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  1. Hi Sagar, we had packed our breakfast so didn’t check restaurants for breakfast, but my suggestion is to have breakfast before you cross Karnataka. Didn’t find any good restaurants once entered Maharashtra. For lunch there plenty of options once you cross Jamkhed. You will find good dhabas with good Ambience and awesome Marathi food. Soon after your cross Jamkhed town there is a dhaba called Desi Tadka on the right side, which is good one and Baigan masala and Sev Bhaji is a must try there.
  2. I finished this trip in this weekend. I started at 6:00 in the morning and reached shirdi at 5:30 in the evening with two halts for breakfast (Omerga)and lunch (Jamkhed). To avoid the bad patches via naldurg and Tuljapur stretch I took diversion from Omerga to Osmanabad via Lohara and Bembli (Not recommended during night drive. Narrow and patchy roads till Osmanabad) From Osmanabad till Yedashi the 4 line road is almost complete. From Terkhed to Ahmednagar roads are pathetic. Need to check my suspension. Hyderabad to Shiridi route taken (2018) Hyderabad -->Zaheerabad-->Omerga--> Lohara--> Bembli-->Osmanabad-->Terkhed--> Bhoom--> Jamkhed--> Ahmednagar--> Shirdi Shiridi to Hyderabad route Shirdi--> Shignapur--> Ahmednagar-->Osmanabad-->Tuljapur--> Naldurg--> Omerga--> Hyderabad
  3. Thank you @Ranger. 1:00 am is too early, I am planning to start at 5:30, same itinerary!
  4. Hello, anyone travelled recently to Shirdi? Any update on the status of roads from Omerga to Ahmednagar?