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  1. @Ranger Yes, its a Temple run You are right its a right time to visit in Dec/Jan for temple visit/Trekking ..etc..But the temple is in renovating stage as of now, lots of work going around the temple so U wont be having a good view of the temple. @kailash310@gmail.com Some repair works are going on between allagadda and ahobilam route, and at the same time road is in very poor condition from narasapuram to ahobilam. Repair works started and they might get completed in a couple or more months as per the locals. My suggestion is not visit at this time due to the above conditions.
  2. Thank you @sagar Yes, I am in love with Micra. About mileage, not exceeded above 80kmph. Staying details: Day 1 Halting @Mantralayam at sreeniketanam lodge(maintained by Mutt) Single room(With bed) - 300/- for 24hrs (advance 300) , very well maintained with all the facilities including hot water Single room(Without bed) - 200/- which is in TTD mandapam block. My suggestion is dont look for private hotels as an option, single room 2000+/- per night and maintenance is very bad. These are in no comparison to MUTT rooms. **Charges at private hotels might be high due to vacation season. Even though not worthy. Day 2 Halting @Mahanandi at Temple's trust building. Which is right beside the AP tourism hotel. Single Room : 400/- for 24hrs (Advance 400) , Rooms are Okay. Day 3 Halting @Nagarjuna sagar at Matha sarovar resort - Best thing about this hotel is Half of the room Balconys are towards the Sagar water view. Luckily I got the water view room. Non-A/C room charges 800/- for 24hrs, restaurant also available with pretty good menu and taste as well. Details at: http://mathasarovarresorts.com ***@ahobilam the best staying option is the AP tourism. I have checked other staying options as well but not opted due to a feeling of insecure. pavana narasimha hotel(9492612923) - Which is behind the main temple, but the rooms are not well maintained bro.
  3. Hi Guest HSB , Yes enjoyed a lot, Nallamala forest via srisailam(Night stay) is the best option. You can check the below links for accommodation as well: http://nallamalaijunglecamps.com/index.php
  4. Road Trip: Hyderabad - Alampur - Mantralayam - Yaganti - Ahobilam - Mahanandi - Nallamala forest - Nagarjuna sagar - Warangal - Hyderabad. Total Distance Covered: 1300+ KMS Vehicle : Nissan Micra Fuel : Petrol Mileage: 20 kmpl with 70% of A/C No. of Days: 4 From Dec 24th to 27th 2017. Route expedition Via Google Maps Day 1: Route: Hyderabad - Mahbubnagar (NH 44) - Alampur - Kurnool - Mantralayam Total distance covered on day 1 : 320+ KMS It was Christmas holidays and decided to have a long trip, planned for Lonavala at first but due to personal reasons the above mentioned trip was confirmed and this was my 3rd trip with family. Started off early in the morning 5AM from Hyderabad towards alampur through Highway NH44. Once you have crossed the shamshabad, you will directly connect to the NH 44, the road condition is excellent with 2 toll gates in between of toll fee Rs.110+ total. 4 lane national highway, cruised on the road around 80kmph and covered total distance of 220 in 3+ hrs with a small tea break in between. Reached Alampur -Jougulamba temple around 9am, stayed around 1.5hrs and visited all the temples around and the view of Tungabhadra river as well. Then started towards Mantralayam via Kurnool from Alampur, had breakfast at surroundings of Kurnool as we are not able to find anything to eat at alampur area. Alampur - Mantralaym: 115 kms. Duration: 2.5 hrs Reached mantralayam around 1pm , boarded into sreeniketham lodge for a day. Devotees were all around due to holiday season. After having some rest, explored the location of mantralayam . Day 2 : Route : Mantralayam - Kurnool - Yaganti - Ahobilam - Mahanandi Total distance covered: 328 kms Journey time: 10 Hours with 5 Halts Mantralayam - Yaganti via Kurnool. Road condition was good until we left the NH 40(As shown in the map), after that we need to pass through many villages and the road is just Okay at a speed of just above 40 kmph. But i can guarantee that the visit was worthy, even though the road condition was just Okay. Temple is surrounded by the mountains and the over view was awesome. From yaganti, we started towards the Belum Caves, but due to bad road condition and time constraint we have driven towards Ahobilam . Road was in very bad condition from Yaganti to Ahobilam, I would suggest one not to visit ahobilam as of now. Yaganti to Ahobilam: 78 kms, Single road. It was almost 4pm in the evening, visited lakshmi narshimha swamy temple ASAP at ahobilam and departed to Mahanandi. As there was no accommodation available during that day and the temple is situated in the Nallamala forest range so before its dark, decided to move on to our next destination MAHANANDI. Ahobilam to Mahanandi - 60kms , Single road Travel Time: 2+ hrs Road condition - Poor Reached Mahanandi @7:30 pm, after a lot of struggling finally got accommodation at temple devastanam. Roads are in very bad condition at Ahobilam and Mahanandi, which needs to be repaired as many devotees visit these places. My suggestion is to visit Mahanandi via Kurnool - Nandyal route. Mahanandi Temple is in vast area.. Very peaceful and lookout for monkeys all the time Day 3: Route: Mahanandi - Nallama Forest - Nagarjuna sagar Distance : 271 kms, 6 hours journey Road condition was excellent with 2 lane, drive was very smooth until we reach Yerragondapalem, After that again its a single road and it was very tough to reach a speed of 50+ kmph with lots of curves and ghat roads. In Between, we crossed the Nallamala forest Ghat road and it was an awesome experience driving through it, Wonderful view of forest from the top of the ghat road. Nagarjuna sagar: Day 4: Route: Nagarjuna sagar - Nalgonda - Suryapet - Warangal Distance : 240 kms, Journey time: 5+ hrs Started at 3pm from nagarjuna sagar and reached warangal around 8pm. Road condition was just Okay, From nalgonda to suryapet, half of the way was very poor but once we touch the vijayawada highway it was very smooth. From Suryapet to warangal its a double road with less traffic, drive was very smooth. Stayed one day at warangal and then moved on to Hyderabad. Distance 167 Kms total. Over all experience was very good throughout the Roadtrip.