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  1. sahil

    Hyderabad to Vijayawada highway updates

    That's cool. One of the good use of fastag. If you do manually then you may have a chance of loosing money if you can't make it within 24hrs..
  2. sahil

    Hyderabad to Vijayawada highway updates

    How the Fastag works incase if I return on the same route within 24hrs?
  3. Don't take chalkare. If you want to try different route then...try this one ---- Hyd - Kurnool - Aleru - Bellary - Shimoga...this route is good... From Shimoga, you can visit many places including chikmagluru. It's the junction.
  4. Trek to Matheran via Ambewadi village is very nice. 8km trek. You can see lot of view points. At the end it's like Bahubali trek on the waterfall to reach Matheran. Even in Matheran there are many places. Total you need to do a trail walk or the horse ride for 14km.
  5. sahil

    Hyderbad to Tirupati Best route?

    If you have time , u can cover few more places like Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary and srkslahasthi temple. Note - I didn't visit bird sanctuary yet. NELAPATTU BIRD SANCTUARY, Ayyapalem, Andhra Pradesh, Nelapattu, Andhra Pradesh 524126 https://goo.gl/maps/jKC3X8WUHMs
  6. Very nice. Waiting for first drive with India drive. Sure I will share the pictures next week.
  7. As drive is cancelled from our side. I'm going for trek again this weekend. This time to Andharban near Pune.Still I need to post the images from my last trek to Matheran and is pending with me[emoji3]
  8. I didn't notice any drive plans. Let's organisers post if they plan any...
  9. sahil


    Thank you for the suggestions. Please keep sharing..
  10. sahil


    Pichavaram mangroves is in my list. I have already been to Rameswaram, danushkodi...these 2 are must visit places.. I never forget the 4wheel zeep drive to danushkodi...you can see both bay of Bengal and Indian ocean..on either side of road..
  11. sahil


    Hey my plan is to cover the Tamilnadu trip like this ---. But don't know when...may be next year as it needs 6 - 7 days.. Hyderabad - Trichy - Tanjavur - Kumbakonam - chidambaram - Tiruvanmalai - Puducherry - Vellor - kanchipuram and near by places -- Hyderabad When you get time give some details for reference.
  12. @ranger I have postponed my trip to Sep/Oct..due to 2 reasons.. - got only 5 days including travel dates. Hence thought it's too hectic to cover the places - my friend from Pune suggested me to travel in the months of September/Oct. At present many view points/places in mahabaleswar is not accessible or closed due to continuous rains. Valley of flowers is not that great now, and it is super good during September/Oct months..
  13. sahil

    India-Drive stickers

    Thank you. I will place an order.
  14. sahil

    India-Drive stickers

    Can you tell me the importance of DREAM DRIVE DISCOVER" (Yellow and Black) sticker? I found these 2 stickers..which one is the 3rd sticker? ● Two high quality dome stickers "DREAM DRIVE DISCOVER" (Yellow and Black); SIZE : 3x3 inches ● One high quality poly-carbonate "Roadtrippin'" sticker
  15. sahil

    Hyderabad To Omkareswar And Mahakaleswar

    Very nice writeup. I will use this info when I plan to travel