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  1. yeah from osmanabad to boom road condition was not good and from boom to ahmednagar its comparatively better.
  2. Hi everyone, First i want to thanks to all members who suggested best route for my Hyderabad to Shirdi trip. Most of the points are already covered, so i am just sharing my experience - My Hyderabad to Shiridi route: Hyderabad - Patancheru - Zaheerabad - Humanabad - Basavakalyan - Omerga - Naldurg - Tuljapur - Osmanabad - Boom - Ahmednagar - Shiridi Timing- I started at 4:30 AM from Miyapur Hyderabad and Reached Osmanabad at 7:45 AM. there i took 40 Min break (7:45 AM to 8:25 AM) for breakfast. started again at 8:25 AM after crossing Boom and Kharda on the way i found one dhaba at 12:30PM, we stopped there for lunch. we took 1 hour 10 min again for lunch from 12:30 to 1:40 PM. then we started at 1:40 PM and reached shirdi at 5:50 PM without any break. total journey time 13 hours 20 min including 2 break, one 40 min break for breakfast + 1 hour 10 min break for Lunch. Road - Till omerga its good after that ahmednagar to shirdi road is above average. After osmanabad we found so many sugar cane bullock cart. It is tough to overtake them, it killed the overall average. It was my first long drive, I drove slow and was extra cautious. I think expert driver can do Hyderabad to Shiridi in 9-10 hours. Car - Balleno petrol Return Journey - On the return drive, I took different route. I went to my hometown which is in Indore(from Shiridi) and came back to Hyderabad from Indore.
  3. I went to my hometown Indore from Shirdi. Will be back to Hyderabad by Monday and will share my experience for Hyderabad to Shirdi drive.
  4. Started 4:30 am from Miyapur..Reached omerga at 7:45 am...Roads are good till omerga...
  5. Thanks to all of you.. I am starting tomorrow at 4 AM. I will share my experience once will back to hyderabad.
  6. @Ranger thank you , i will also update after completing journey.
  7. Hi Buddy, I am also planning to visit shirdi from my car (Balleno). can you Please share Route details and what time you started and when did you reach there? It would be very helpful for us also Please share road conditions etc. Thanks I am also planning on Jan 13 2018. as having kid with me so will start by 4-5 AM. Please share review after completion of your journey.