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  1. Ranger

    Best route from Hyderabad to Guntur?

    Yes, they have opened it recently. You can drive straight to the temple. Don't take outer ring road. Once you cross the temple, right turn is blocked ( towards Prakasam barrage) Driver further ahead and take a u-turn. Avoid google maps in Vijayawada, it is a mess. Learnt lesson after missing the routes multiple times. Just follow the orientation.
  2. Ranger

    Best route from Hyderabad to Guntur?

    It is around 40 kilometres shorter according to Google maps, Drive time difference is 10 minutes. Piduguralla route is good, but not ideal for high speed cruising. Too many things happening on the NAM expressway. It is not elevated highway, like Suryapet section. There are too many village crossing, bikes and animals on highway. Last 60 kilometers is a mess. Only advantage? Vijawayada traffic can be avoided. Now the temple route is accessible, crossing Vijayawada using Prakasam barrage is easy.
  3. Ranger

    Automotive photography.

    A quick drive to home town.
  4. 1. Best route : Hyderabad > Zaheerabad > Solapur > Pune > Mumbai Road condition is good through out the drive. Humnabad to Solapur is under construction. 2. Safety No safety issues, it is one of the busiest road. Avoid night drive between Solapur to Humnabad 3. Halt points Can consider Solapur, Solapur to Hyderabad wont have much options.
  5. Ranger

    Hyderabad Goa Family trip

    I think it may be possible for people like you and Aritray. (on a beast mode 24x7) But for regular drivers it will take minimum 13~14 hours.
  6. Ranger

    Hyderabad to Shirdi road condition 2019

    Thank you for the update. Road from Hyderabad to Goa and Shiridi are very complicated and messy.
  7. Very helpful information. Thank you for sharing. Personally, I would always prefer the longest route, If the drive times are almost similar. Always wanted to explore the internal routes from Rajahmundry to Aruku. This monsoon, I will try to cover.
  8. Ranger


    Please update us the latest condition, when you are back. Drive safe.
  9. Ranger

    Best route from Hyderabad to Guntur?

    Going VIA Vijayawada is the best option. Even though it is little longer, road is excellent. Overall drive time will be same. I would suggest to stick with Hyderabad > Suryapet > Vijayawada > Guntur
  10. Ranger

    Hyderabad Goa Family trip

    Take the following route. Even though it is longer, it is better compared to other routes. Hyderabad -> Zaheerabad -> Humnabad -> Kalaburgai -> Vijaypura -> Bagalkot -> Belgavi -> Baga Don't take mollem route. If you stay around Baga on the day of arrival, you can save some time . (1~2 hours) Very difficult to do it under 10-12 hours. Since he is driving down to Colva. It will take minimum 15 hours to cover the distance. How many days you are planning the trip?
  11. Take the below route Hyderabad -> Zaheerabad -> Humnabad -> Kalaburgai -> Vijaypura -> Bagalkot -> Belgavi -> Baga Since Hyderabad to Humnabad is 4-lane there wont be any safety issues. Once you cross Humnabad, you will hit single lane sections/villages. By that time you see sun rise.
  12. Ranger


    Most of them are road side dhabas, don't expect any luxury. Options dry out once you divert from Pune highway, plan accordingly.
  13. Ranger

    Vikarabad trails, off road

    Monsoon/post monsoon is the best time to visit. You need to take right turn from Vikarabad village. Will share the location details.
  14. You can directly visit the place. You can find the fisher man boats near the village.