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  1. Live updates of my trip Started at 4.20 AM reached Punjabi dhama at 6.50 AM. Road is excellent. Small info is that break fast is available from 7.00 am onward. Finally reached Shirdi at 6 PM. Successfully checked into hotel. Planning today to start at 7 AM from shirdi to shani singanapur to Hyderabad. Reached home (Hyderabad) at 10.30pm safely.
  2. Ok. Thx@Ranger [emoji2] Sent from my LGUS997 using Tapatalk
  3. I am starting at around 4am and route is Hyderabad - Patancheru - Zaheerabad - Humanabad - Basavakalyan - Omerga - Naldurg - Tuljapur - Osmanabad - Boom - Ahmednagar-Shiridi. Sent from my LGUS997 using Tapatalk
  4. Where can we stop for breakfast as well as lunch .. On the way to shiridi. Sent from my LGUS997 using Tapatalk
  5. Thank you for the latest update Aravind Reddy
  6. Thank you very much @sagar for ur advise. I'll remember your advice.
  7. Trip starts at 1 am on 14th January.
  8. Hi good morning My iterinary fixedand here is the plan... Booked hotel in oyo rooms for 2 nights. Shirdi route.. Home/Hyderabad - tuljapur - shirdi - triyambakeshwar - shani shinganapur - home/Hyderabad. 13th - home/Hyderabad - tuljapur - shirdi. (577km/12hrs) 14th - shiridi - triyambakeshwar - shirdi.(176km/4hrs) 15th - shirdi - shani singanapur -home/Hyderabad(593km/13hrs)
  9. Thankyou @Ranger. Mostly I'll start with my familu by 4am as you suggested. I'll update once the journey started.
  10. Sure... Either I'll start by 5pm or by 1am... I'll update here by time to time.
  11. I am planning to shiridi on jan 12th 2018. So please suggest me the best route where we need breakfast and lunch. Planning to start at around 1am.