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  1. Hyderabad international airport (RGIA) offers you convenient parking facilities. It has around 3000 car parking facilities at different zones. Car parking pricing at Hyderabad airport RGIA(personal cars): Rs.50.00 for first half-an-hour Rs.80 for half an hour to one hour Rs.100.00 for one hour to two hours Rs.40.00 for each subsequent hour or part thereof Rs.300.00 for 24 hours Hyderabad international airport parking fee for two days? For first day it is 300/- and from the second day maximum charge is 200/- (or based on number of hours) So the price for two full days is 500/- Hyderabad international airport parking fee for three days? Price: 700/- Hyderabad international airport parking fee for four days? Price : 900/- Hyderabad international airport parking fee for five days? Price : 1100/- Where is the long term parking area in Hyderabad airport? There is a separate parking space for the long term parking beside Go-Karting. But you can park it any place you want. No one cares at the exit, you just need to pay the amount based on your check-in time. Personally, i would suggest to park in the busy area for better security (close to McDonalds) Less parking fee for the people who came for Go-Karting? You will be charged 40/- for four hours, many people are not aware of this discount. Is it safe to park long term at Hyderabad airport? Last year there are few allegations about the theft of nifty parts like wiper blades, side view mirrors etc No major issues reported so far.
  2. Ranger

    Hyderabad airport parking details, RGIA

    Recently, I have parked my car for days. No issues faced. My parking slip was faded but they are able to scan 🤐
  3. Ranger

    Hyderabad to Nagpur Road Trip

    Are you planning to do it in a single day?
  4. Ranger

    Hyderabad to Mahabhaleshwar

    Beautiful pictures, weather looks perfect. How is the road condition?
  5. Ranger

    Hyderabad to Rajahmundry route

    Latest update: Roads from Vijayawada to Rajahmundry are not in great shape. Potholes are filled instead of laying new roads. Not sure why they are collecting toll on these pathetic roads. Many cars/bikes are in zig-zag mode. Truck drivers are don't care, most of them are on fast lane. Drive cautiously specially in the night, some potholes are too deep. Stick to left most lane. It is much better than right lane. Some people are driving too close to the median (high speed) to avoid potholes. Accidents are inches away from happening.
  6. Hi all, This is the Pune-Bangalore road condition as on 14th Oct 2019. This is a detailed explanation and a long post so kindly read it at your leisure. A stretch of almost 870 kms from Pune. Until Hubli you dont have to fall down under. It is a beautiful highway to drive on. Your patience is taken for a toss from Hubli. Your real journey starts now :p After Hubli, almost close to 150-200 kms, you have to deal with some rough patches of the road because a lot of construction activity is in progress. May be two years down the line it will be the best highway. After the trouble with all the rubble, here comes the best stretch of the highway which is the last two hundred kilometres where you feel you are in heaven. You can easily touch speeds upto 130-140 kmph with ease and it is a 6-Lane highway. In most parts of the highway until Kolhapur or may be little further you will find some shoddy white strips (refer video) which spread across hundred metres before you cross every village. These are nasty, so you may want to speed up a bit; instead of travelling at 40 or 60 kmph, travel at speeds of nearly 80-100 kmph so that you don't feel these jerks. However, be careful of two wheeler and pedestrians crossing the roads in these villages. After Hubli, you may not find too many food options so carry lot of snacks with you. Especially, when you are travelling with kids ensure that you take decent quantity of food. However, here and there you might find small outlets which are just average. But if you are looking for some good options you will have to wait until the last 100 to 130 kilometres stretch towards Bangalore. Last but not the least, as far as possible, avoid driving in the night in this stretch from Hubli because in certain places you will not find diversion symbols near construction areas, you wont see shoulder line markings, lane markings in most of the places thus making it a difficult drive during nights. Both the driver and navigator have to be really careful to ensure that everyone is safe by Praneeth Palakodeti
  7. Ranger

    Hyderabad to Coimbatore

    Helpful information. Thank you for sharing. EcoSpot looks sweet on those roads. Classic cars 😎 Is it a new hotel?
  8. Latest update: Visited Nagarjuna Sagar this weekend. The road from, Mallepalli junction, Kondamallepally to Nagarjunasagar dam (last 50KM) was not good.From ORR to Ibrahimpatinam to Mallepalli jn is awesome. The road is well marked with proper signs and divider line and reflectors.
  9. Ranger

    55th Birthday Drive -Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar

    One of my colleges has booked this accommodation. Heard good reviews. https://www.zostel.com/zostel/panchgani/ Most of the view points will be blocked during a cloudy day, But the greenery will be amazing!
  10. I think this the best information you can get.
  11. Fantastic review. 20k in 10 months is very high usage. It is my favourite Ford, It is a practical, pocket rocket. Hope, You will put down more kilometers in the coming years. All the best. Congratulations once again for the beautiful ride.
  12. Ranger

    55th Birthday Drive -Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar

    Road will be in bad shape without any doubt. Only saving grace? Hyderabad to Solapur is now good, except for lat 40 kilometers. Solapur to Mahableshwar is always average. If distance is not a problem, via Baramati is a better option. Regular route is single lane once you cross Solapur. Via Baramati you will have 4-lane till certain extent. Section from Mahableshwar to Kas is sceanic, back roads with less commercial tourists, must visit. See if this helps https://www.india-drive.com/index.php?/topic/462-hyderabad-to-mahabaleshwar-road-trip-in-april-2018/ Did you book accommodation?
  13. Ranger

    Hyderabad to Vijayawada highway updates

    Even if there is cyclone, it wont effect Hyderabad to Vijayawada section. No need to worry about road condition. It is a well laid highway.
  14. Current status: Hyderabad to Tuni : Good Tuni to Chilka : under construction Chilka to Kolkata : Good Information shared by @ARAY ***NH 16 - Route update*** Folks planning for a road trip via NH16 to WB next weekend for Durga Puja, please be aware of the latest road conditions. Post Tuni till South Chilka is getting a major road expansion for last 8+ months as we all know. Diversions and all are manageable, however with the recent torrential downpour in the region the soft soil has washed off exposing the cemented Culverts and small bridges that are constructed at the first phase of any NH build or expansion. Due to the absence of proper markings and boards this is more risky. Absence of soft soil or temporary soil in general will further make the cemented bridges even more harder to climb and slush and soft mud can make the situation tricky. People driving low slung sedans and hatchbacks please be careful, there is a high probability of underbelly hits while making the ascend to and decent from the bridges. People with FWD SUV be careful of lateral torque steer in the slush making the car go sideways and out of control. A close friend of mine while driving to Assam has severely damaged the front left lower arm, track rod for steering and partially the ball joints of Honda city. He took that ascent at roughly 32kmph as per his GPX data. Use caution drive slow post Tuni and have a very safe trip everyone !
  15. Ranger

    Waterfalls in Telangana

    List of best waterfalls to visit in Telangana Kuntala waterfalls Bogatha waterfalls Mitte waterfalls Pittaguda waterfalls Yellama Kunta waterfalls Savathula Gundam waterfalls Pochera waterfalls Gayathri waterfalls Pedda Gundam waterfalls Fantastic video of waterfalls by Telangana Tourism. Video Credits : Dulam Satya Narayana
  16. Ranger

    Waterfalls in Telangana

    We recently did a drive to Mulshi ghat. No drives in this month, we may have something planned towards the end to October. We have created a new group chat. You can join here to discuss on the meetup. https://t.me/indiadrive
  17. Ranger

    Hyderabad to Coimbatore

    Late night, it takes around 7 hours. With less breaks. During weekends traffic is high till kurnool, even late nights.
  18. Ranger

    Waterfalls in Telangana

    Monday morning blues. But the weather is fantastic. Felt the similar vibes. Just go through the first post, many options are available. If you are planning, this weekend is the right time. Most of the places will be over crowded during Dussehra weekend. Gone through this place, looks good. Thank you for the information. You been there?
  19. Thank you for sharing your experience. Video looks scary. During our recent monsoon drive, we faced numerous water-crossing. Luckily, all the cars were SUV's. We managed without any issues. Air intake point is the important parameter to consider. In some cars it is placed in the lower side, In some cars it is placed higher. These are very import tips ^^ , helpful information.
  20. Ranger

    Automotive photography.

    If you are the one who love cars, road trips, mountains, forests, beaches, dawns & dusks, roads less travelled, coastal lines.. you must have surely clicked a good amount of car pictures Note: Copyrights of the image will remain with the photographer. The community recognise that the entrant or the author of the photograph, retains complete and full ownership of the copyright in each submission.
  21. Ranger

    Planing to Road trip in October 2019

    Well planned. Looks good. Check Airbnb for beach view accommodations. Do share a post on your trip. Wanted to visit Mangrove forest. There are plenty of options available on these sections no need to worry about food. Do advance bookings, since it is long weekend/holiday season. Al the best for the drive. Drive safe.
  22. Ranger

    Automotive photography.

    Fantastic pictures. Wide angle? new generation swift, specially in red looks fantastic.
  23. Ranger


    It is possible, since roads are good. But it is not suggestible. I think it should take around 20 hours, if you are comfortable with that, nothing like it. Reason, I am suggesting to stay in Salem/Dindigul? You can enjoy the uphill drive next day. A fresh start, early morning dive in ghat section is more fun. I am planning to do a solo drive to Dhanushkodi from long time. Your trip can be helpful for me (with latest information). Please share us your daily progress(on this post), once you start.
  24. Ranger

    Hyderabad to Coimbatore

    4AM is decent. Bangalore traffic is the Major hurdle. If you get stuck you will waste lot of time. But it is unavoidable.
  25. Thank you for the update. Looks like all the roads leading to Goa are in bad shape. Better check the details about road closure before going.