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  1. Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Great! I didn't explored this as I was not sure about road condition, hence planned via Pune. Now I can take this route with confidence. Thanks!
  2. Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Thanks for your detailed reply @Ranger this is going to make my journey easy. I'll be going in my Santro... yet to finalize on hiring other car. I have traveled on Kalaburgai road twice before and I enjoyed driving here, so will take this one. Diversions on NH 65 are annoying and time waste. I think I'll plan for this one. thanks This will help, let me do some micro planning for 23rd and 24th. Need to return by 25th as 26th is Monday and as usual office. I have read blog on Mahabelshwar and found it very informative . If whatsapp group is still active then please add me there, I have already submitted request. Thanks
  3. Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Hello guys, I am planning Hyderabad -> Shirdi -> Pune -> Mahabaleshwar -> Pune -> Hyderabad from 21st Feb. I am planning for following routes, please suggest if I need to change: Start on 21st 5 AM and reach by late evening.HyderaIbad --> Zaherabad --> Humnabad --> Kalaburgai (Gulbarga) --> Solapur --> Ahmednagar --> Shiridi Start on 23rd 8 AM and reach by afternoon Shirdi --> Pune --> Mahabaleshwar Return: - 25th 5AM and reach by early night Mahabaleshwar --> Pune --> Solapur --> Akkalkot --> Kalaburgai -->Humnabad --> -->Zaheerbad --> Hyderabad (may need to stay overnight at Solapur, if difficult to complete this journey in one day.) It's with family - wife and kid. Please suggest decent food joints also. All suggestions are welcome!