, great, thanks!
  10. S Kumar

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Hello guys, I am planning Hyderabad -> Shirdi -> Pune -> Mahabaleshwar -> Pune -> Hyderabad from 21st Feb. I am planning for following routes, please suggest if I need to change: Start on 21st 5 AM and reach by late evening.HyderaIbad --> Zaherabad --> Humnabad --> Kalaburgai (Gulbarga) --> Solapur --> Ahmednagar --> Shiridi Start on 23rd 8 AM and reach by afternoon Shirdi --> Pune --> Mahabaleshwar Return: - 25th 5AM and reach by early night Mahabaleshwar --> Pune --> Solapur --> Akkalkot --> Kalaburgai -->Humnabad --> -->Zaheerbad --> Hyderabad (may need to stay overnight at Solapur, if difficult to complete this journey in one day.) It's with family - wife and kid. Please suggest decent food joints also. All suggestions are welcome!