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  1. AmitT

    Hyderabad to Hampi Route updates

    Hampi is a protected Heritage site with no accommodation. Good accommodation is available in Kamalapur (5km). Try Mayuri (Govt KSTDC) and Clarks Inn (both in Rs 3000-3500 range). Several budget food outlets. Good restaurants in the two Hotels and also Mango Tree for authentic continental, North Indian and Mediterranean fare. Just did Hampi -> Bellary -> Alur -> Kurnool -> Hyderabad. Took 9 hours including a lunch break and 4 tea breaks. Hampi - Bellary is ok with 4 Laning under construction and therefore several diversions. Road is ok. Bellary towards Alur is good at the begining but a 30-40 km stretch at Alur is rough. Alur to Kurnool several culverts are under construction and therefore diversions through rough patches. Last 50 km to Kurnool is excellent black top. 4 Lane excellent highway from Kurnool to Hyderabad. Also note that there are no good eateries between Bellary and Kurnool. So too up accordingly.
  2. AmitT

    Hyderabad to Hampi Route updates

    Did Bangalore to Hampi via Chitradurga. Bangalore to Chitradurga is excellent road, 4 to 6 lane. Chitradurga onwards 4 laning in progress with lots of diversions and speed bumps. Many places villagers are drying crop on the road which is a menace. Took me about 7 hrs with one lunch break and 2 tea breaks in my Scorpio. Sent from my MI MAX 2 using Tapatalk