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  1. Ranger


    Very informative, thank you for sharing. This single post itself looks like a guide for the first timer.
  2. Ranger

    Hyderabad to Sikkim road trip

    Thank you I have attached accommodation names, price and ranting for all the stays en-route. (at the beginning of each day)
  3. Ranger

    Join the WhatsApp Hyderabad group

    Welcome onboard Kiran. We have updated your contact in the WhatsApp group.
  4. Ranger

    Detailed Discussion on Tyres

    It all depends on tyre profile. When you up size the rims from 14inch to 15 inch, the tyre profiles (side wall height in layman terms) should go down in order to maintain the same radius. For Indian roads anything below 60 ride quality goes down unless your suspension setup is good. Upgrading from 165mm to 175mm (width) wont make a huge difference. Upgrading from 165 to 205mm, difference can be felt. You can use this calculator to understand how upgrade works. http://tyrestore.in/upsizing.htm
  5. Ranger

    Share your best mobile picture

    Very impressive pictures.
  6. Ranger

    Hyderabad to Leh Ladakh Trip 2018

    Are you planning this trip?
  7. Ranger

    Hyderabad to Sikkim road trip

    Costed us around 1.8 lakhs for four members. Inclusive of all (shopping) expenses. Roads are open though out the year, expect for peak winter.
  8. Ranger

    Automotive photography.

    Beautiful pictures. German beauties
  9. Ranger

    India-Drive stickers

    Flag post near Eluru
  10. Ranger

    In search of Big Cat, Hyderabad to Tadoba drive

    Most of the hotels are over priced around Tadoba. Don't expect value for money options. I'm not sure about the recent scenario.
  11. Ranger

    Hyderabad ORR

    Hyderabad ORR drone shots PC : Ashwin KV Google view of the same images
  12. Ranger

    Hyderabad to Shirdi trip by road

    This is the best route to take. Hyderabad to Naldurg is a 4-lane section, newly laid. Naldurg to Ahmednagar is a single lane, roads are average. Some narrow/crowded sections. Ahmednagar to Shiridi is a 4-lane. Over all road is mixed with good and bad sections. Plan to start early(before 5am) in the morning, can be done comfortably in a single day.
  13. I would suggest you to avoid Safari. It is at the end of its life cycle. Even If you get 2+ lakhs discount, i would suggest to avoid it. EcoSport is downgrade to City. If space is not a constraint, EcoSport is an excellent cross over. If you are looking a vehicle for exploration drives, none of the above listed cars come under that category. Start looking at 4wd options.