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  1. vijay

    Dash Cams in India

    Nice post Gowtham. It will be more helpful, if you can share some pictures and videos.
  2. You can go through the following links for more details. http://www.india-drive.com/forum/mai...fort-road-trip http://www.india-drive.com/forum/navigation/route-queries/2147-hyderabad-to-pune-road-condition
  3. App is working better on Android with minor issues. Some of my colleagues are facing problems with IOS.
  4. I am also waiting for the next meet. If some one can start a new topic we can discuss and plan a meet on this month.
  5. App is available on Apple IOS too. Windows is pending. I think it won't be available on Windows for now.
  6. Awesome update. Installed the app just now but my insurance details are not updated. It is still showing the old insurance details. Anyone facing this problem.
  7. Nice information @gowtham It will be helpful for the first timers. 4x4 Seems ideal for this place to explore more. Did you face any challenge, while driving on the sand bed?
  8. vijay

    Hyderabad to Bidar, Karnataka - Road trip

    Guys any inputs about the resorts around Bidar? I know that we can easily drive to this place and come back in half a day. But I am looking for a resort far away from the city.
  9. vijay

    Nearest beaches to visit from Hyderabad.

    When I went to Suryalanka I am bit hesitant to drive on the beach. I had fear of getting the car stuck. Thought only SUV's can do it. Looking at beat and Honda city pictures gave me confidence. Hamsaladeevi looks good from the pictures. Is it safe for families?
  10. Last month went on a road trip from Hyderabad to Tirupati. Will write a travel story when I get free time. Mean while I will update the road condition which will be helpful for fellow members. Following are the routes available(EDIT : 2017). Route 1 : Hyderabad --> Mahbubnagar --> Kurnool --> Kadapa --> Rajampet --> Tirupati Route 2 (NAM expressway) : Hyderabad --> Narketpally --> Mirayalaguda --> Piduguralla ---> Addanki --> Ongole--> Nellore -->Tirupati Route 1: Distance : ~ 580 Kilometers Drive time : 11 hours (Including breaks) Hyderabad to Kurnool : Road condition is excellent. Covered the distance in 2:30 mins flat. Four lane road with tolls. Kurnool to Kadapa : Road condition is good. Except for 30 kilometres near Nadyala. Four lane road. Kadapa to Tirupati : Road condition is excellent. Keep an eye on the speed bumps. Two lane road. Route 2: Currently this is the best route to Tirupati. Distance : ~ 580 Kilometers Drive time : 12 hours (Including breaks) Hyderabad to Marketpally : excellent 4-lane road. Narkepally to Ongole : Nam expressway 4-lane road. Nellore to Tirupati : mix of 4-lane and 2-lane roads.
  11. vijay

    Tips to plan a perfect road trip

    Interesting topic. My home town is in a hilly area. Driving in hills require different skill set. Some important points to keep in mind. Driving to a Hill Station? things to remember. Engine braking : While on slops staying in low gear keeps you speed in check. Never use the breaks for prolonged period , it will fry your break pads. Overtaking : Do not overtake on a blind curve. Overtake only when you have clear view ahead. Give way : Vehicles driving up hill has a right to go on the narrow curves. Ramps: Narrow roads always have escape ramps. Plan your passage in advance. Temperature Gauge : Keep an eye on it. If it over shoots turn off the air-conditioning or take a break. Taking a break : Do not stop at curves and narrow roads. Make sure you stay completely off road. Horn : Use horn on the blind curves. Momentum : Momentum is the key while driving on hills. Down shift one gear as you approach a blind curve. Heavy vehicles : Respect heavy vehicles on hills. They don't want to loose the speed specially while driving up hill. Wait till you get proper space to overtake. Traffic : Stick to your left during traffic jams. Do not break your lane. Which leads to causing more issues. Take break and enjoy the hills. Rains : Keep you speed in check during heavy rains. It is always slippery on hills. Do not misjudge the depth of puddles. If you are not sure wait till a vehicle pass. Fuel : Fuel up at every opportunity . Mileage varies a lot on hills. Chances of finding Petrol pumps are always thin in hills.
  12. This places looks clean and far better than the Baptla beach which is getting overly crowded during weekends. Always want to drive the car on a beach, but I never got a chance. Will visit this place for sure. Nice share.
  13. vijay

    'Republic Day Drive' - January 26th 2016

    RSVP: 1.Sagar +1 2.Gowtham +1 3.Bhargav+1 4.Uday +1 5.Vijay +1
  14. Excellent write up sagar. this place is very different during rainy season.
  15. Updating list List: Please add yourself to the list 1. Gowtham +1 2. Uday 3. Vijay+1