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  1. SumanG

    Hyderabad to GOA current best route ?

    Hi Rana, The travel time to Goa is around 14 hours. The 10.5 hours I referred to is the travel time from Hyderabad to Belgaum (including breaks), where we took our night halt. From Belgaum, it's again about 3.5 - 4 hours to Goa, via Chorla Ghat. Have a safe drive!
  2. SumanG

    Hyderabad to GOA current best route ?

    Approx 10½ hrs Hyderabad (Miyapur) to Belgaum - with breakfast, lunch & tea breaks (total approx 1½ hrs combined in breaks). Approx 4 hours Belgaum to Candolim - no breaks.
  3. SumanG

    Hyderabad to GOA current best route ?

    I did this in the 2nd Week of October (09 - 13 Oct 2019). The route I took was Hyderabad (Miyapur) -> Zaheerabad -> Humnabad -> Gulbarga -> Bagalkot -> Belgaum -> Chorla -> Goa (Candolim). Road was excellent end-to-end, except from a small patch close to Bagalkot (which might have been very well repaired by now). Particularly the entire Karnataka section of the road was buttery smooth. We had taken a break at Belgaum, and continued on our journey next morning. Once we enter the Goa side of Chorla road, expect some broken patches - but at max for 15-20km, intermittently. Btw if you break at Belgaum, do try the Donne Biryani at either Donne Biryani Adda (DBA) or Niyaaz. DBA is my personal favorite among the two 🙂
  4. SumanG

    Hyderabad to GOA current best route ?

    Hi Guys, Am planning to drive to Goa next week, from Hyderabad. The route I usually take every year is Hyderabad - Zaheerabad - Humnabad - Gulbarga - Bagalkot - Belgaum - Chorla Ghat - Calangute. Just wanted to check if anyone in the group has any very recent experience of the road conditions, especially after the recent rains. Car: Swift Vxi, 2014 model. Has driven me to Goa every year, since inception 😁 Thanks in advance!
  5. SumanG

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    10 hours to Mumbai is awesome! Was it without breaks?
  6. SumanG

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Hi All, Back from Pune! As advised to @Vaseem, I stuck to the regular NH65 route. However, while coming back it was not as smooth as the onward journey due to a lot of truck traffic. Took the same about 12 hours again though. So I would agree with ranger now - it's mostly a mixed opinion on which road to take. If you are not worried a lot about time taken, maybe the Gulbarga route is a safer bet! Not fully sure, but maybe less than 50% is fully completed. But I found most of the diversion roads in good condition, as those are actually the completed sides of the 4-lane work. One more aspect regarding pit-stops on the way. If you go via NH65, you'll find a decent bunch of eateries only till Humnabad - Noor Dhaba being the last one (we had breakfast there during our onward journey and a tea break during return), with decent pay-n-use washrooms. However, keep in mind there is almost nothing of that kind between Humnabad & Solapur (on NH65) - so do plan your stops accordingly. Solapur town has a lot of very good restaurants, both veg and non-veg. Kamat is a good option for vegetarians, and Kareem's resto an excellent choice for non-vegetarians. I would recommend Kareem's for another factor - they have a western style restroom, which I found missing in most other restaurants, including Kamat. With senior citizen parents travelling with me, a western style restroom was mandatory - so we took a lunch break at Kareem's during both onward and return journeys. Again between Solapur - Pune, there are several other joints which looked good for a pit stop, so no dearth of choices there. About an hour before entering Pune, we stopped at a nice place for tea and snacks - it was a food court type - containing a Sugar n Spice outlet, some branded Vada Pav/Chai corner & a kabab station. And excellent washrooms again :-) One last advice, keep all your original and up-to-date documents with you (license, RC, pollution, insurance). Both during the onward and return journeys, we were stopped thrice (each way) by the police for a document check. And they did check each document thoroughly. Cheers, Suman.
  7. SumanG

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Hi Vaseem, I finally took the straight road itself (NH65 - Hyderabad - Zaheerabad - Humnabad - Solapur - Pune). Hyderabad to Humnabad it was quite good, as the 4 lane expressway is complete. From Humnabad, you can either continue straight on NH65 to Solapur, or take the longer route to Solapur via Gulbarga-Akkalkot. I chose the former, as via Gulbarga was showing up in Google maps as +45mins to +1hour extra. And I found that NH65 to Solapur is actually not as bad as rumored - at least not compelling enough to take the Gulbarga detour. So my final suggestion is to stick to NH65 all throughout. My total travel time from Miyapur to Pune city was about 12.5hrs, with 4-5 breaks (3 major breaks for food and refreshments).
  8. SumanG

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Will be driving on 23rd Jan, back on 28th. So update will be on the week of 29th :-)
  9. SumanG

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Thanks once again! Will post a detailed trip report once I'm done with the trip.