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  1. Abhisek Chakrabarti

    Mumbai to Kolkata via Hyderabad

  2. Abhisek Chakrabarti

    Mumbai to Kolkata via Hyderabad

    Thank you very much for your reply. In this i have few quarry. request you to please go through the same and provide your valuable advise. 1. What about the route Mumbai- Nagpur- Sambalpur- Kolkata ? i heard that the road in between Nagpur and sambalpur is not good enough. Not only that Sambalpur to Kolkata route road condition is also not so good. Seek your advise in this. 2. I heard that the stretch between Solapur and Kalaburgai has some bad patches. (around Akalkot). is the work for the same is completed now. My travelling time will be around 1st week of May 2018. 3. Last day travelling 900 km will be compensated if i travel something more on 2nd day. hope the road condition will be good. then instead of staying at Visakhapatnamm what you suggust if i move some more km. waiting for your valuable reply please
  3. Abhisek Chakrabarti

    Mumbai to Kolkata via Hyderabad

    I am looking for a visit to Kolkata from Mumbai via Hderabad in May 2018. In this regard please advise me the entire route. I opted via Hyderabad as i come to know that via nagpur road is not so good. Please also advise the route in between Solapur to Hyderabad. Numbers of routes exist and i come to know Hyderabad --> Kalaburgai --> Solapur : Is current favorite. please guide for selecting route.