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  1. I think it completely depends on the owner of the petrol station. Personally, I prefer HP and BP inside city limits. On highways, I don't trust any brands. On highways, I am using only Relaince. I felt the quality of Reliance is good based on mileage.
  2. Ranger

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Thank you for the update. How many kilometers of bad patch is still pending?
  3. Ranger

    Polo lifetime

    Modern cars can run upto 3 lakhs. It depends on the condition of the car. You can is is 1.2TDI or 1.5TDI?
  4. Ranger

    Hyderabad to Nagpur Road Trip

    Thank you for the update. Any bad patches?
  5. Ranger

    Hyderabad-Dandeli-Goa-Chikmagalur-Hyderabad Road Trip

    Roads are not great as per information I got. Raichur roads is in bad shape. Three days are good enough for Dandeli, before visiting check if the there is water in the river. Else it is waste of time.
  6. Ranger

    Places to visit around Hyderabad in May and June

    You can visit Hampi.
  7. Ranger

    Top electric cars in India

    3. MG ZS EV Range : 340 Kilometres* Price : 20,88,000/- (EX-Showroom) Fast Charge: 0-80% in 50 Minutes Warranty: 5 Years/Unlimited Kilometers Power BHP: 147 BHP Torque: 353 NM 0-100 : 8.5 Seconds
  8. Top electric cars in India 1. TATA Nexon EV Range : 321 Kilometres* Price : 13,99,000/- (EX-Showroom) Fast Charge: 0-80% in 60 Minutes Warranty: 8 Years/1.6 lakh Kilometers Power BHP: 129 BHP Torque: 245 NM 0-100 : 9.9 Seconds
  9. Ranger

    Automotive photography.

    Vikarabad trails Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Ranger

    Places to visit around Hyderabad in May and June

    Hi Uday, How many days you are planning for? Are you looking for a road trip?
  11. Yes, they are valid. You can share them in "others" section.
  12. Our roads are unpredictable without any doubt. We never know when we will face a flat tyre. I have faced a tyres burst on a smooth Hyderabad - Vijayawada section due to scrap metal fallen from a truck. During our drive to Goa (2010) There was a pothole on the middle of a smooth highway. We managed to avoid it. But we found around 4-cars with flat tyres after crossing the pothole. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Ranger

    Planing to Tirupati trip on March 2nd week

    Wayanadu and Goa will be completely dry in March. To beat the temperatures only options are Munnar, Kodaikanal and Ooty. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Ranger

    Hyderabad to Belum caves and Gandikota camping

    View points are walk-able from Harita, It will be around 2 kilometres, entire walk. (to-fro) I would suggest you to camp instead of staying at Harita resort. Camping area is directly located at the view point.