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  1. 4 days is really hectic. Gokarna to sringeri - on the way u have many places to visit....murdeswar, kollur, Udupi Srikrishna temple, maple and marwante beaches etc... Gokarna has many beautiful beaches to visit.
  2. sahil

    Hyderabad to Ooty road trip - Report

    You can try Waynad, Kabini river lodge, Nagarhole forest. etc. Ive not been to these places yet.
  3. Few more listed here -
  4. Lets all pray to god that we should have only mansoon and Winter. No summers!
  5. sahil

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    As per my experience stop driving between 10 PM to 4AM on any day. Perfect time to drive is - in day light or in the mornings! Its good for safety and as well as you can njoy the drive. You really get a feel of drive during mornings and evenings by watching the places you pass by. Trucks and busses are super fast during night time to meet their targets. Lets give this time for them and we can take over the roads during rest of the day! I feel we all should spread this word due to the above reasons!
  6. sahil

    Hyderabad to Coorg road trip in Apr 2018

    Sure. Once I get piece of time I will do write-up. I wrote this in less than 10 min. Sorry for all typos.
  7. sahil

    Hyderabad to Coorg road trip in Apr 2018

    Its must visit and Awesome place. Try and visit in Rainy season. My itenary is here. - I visited last year in Aug. From Aug 11th to Aug 16th for 5 days. - Started from Gachibowli and reached Lepakshi and took break. Had lunch and Dinner at the same place. Visited Lepakshi temple. - Stayed in APTDC Lepakhsi that night. 1 star stay. - Started morning at 5AM from Lepakshi and traveled via Bangalore. Crossed Banglore via NICE road and took breakfast in udupi hotel in the Mysore route. - Reached Ranganathittu bird santuray by 11AM and a boating. - Had lunch in Hunsur. there 2 restaurants on the left side. one is Cafe coffee day and other one didn't recollect. - Reached madikeri by 5 PM and stayed in Lee coorg hotel. Very good hotel. And dinner and brekfast is really tasty. - Visited Raja madap in the evening. its walkable from hotel. -Next day morning vacated the hotel and visited Abbey falls. - Then parked the vehicle on the road side at Abbe falls junction and took a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Visited Mandalapatti hills. Awesome views. They charged 2000 Rs for this Madalapatti visit. I shared this with other family (1000 + 1000). - Then moved to a Home stay and stayed there for 2 nights. - Home stay - 30KM from madikeri near virajpet. https://goo.gl/maps/CoQjkPP6wpB2 - Food and stay is awesome. It is inside Coffee plantation. Breakfast, Dinner and stay included. No Lunch - Next day visited Tala kaveri, Bhagamandala. Came back and stayed in the home stay. - Also visited Celevela falls on the way to home stay form tala kavery. But the road to the falls is tricky. Check before you take a turn there. - Next day morning vacated the home stay and visited Dubera elephant camp. Spent some 2 hrs there. You need visit this place by 9.30 AM I think. Check the times. Otherwise elephants will go away. Elephants will come for bath daly in the morning and in the evening. this is on the way to Mysore. - IF TIME PERMITS you can visit Namdroling monstery and golden temple in Kushal nagar. We didn't visit this place as there is some road construction happening and roads closed. I heard this is also a nice place to visit. - We had a lunch at hunsur at the same place. - We directly went to Bandipur forest and stayed in the forest guest house for that night. - took 2 rides one in the evening and one in the morning! - Vacated the Forest stay and started back to hyderabad at 10 AM. Reached Hyderabad by 11 PM. Lunch at Ananada bhavan near bangalore out skirts. Snaks after crossing Banfalore airport. Started at 5.30 AM from Bangalore Airport and had a stop over near jadcherla for dinner. Hope this helps! Wife and kids liked Coorg so much that they wanted to go again! Try and visit in the rainy season or immediately after the rains. When we visited that time there is no rain fall. Drive, Stay, Food, Places, Falls are 5 star.. Every one liked Mandalapatti 4 wheel drive. This is super awesome! Don't miss it! Note that, I visited Mysore 3 times already, so didn't took any break in Mysore! Mysore is also a super awesome place. There are many places to visit. Palace, Temple, Srirangapatna, Brindavan garden, There is also some water fall near by. There is a temple in Madikeri and you can visit. We didn't visit due to lack of time. Food is awesome there. Udupi hotels, Local flavours. You can try. Also, we had lunch at bhagamadnala when visited Tala kaveri!
  8. sahil

    A trip to Warangal and Laknavaram

    There is more content shared for these places in this page. Refer to it. If you still have questions, I can help you
  9. sahil

    Hyderabad To Ethipothala Water Falls

    nice pictures!
  10. sahil

    Hyderabad ORR Exploration: Movie towers

    This place is called movie towers Few people do cycling during weekends on these hills.
  11. sahil

    A trip to Warangal and Laknavaram

    Best time to visit Laknavaram lake is morning and in weekends try to visit before 11AM. Otherwise it will be fully crowded. There are many places to visit near by - Ramappa temple and Lake. Boating Sammakka Temple inside deep forest Bogatha water falls - may not have water in the summer Tadai jungle resorts. Cehck it out any stay is available. Pandavulu gutta Phakal lake - it is little far from this pace. But doable
  12. sahil

    Hyderabad to Koilsagar road trip

    Wow it looks like my Creta travelled without my presence to the Koilsagar! Though Car number is different!!! Nice pictures!