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  1. Go-Karting tracks in Hyderabad 1. Chicane Circuit (Leonia Shameerpet) Location: https://goo.gl/maps/7z3VGq29ibL2 Length : 1.2 kilometers (600 meters recreational : 1200 meters professional) Timings: Weekdays: 10 AM to 12 Midnight Weekends: 10 AM to 12 Midnight Monday Holiday Pricing Baby Kart - 8 Laps INR 280/- Level 1 - 7 bhp - 12 Laps INR 370/- Level 1 - 7 bhp 10 mins INR 540/- Twin Kart - 7 Laps with Max of 5 Mins. INR 530/- Micro Max Kart INR 660/- Level 2 - 16 bhp 10 mins INR 1050/- Level 3 - Rotax (7 laps) INR 900/-
  2. Ranger

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Thank you for the update. Overall road condition has improved a lot compared to previous years. Once the complete road is completed. I think one can complete Hyderabad to Pune in 8 hours comfortably.
  3. Ranger

    Hyderabad ORR meetup

    Hi All, We are planning for a quick meetup on Hyderabad ORR. Plan is to cover entire 160 kilometers ORR circle. Start point : Gachibowli ORR entrance End point : Gachibowli ORR entrance Meetup date: 9th June (Sunday) Meetup time : 5:45 AM (updated from 5:00AM) Meetup end time : 10 AM (approximately) We will be going via Vijayawada(exit) section and will come back via Mumbai(exit) section. We stop over for breakfast at Vijayawada exit. If you guys have any place suggestion on breakfast point, we can discuss here. Interested members, please add your name to the list. Confirmed members: 1. Ranger (Civic)
  4. Ranger

    Hill stations to visit near Hyderabad?

    For a three days trip, We have few options like Srisailam Maredumilli For four days trip, Coorg Wayanadu Chikmagalur Ooty
  5. Ranger

    Hyderabad ORR meetup

    It was a pleasure meeting up with you guys. Had a great time guys, though we couldn't get much time to interact with each other. Hopefully we will do an over night trip soon. I will pull upload the pictures, once I pull out images from the SD card.
  6. Hi All, Steps to join India-Drive whatsApp group. 1.Please introduce yourself - Name: - Location: - Favorite past weekend getaway: - Longest drive : - Car you own : -Few pictures/words of your drive(Max 5 pictures): 2.Once you post the above information, share your name and mobile number on the link given below. https://www.india-drive.com/Home/group-chat/ WhatsApp group rules 1. No promotions irrelative will be encouraged. 2. Travel and Cars/Bikes related forwards are appreciated. 3. Share your travel stories and pictures. 4. No religious/political discussions are allowed. 5. No personal attacks allowed. 6. Please mute the group if the message flow is excess. Android IOS
  7. Ranger

    Hyderabad ORR meetup

    Updated the meetup time to 5:45 AM
  8. Ranger

    Hyderabad ORR meetup

    Confirmed members, Please join the WhatsApp group. https://chat.whatsapp.com/ITu01FFLQqD9ZXMoIgw527
  9. Ranger

    Hyderabad ORR meetup

    Quick update, We split breakfast charges between us. On Saturday, we will create a WhatsApp group for more details.
  10. Ranger

    Weekend Trip to Belum Caves & Gandikota

    Brotherhood! Can very much related to our trip in 2010. Enjoyed reading through it. Great writing skills
  11. Ranger

    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    Purpose : Quick meetups, Any India-Drive member with more than 50 posts can conduct quick meetup. It can be a quick breakfast, lunch, dinner meet. Explore a new place.
  12. Ranger

    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    Hyderabad ORR meetup, this Sunday. Check the details on the below link. https://www.india-drive.com/index.php?/topic/1121-hyderabad-orr-meetup/
  13. Ranger

    Hyderabad to Hinghanghat road trip

    There is only one single route as suggested by Sagar. Roads are completely safe and has less traffic compared to other highways. All the best and drive safe. Update us when you are done with the trip.
  14. Hi Pavan, Welcome onboard. In which you are planning for this trip? I have done Hyderabad > Tirupati > Hyderabad, last weekend. Roads are good throughout the drive. But the crowd is too high in Tirumala. (summer holidays) Plan accordingly. Between Hyderabad to Tirupati, you can cover Suryalanka/Chirala beach.
  15. Ranger

    Hyderabad to Srisailam Drive + Drone Footage

    Wow, very well executed. Nice work. Keep it up.
  16. https://www.india-drive.com/index.php?/topic/505-hyderabad-to-chikamagalur-road-trip/
  17. Did a quick drive from Hyderabad to Tirupati. Roads are good through out the drive. We took NAM expressway. Hyderabad -> Nalgonda -> Miryalaguda -> Ongole -> Nellore -> Nayudupeta -> Srikalahasti -> Tiruapti Tirupati to Tirumala ghat section is excellent. Ghat section is closed between 12AM to 2AM both the routes. Ghat section now has a speed limit based on time. Alipiri to Tirumala time should be above 25 minutes. In Alipiri before entring the ghat section, one need to go through vehicle/luggage/human scanner Tirumala to Alipiri should be above 40 minutes Route from Alipiri to Triumala (newly laid)is excellent, compared to route from Tirumala to Alipiri. Both the routes are one way, token is issued at the entrance and will be scanned towards the end.
  18. Ranger

    Share your best mobile picture

    Very neatly composed, noise is well controlled.
  19. Ranger

    Hyderabad to Hinghanghat road trip

    It is a 4-lane road. Road are good from Hyderabad to Adilabad. Once you cross Adilabad you will find few bad patches. There wont be any ghat section which is difficult to drive. You will come across few curves. Nothing alarming. Food options are very limited on this sections. Divya Restaurant : https://goo.gl/maps/sAg8pdaiKQ2V1sM76
  20. Ranger

    Hyderabad Goa Family trip

    Hyderabad to Goa can be done in a single day without any issues. But If you feel uncomfortable driving for14 hours, better to take a halt. Don't stop at Vijaypura. Stop at Hubli. Next day you can cover some place around Goa. Since Hubli to Goa is under 5 hours drive. In Hubli many stay options are available and well priced. Day1: Hyderabad to Hubli Day 2: Hubli to Palolem If you start from Hubli around 6AM, you will reach Palolem by afternoon. You will have time to relax in Goa from afternoon. Hyderabad to Kalaburgai, you will find some tolls, should be under 200/- Before entering Goa ghat section you have to pay around 250/-, only one time.
  21. Ranger

    Hyderabad ORR

    8-lane ring road, 160 kilometers, express way, no entry for bikes and autos, no signals and it is modern and sophisticated. Connectivity It connects all the major highways which helps in reducing the traffic. Vikarabad Highway International Airport Bangalore Highway Srisailam Highway Nagarjunasagar Highway Vijayawada Highway Warangal Highway Nagpur Highway Mumbai/Pune Highway ORR exits 1. Gandipet 2. Edulanagulapally --- Gachibowli --- Nanakramguda 3. Patancheru 4. Sultanpur 5. Saregudem ---Gowdavalli (temporary) 6. Medchal 7. Shamirpet 8. Keesara 9. Ghatkesar 10. Taramatipet 11. Pedda Amberpet 12. Bongulur 13 Raviryal 14. Tukkuguda 15. Pedda Golkonda 16.Shamshabad 17. Rajendranagar 18. TSPA (APPA) 19. Narsingi picture source wiki/google.
  22. Ranger

    Best route from Hyderabad to Guntur?

    Yes, they have opened it recently. You can drive straight to the temple. Don't take outer ring road. Once you cross the temple, right turn is blocked ( towards Prakasam barrage) Driver further ahead and take a u-turn. Avoid google maps in Vijayawada, it is a mess. Learnt lesson after missing the routes multiple times. Just follow the orientation.
  23. Ranger

    Best route from Hyderabad to Guntur?

    It is around 40 kilometres shorter according to Google maps, Drive time difference is 10 minutes. Piduguralla route is good, but not ideal for high speed cruising. Too many things happening on the NAM expressway. It is not elevated highway, like Suryapet section. There are too many village crossing, bikes and animals on highway. Last 60 kilometers is a mess. Only advantage? Vijawayada traffic can be avoided. Now the temple route is accessible, crossing Vijayawada using Prakasam barrage is easy.
  24. Ranger

    Automotive photography.

    If you are the one who love cars, road trips, mountains, forests, beaches, dawns & dusks, roads less travelled, coastal lines.. you must have surely clicked a good amount of car pictures Note: Copyrights of the image will remain with the photographer. The community recognise that the entrant or the author of the photograph, retains complete and full ownership of the copyright in each submission.
  25. Ranger

    Automotive photography.

    A quick drive to home town.