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  1. venkat

    Hyderabad to Araku valley and Vizag.

    Place is very neat. Agree on climate, it is always humid. Best time is November mid to Jan 1st week. In monsoon, it is little sultry.
  2. venkat

    Singur Dam, India-Drive meetup

    I missed it badly. Great pictures and location is very good. I can see only you guys, no other people from outside. Place is deserted? Is it safe to take family?
  3. venkat

    Hyderabad to Vijayawada highway updates

    Guys new update. Speed cameras are installed near all the toll booths between Hyderabad and Vijayawada. I found around 6 cameras. Speed limit is 80 km/hr. There is a mobile court, so if you cross 80km/hr. You need to pay 1500/- They will type the car number online, it will fetch both car speed and picture. It sucks to drive in 80km/hr Sent from my iPhone using India-Drive
  4. venkat

    Automotive photography.

    New Sticker, they look great. Thank you for providing. My old i20 got some charm.
  5. venkat

    Hyderabad India-Drive meet up 12th December

    List: Please add yourself to the list 1. Gowtham +1 2. Uday 3. Vijay+1 4. Venky