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  1. b@r@n

    Best contributors of the year - 2017

    Kudos to all the winners. This is a great initiative to recognize people which you surely motivate others to have their name in the Winners list next time (including me ). Soon expecting to meet all the link minded people.
  2. b@r@n

    Hyderabad to Bogatha waterfalls

    @sagar There were 2 Haritha resorts, of which one is Laknavaram... other resort I don't remember the name...
  3. b@r@n

    Hyderabad to Tirupati road trip guide

    As Ranger mentioned, yes it is very safe to travel by the NAM Expressway. There won't be much of a trouble because of the cattle's or stray dogs. I did my night drive for onward & return journey through the NAM Expressway in the end of November 2017. Just that when you reach some towns, the roads are not good. But once you cross the towns, you will be back on the 4-way lane. Before Ongole, when you are in the Vijayawada - Chennai highway, it is 6-way lane and it would be great to drive. Yes, food options are minimal. But, yes Gudur - Tirupati route is the one to watch for. When you get diverted from the Vijayawada - Chennai highway towards Gudur - Tirupati route, to some extent the roads are very patchy. Often you would be changing your gears. Then before 20 - 30 KM's of Tirupati, the roads are smooth even though it is 2-way lane. Enjoy your ride and have a safe drive.
  4. b@r@n

    Hyderabad to Bogatha waterfalls

    Sorry mate... didn't focus much on pics this time...
  5. b@r@n

    Hyderabad to Bogatha waterfalls

    I had visited this Bogatha Waterfalls this yesterday (15th Jan 2017). There was water, but no falls . Yes it was crowded, as it was Shankranti holiday. 4-way lane construction is in progress and half the way was 2-way lane drive. Might try with Laknavaram cheruvu next time during Monsoon.
  6. Yes, we too visited the Shri Jharni Narsimha Temple in Bidar which is again in the outskirts... As Kailash mentioned, one need to get into the temple and then into the water which will off chest high to get the dharshan of Lord Narshimha... but since we where not prepared of it, there was an idol kept just before getting into the water and we took the blessings from their and returned back... But again people were saying that the water was very very chill, since it was like inside the cave...
  7. @sagar I am not sure about how far the Fort is from this Bahmani Tomb... but you can see the Fort and the Tomb when you travel in the Ring road. So if I assume that the Tomb is ~2 KM's from the Ring road, its the same for the Fort from the Ring road... so it would be hardly 4 - 5 KM's between the Fort & Tomb... just my assumptions..
  8. The Ring roads are the ones which connect each of the places in Bidar with one other. From Bidar fort to the Ring road is single lane and smooth. From Ring road to Bahmani Tombs, again single lane with some patches.
  9. Few more pictures,Bahmani Tombs. The paintings outside of the Kings Tomb. We went inside the Kings Tomb and man, it was totally a different world inside the Tomb. It was damn chill and was echoing as if you were shouting from a hill top (we didn't shout like that though.. just the whispering voice was echoing inside). What a construction with the materials used in earlier times. Even though other tombs which belong to the Son's of the king have for destroyed due to the lighting. Archaeological dept have sanctioned some crores to rebuilt, it won't have the quality which it had earlier. To our surprise, the guide who was explaining us was Great great great grandson of the King Bahmani.
  10. b@r@n

    Hyderabad-Dandeli-Goa-Chikmagalur-Hyderabad Road Trip

    Hi @Viswa Devabattula... below is the possible route map which Google map suggests and suggestion for planning your trip, Starting from Hyderabad, reach Dandeli and stay for couple of days. Then go to Dudhsagar falls on the way to Goa. As per you plan again couple of days in Goa and then take a different route to Jog falls. Before Jog falls, you can also visit Gokarna beach. Then finally return back to Hyderabad. Day 1: From Hyderabad to Dandeli. Day 2 & 3: Stay & hangaround in Dandeli. Day 4: Visit Dudhsagar falls enroute to Goa. Day 5 & 6: Stay & hangaround in Goa. Day 7: Visit Gokarna beach, Jog falls & end your day in Shivamogga. Day 8: Reach Hyderabad. Day 9: You will have 1 full day to cherish the moments and relax after your long drive.
  11. Sorry guys, was having some problem with uploading the pictures. Now it got resolved. 2 way lane after NH65 to reach Bidar. It was pleasant to drive during winter. View from Ring road which I took before entering the Bidar town. This is a 4 way lane and from here you can reach to every place in Bidar. Few pictures from the "Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Sahib" temple in Bidar. Water was so chill here @ around 10 A.M. With my daughter.
  12. After lot many considerations, finally we decided to have a one day road trip to Bidar which was ~145 KM from Hyderabad towards Hyderabad - Mumbai highway. Places considered for weekend stay by road trip, - Vishakapatnam - Badrachalam - Maredumilli But since we where planning at the last moment, finding the accomodation with nominal cost was not happening. We started by 05:30 A.M. Route: Manikonda --> Khairatabad --> Kukatpally --> Patancheru --> Muthangi --> Sadashivpet --> Digwal (After this I was diverted to a patchy strip by google map) --> Bidar (Ring road). Since it was early morning, there was less traffic and so gone with the above route. But while returning, the route was: Bidar --> Digwal --> Sadashivpet --> Muthangi --> ORR --> Manikonda Reached home by 03:30 P.M. Some pictures below during the drive (this time took some pics of the drive and places we visited).
  13. b@r@n

    Hyderabad to Adilabad and Pochera water Falls

    Sorry dude.. I didn't have any pictures of the fence... but sure that you cannot cross those fences... but if you really want to get to the other of the fence, then only possible way is, climb up the rocks from the sides to reach that place... many people where climbing up inspite of warnings.
  14. b@r@n

    Hyderabad to Adilabad and Pochera water Falls

    As per the picture, yes, the water flow was less. But after an hour the flow got increased.
  15. b@r@n

    Hyderabad to Adilabad and Pochera water Falls

    The fencing are at the top. To reach the water, one needs to climb down and then he can get to reach the water. As mentioned, don't have any road trip pics.. but yeah, here is the water flow picture when you climb down to the bottom... The water was very chill.. we took this picture around 2 in the afternoon...