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  1. Navin Prasad

    Route information from Pune to Ranchi

    @Aaditya, One small question , how is the safely in this route as I will be driving with my wife and 3 year old son? Thanks in advance
  2. Navin Prasad

    Route information from Pune to Ranchi

    No Problem, @Aaditya provided enough information.
  3. Navin Prasad

    Route information from Pune to Ranchi

    Thank you very much @Aaditya, This is really helpful information. I will surely update how it goes.
  4. Navin Prasad

    Route information from Pune to Ranchi

    @sagar do you have any infomation?
  5. Hi All, Has anyone drive through Pune to ranchi recently. I am planning to drive around Diwali so wanted to know best route/hotel/time to travel/fuel expenses etc? Regards Navin Prasad
  6. Navin Prasad

    Pune to Kashid Beach Weekend trip.

    I haven't took lot of pic( this I need to improve). Kashid is near by Alibag. however, below wiki page have lot of information. https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Kashid#Q6374256 I have not stayed there so no hotel experience.
  7. Navin Prasad

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Thanks for details , This is surely going to help me on my upcoming Pune to Hyderabad drive on 30th dec.
  8. Navin Prasad

    Pune to Kashid Beach Weekend trip.

    19th Dec, 2017. The long holiday(25th Dec) was coming and I was still planning where we should go. 20th Dec,2017 Me and wife decided to head towards Kashid beach as we wanted to enjoy a nice beach side sun set. 21st Dec, 2017, Started packing the luggage and planning some home cooked food to carry for our 2 year old son. 22nd Dec,2017. Luggage packing was also done and we decided to carry khichdi with us. 23rd Dec,2017 Nothing . rested. 24rd Dec,2017 Woke up early morning at 5 AM and after all the planned stuff for the morning we started the trip round 8 AM( its usual to late when you have kid ). We stopped for lunch around 2 PM some where on the way(don't able to recollect the name of the hotel) and had a great Chicken thali. We reached around 4 PM because of traffic ( weekend+holiday) and parked car down the road( the parking area was also full). The beach area was crowded but we enjoyed and found that the local food stalls provides the changing room facility as well which was good here. We started again around 5:30 PM as we have not planned for night stay. We reached cousin home at mumbai around midnight ( thanks to traffic) and celebrated the 25th Dec with them. 26th Dec, 2017. Back to pune(early morning drive) and The trip ended.
  9. Navin Prasad

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    I am planning to drive from Pune to Hyderabad in during 25th Dec holidays or 1st Jan Holidays. Based on the above responses I feel the suggested route is as below. PUNE-->Solapur-->Akkalkot -->Kalaburgai -->Humnabad-->Zaheerabad-->Hyderabad and Breakfast/Lunch Break as below. Breakfast stop at shree veg : https://goo.gl/maps/nwu3ozbLr732 Fuel break before Solapur Lunch break(Kalaburgai) at Hotel lumbinis grand : https://goo.gl/maps/S5qRYTksD892 I am planning to start early morning 5 AM. I will update here how it goes.