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  1. wildtrails mobile app gives the list and info about the wildlife scantuaries in india. you can also book safari from there.
  2. more info about pacherla and Bairluty in the telugu news paper today.
  3. Amazing pictures. perfect itenary. Can you also give hotels list to stay in each of these locations.
  4. nice composure of the list. I feel if any one visit 10% of this list it will be a life time achievement:-)
  5. Hyderabad to Bogatha waterfalls

  6. you can install wildtrails mobile app for booking and gates info... try this no:8956091994 Sunil harshal at Tadoba. He takes care of accommodation and safari. I got his info from my friend few months back. I heard they served awesome food and the stay is at Mehroli gate.
  7. Mumbai to Hyderabad to Srisailam

    I just got to know that Govt planning to close the Srisailam Ghat section from 9 PM to 6AM. That means you will be stopped at the forest check post if you reach during this time.
  8. Mumbai to Hyderabad to Srisailam

    Follow this post. People traveled on this route very recently - They suggested this route -- HYDERABAD--ZAHEERABAD--HUMNABAD--KALBURGAI--AKKALKOT--SOLAPUR--PUNE.
  9. There is a hanuman temple @ponnur left side when you are traveling towards suryalanka. Its a popular temple in that area if any one wants to stop by.
  10. oh ok. Thanks @Ranger @sagar We should plan inadvance for long weekends:-(
  11. Nice composure of places around hyd. Thanks for sharing! I will explore and plan for it.
  12. Yes. single day drive. Even 2 day drive with one night stay also works for me. Any good places to explore? suggestions please.