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  1. sneHavisHal

    Hyderabad to Nagarjuna Sagar

    Nice travelogue with very good pictures... keep driving and keep sharing your experiences 🙂
  2. Vikarabad Trip Distance: 200 Ride: Renault Kwid Mileage: 18 Drive Time: 5 hrs (Up & Down) Regular Route: Hyderabad -> Moinabad -> Chevella -> Vikarabad This is my first post in ID and a bit old trip as well (Done in Nov 2017), also saw many of the posts on this route but still wanted to contribute from my end as well 😜 so that I can remember the first post what I posted here. It was our 7th Marriage anniversary and we thought of going for a drive as this also happened to be our 1st anniversary after we bought our new car. We wanted to be back by 8pm as we had already reserved movie tickets for a second show. We were searching for a place which is a mix of devotion + spiritual and some picnic kind of thing and finally decided on Vikarabad. Planned to visit the famous Ananthagiri Padmanabha Swamy temple and then the Kotipally Reservoir. We started at around 9 am from home after completing our Pooja. The roads were good partially as there was repair works going on. At some places you can see tress from either side would ensure there is no sunlight falling on the road. After the expansion of highways its been difficult to see such kind of roads. It was all greenery on either side of the roads. The weather was also very good a bit cloudy to our liking. By the time we reached Vikarabad it was around 11:30 am and there was already heavy rush at the temple. So we decided to visit the temple during return and headed straight to Kotipally reservoir. The route to Kotipally reservoir was not great. For the last stretch, we have to travel for around 3 kms on a dirt road (pic enclosed) and then we would be entering small forest kind of thing and passing it finally the massive lake shows up slowly as we are coming out of bushes we would be able to see the reservoir in its full glory and seeing a reservoir of that scale will definitely lifts up the spirits. We searched for couple of spots and finally halted at the below spot where our car stands tall amidst the background of vast lake. The Kayaking is also available at this place. We missed it ☹ as children were not allowed to take part in it and we didn’t wanted to do it without our son. We came back to our parking spot and my son started playing in the water and he didn’t wanted to come out of it even after playing for almost 3 hours. We had our lunch which we bought from our home at the banks of the lake itself sitting at the back of our car. At around 4pm we started back and halted at the Shiva temple on the side of a hill to offer praying's, then clicked some pics and headed towards main temple. We reached Sri Padmanabha Swamy temple, parked our car and went for darshan. On weekends it is over crowded and hence would suggest people to visit it on weekdays to feel the spirituality and calmness of the surroundings. It took an hour to complete our Darshan and took few snaps of the big idols of Lord Hanuman and Lord Garuda and did some shopping for my kid and then headed towards home. Started back at around 5pm and reached home by 7:45 pm. Had our dinner quickly then headed for the movie and retired to bed at 12:45 am. One of the memorable outings we had in years. We couldn't venture into forest and explore it due to time constraints. Will plan it this year 😊 All pics taken from my mobile.. pardon for the clarity.
  3. sneHavisHal

    A Mini Travelogue, Hyderabad to Suryalanka Beach.

    Nice travelogue and pics @RedCruiser . Will write up my experience shortly. Went there last year and had a good time.
  4. @Sridhar Tandra, thanks for sharing the pics.. it's a trip down memory lane which I did with my cousin some 10 years back in his Maruti 800.
  5. sneHavisHal

    Hyderabad -> Kuravi (Mahabubabad) Road condition

    Hi Ranger, Thanks! I just completed the drive over the week end and I did it via Suryapet and it was indeed a good decision but I would suggest people to not use it in the night driving after crossing Suryapet we need to travel 15-17 km's from really an isolated place where in you'll cross a few villages except that 15-17 kms, the roads are very nice and its all highways so didn't faced any problem. Couldn't take pics as it was really dark, we crossed it between 7-8 and it was pitch dark. While returning I came via Warangal enroute Laknavaram and the road is undergoing 4 lane expansion work filled with all pot holes and patch works. I would suggest people to avoid this route if there is an alternate route to Warangal and again after Warangal the roads are really good(). Till Yadagirigutta from ORR the road is absolute beauty post which the roads remind us of Hyderabad city roads
  6. Hi All, We are planning a roadtrip to Kuravi this weekend and expect some guidance on the road condition to Kuravi (Mahabubabad, Warangal). There are two routes shown in google maps, one via Suryapet (my preference as I recently did till Suryapet) and another from Jangaon. Both the routes will be intersecting at Maripeda Bungalow. Wanted to know if anyone did this route recently so that they can update on the road conditions. Thanks in advance.