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  1. Ranger

    Trip from vijayawada to warangal

    Via Suryapet is the best option. Suryapet to Warangal is a single lane road. Road condition is not so great. My update is from 2017. Not sure about the recent road condition. I think more or less it should be the same. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  2. Saleshwaram temple opening April 2019 Dates: April : 17th 2019 April : 20th 2019
  3. 100% NO I would suggest you to avoid taking the kids due to heat. People usually trek during the night time to beat the heat. It is not at all safe for kids.
  4. Ranger

    Trip from Hyderabad to Coorg or Ooty by road

    Welcome onboard Sailaja. I would suggest the following plan: Day 1: Hyderabad > Bangalore > Mysuru Stay at Mysuru for the night Day 1 is going to be little hectic, Start early in the morning at 5AM Day 2: Mysuru > Bandhipur > Ooty Visit Mysuru place by 9AM in the morning. Palace opens at 10 AM, crowd will be on lower side. Drive down to Bandhipur, do a forest safari. You can easily spot deer and elephants Once safari is done drive down to Ooty Day 3: Ooty local exploration Details : https://www.india-drive.com/index.php?/topic/251-hyderabad-to-ooty-road-trip-report/ Day 4: Drive to Coonoor and stay at Coonoor Or relax at Ooty Day 5: Drive from Coonoor to Mysuru Start early in the morning, you may spot wild life en-route. Day 6: Mysuru to Coorg Day 7: Coorg local exploraiton Day 8: Coorg to Hyderabad I would suggest you to avoid Coorg during summer. Temperatures are very high in Coorg Let us know the no. of days, so that we can provide you all the details.
  5. Hyderabad to Warangal latest road condition update: Hyderabad to Yadgirigutta : Excellent Yadgirigutta to Warangal : Very bad shape, road extension and numerous diversions Warangal to Laknavaram : Road are good, even though single lane.
  6. Ranger

    Road Trip to Leh From Hyderabad

    Problem is not present in entire Himalayas. Only Leh has issues with self drive. Only options: - Drive your car all the way from Hyderabad, it will be a trip of your life time. You need to earn it. - Take a flight like every other regular tourist and hire a cab.
  7. Ranger

    Hyderabad to Vikarabad breakfast drive

    Thank you. Temperatures on the higher side, reason we started at 5 AM in the morning. Place is dry, there is a drastic change. Yeah, we are praying for the same thing, hopefully this monsoon has more no. of drives lined up. Look at the difference monsoon vs summer in Vikarabad Monsoon Summer
  8. Ranger

    Cancellation of NOC

    Your scenario looks complicated. I think the amount they are asking looks reasonable since it includes registration. Even if you have time to follow-up the issue on your own, it is going to take lot of time/money. Better to leave it with the experts. Try to check with RTO agents and (details will be available online) get information on the situation.
  9. Ranger

    Hyderabad to Vikarabad breakfast drive

    Let the pictures do the rest of the talking. All the pictures are taken from mobile. Once I get time, will post the pictures from the DSLR. We met around 5AM at our regular meetup spot (Gachibowli ORR entrance) We had a quick tea at TSPA ORR exit and started out journey towards Vikarabad, Roads to Vikarabad are not in great shape, many potholes/patch work is going on. We reached the trails around 7AM in the morning. The White knight Impressed by Duster AWD performance and Aray skills 😀 Black mamba Pralay capturing images from high ground Twin brothers GD about cars/travel/India-Drive, Picture taken by a kid, very well composed. Grand i10 had no issues following the trail Last picture for the day, We stopped over at Vikarabad main junction for breakfast. Food is quality is good. On the return drive, we stopped over at a tea point (Chai chaska) near Hyderabad. Reached Hyderabad by 1200.
  10. Location : Vikarabad interior roads Distance : ~100 kilometers Hyderabad to Vikarabad road condition is average. It was pleasure meeting up with you guys. Even though temperatures are high, Trip turned out to be more fun than expected. This trip was scheduled to Meetup our new moderators Pralay and Aritray. We had a discussion on 'how to improve' India-drive FB group WhatsApp group Website The team Machines
  11. Ranger

    Road Trip to Leh From Hyderabad

    Details are spot on. If you have time, add few more days to make the trip relaxing/comfortable. All the best for your trip.
  12. Place is worth visiting. But this is not an ideal season to visit. Roads are good through out the drive. It is a mix of 4-lane and 2-lane. Plan Bogatha waterfalls and Laknavaram together. Make sure you book stay(Laknavaram huts) well in advance. It is busy during weekends. Monsoon is the best time to visit.
  13. Ranger

    Sunsets and Sunrise

    My turn, Sunrise : Hyderabad ORR (mobile)
  14. Ranger

    Hyderabad to Leh-Ladakh road trip!

    All the best for the trip. If you need any information you can post a new thread related to your trip planning.
  15. Ranger

    Share your best mobile picture

    Picture came out very well in the low light condition. Noise is on the higher side in dark areas. Overall image is excellent. Impressive.