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  1. SSD500

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    I would say a total of about less than 20 km, including the diversions and the under construction.
  2. SSD500

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    On an allied note, now, my XUV 500 odometer now reads 102,653 KM, in 3 years and 5 months time. Vehicle is behaving very well. No major niggles or repairs, just the regular servicing done at the MASS.
  3. SSD500

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Hi Guys, Recently, 08 - 10 Feb. 2020, to be precise, did a Hyderabad to Pune round trip. Usually I used to take Hyderabad --> Zaheerabad --> Humnabad --> Gulbarga --> Akkalkot --> Solapur --> Pune. This was primarily because of the pathetic road condition between Omerga to Solapur, via Naldurg. But no more. This time around we took Hyderabad --> Zaheerabad --> Humnabad --> Omerga --> Naldurg --> Solapur --> Pune route. The road is good, work is still going on, few diversions but nothing too serious or bad. Hopefully, the stretch between Omerga to Solapur will be done soon and will cut down the distance and time. We stopped at Hotel Sonai for breakfast, at Omerga bypass, was okay, nothing great. Lunch was at Nisarg hotel at Solapur, before the first toll booth. Tea was at hotel Kanchan near Pune. Hope this helps. Warm regards
  4. SSD500

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Hi Guys, Perhaps, I should have mentioned that, we did the onward journey, Hyderabad to Pune on 24 Nov. 2018 and the return journey on 27 Nov. 2018. It's high time time that the road work should be completed between Omerga to Solapur. Btw, road widening will start soon between Solapur to Akkalkot. You can see the leveling going on. Noor dhaba has reasonably good food and ambience is similar or slightly better than the rest of the highway dhabas. Additionally, we stop there for my wife and daughter, because of the clean Ladies restroom, the bathrooms are really clean. Completely agree.
  5. SSD500

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Hi Guys, Just did the Hyderbad to Pune trip. I tried both the routes. I did this for my return journey, from Pune to Hyderabad. This is the best route, a few km extra, but it is totally worth it. No potholes and free flowing traffic. Had breakfast at Nisarg hotel. I took this route for my onward journey, Hyderabad to Pune. The stretch between Omerga to Solapur is terrible. Diversions coupled with potholes and in general bad roads. Had breakfast at Noor dhaba. One more observation and experience. The toll road has become more like any other road with bikers, share autos, people crossing the road at will and randomly and vehicles driving on the wrong side of the road. Local population is not using the service road at all. I understand that the service road does not run continuously parallel to the toll road but wherever possible they should use it. Hope this helps. Warm regards
  6. SSD500

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Hi Guys, I will be driving from Hyderabad to Pune over the weekend. In the past I have taken: 1) Hyderabad->Zaheerabad->Humnabad->Kalburgi->Akkalkot->Solapur->Pune, and once I tried 2) Hyderabad->Zaheerabad->Humnabad->Omerga->Naldurg->Solapur->Pune. Omerga to Solapur stretch was bad with lot of diversions and potholes. Although the road work was going on at a snails' pace. Should I stick to tried and tested route no. 1? Any update will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. SSD500

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Hi Guys, As promised here is the latest update on Hyderabad to Pune route. I did the Hyderabad --> Pune --> Hyderabad round trip during 29 June thru 3 July 2018. I took Hyderabad --> Zaheerabad --> Humnabad --> Omerga --> Solapur --> Pune route. As all of us know, till Humnabad the road is absolutely fine. Humnabad to Omerga is okay too but the trouble starts after Omerga and it lasts till Solapur. This 85km stretch between Omerga and Solapur is filled with potholes and diversions. Some of the diversions are quite dangerous too, being narrow. The monsoon may make it worse. It is driveable, but I feel, one should tackle it during the day time. Solapur to Pune, no problem at all. Hope this helps.
  8. SSD500

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Thanks for the update. In the past I have always taken the Hyderabad --> Zaheerabad -->Humnabad --> Kalburgi --> Solpaur --> Pune route. But now thinking of Hyderabad --> Zaheerabad -->Humnabad --> Omerga --> Solpaur --> Pune, all the way NH 65. I will be driving down (XUV 500) to Pune from Hyderabad on 30 June. Hopefully the 50 odd km have not worsened because of the rains. Anybody traveled recently? Thanks.
  9. SSD500

    XUV 500 Leather Steering Wrap

    Just to make it bit chunkier. I am happy with the existing one but want something soft. No. It will just be a wrap so no need to remove the airbag module.
  10. SSD500

    XUV 500 Leather Steering Wrap

    Thanks Ranger. Madhapur is definitely near to my place than Minister's road. Any contact info for Mr. Harish? Warm regards Shri
  11. Dear Mods, Please delete or post in the appropriate sub-forum, but could not find a general section to post the message. I am based in Hyderabad. Looking for a leather wrap to be done over the existing steering of my XUV 500. I do not want to remove the original steering wheel leather cover. I just want to wrap one over it to make the steering a bit chunkier. Any recommendations for a shop? Thank you. Warm regards Shri
  12. SSD500

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Any time Ranger. The info here really helped me to plan the trip. Roads till MH border are good, trouble begins after that. Although road widening is going on, it is taking a very long time. Will update regarding the Omerga to Aland road if I hear anything. Will be doing another Hyderabad-Pune-Hyderabad in April/May, maybe I will drive via Omerga to Aland (SH 32), Google says, 35.7km, my XUV 500 W10 FWD AT should be able to handle that, right? Warm regards Shri