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    A lot of us are traveling by road in self-driven cars to avoid COVID 19 these days. Can anyone help me what is the road condition from Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam on a scale of 1-10 for various patches of the route? such as Hyderabad to Vijayawada road condition. Vijaywada to Rajahmundry. Rajahmundry to Visakhapatnam.
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    Thanks for the same. Surely will post after trip will be completed.
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    Hi Pankaj, As far as I remember there are enough Petrol pumps between HYD and NGP, though not sure about their operations during night, mostly it should be working round the clock. It is just 500 KM from HYD -. NGP and if you top-up near Adilabad, I dont think you need any other fuel break. NGP -> BPL -- There are enough Petrol pumps on the way, no worries. Again it is 351 Km , via Betul, Hoshangabad road. So, if you do a full tank at NGP outskirts, I don't think you need any fuel break after that till Bhopal. Not sure, how many times, you have covered HYD to NGP. But, it will be good, if you can avoid night driving on that route. Try to start early morning( around 4:00-5:00AM) from HYD. Please do post your experience post journey. Have a safe trip. Thanks, Dhananjay
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    The roads are very good from Hyderabad to Nagpur, I had travelled in February 2020,i was able to reach in 7 hours, So you can reach at 10 am to nagpur without break, take a break to fill petrol at Nagpur. Nagpur to Jabalpur the road is good except for 10-15 kms patch is not good.few diversions were there may be now improved. You can cover up to Jabalpur in 4-5 hours, from there to katni I don't have idea.
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    But in present situation , it is not good to stay thats why I like to do in single stretch. From Hyd to NGP road r good but I m not having too much about NGP to Jabalpur and then Katni. If u know please let me know.
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    Hi, I did bangalore to nagpur. Its possible in 13 hrs...
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    Hi Pankaj, Anmol - As you could see in above post, I did complete this journey. 1. Nagpur <-> Kanpur : I tired below - While NAGPUR to Kanpur Single road upto Narsingpur is only concern. Road condition was very good and traffic is less. While KANPUR to NAGPUR I took NH44 via Seoni. It is awesome 4 lane route by around 100km before Nagpur, road is under construction and was in very bad condition. Sunil
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    Hi, I just drove down from hyd (gachibowli)1230h to Nagpur(Sonegaon) 1835h. Completed the trip in jus above 6 hrs. Roads are gud except for one odd few patches after crossing Maharashtra border near Hinganghat. Date was 19th Jun 20. So almost all petrol pumps were open by day. Not sure of night. Its better to top up at hyd n start. U'll be able to reach nagpur by late morning hours and continue. Safe driving...
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    Hi, I m planning road trip from Hyderabad to Katni via Nagpur, Jabalpur. I like to cover-up in a single day, if I start by 3am from Hyderabad , will it be possible to reach Katni by 5pm? How the road conditions, From Hyd- NGP, Ngp-Jabalpur? Are enough Petrol pump and open in night time? Regards, Pankaj
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    Hi guys, i completed the trip. Sorry for the delay. i started early morning around 5.00 and was able to cover till nagpur by 11.30. No fog observed as i was expecting in december. The road was quite good, except for a few bad patches. I was able to reach jabalpur by 4.30 pm in the evening. let me know if you guys need more details.
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    I did Hyderabad to Delhi (Ghaziabad) on May 8th-9th, 2020. The roads throughout are super smooth. Didn't find a single place where it's broken. It was a bike trip on my Jawa 42. Stats can be found in below video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6Zd063NGLI -@RDxOnWheels
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    ok thank you for your information. I think from 1st june we can travel (if anybody wants) hassle free.
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    Not my personal update. Updates shared by India-drive members. Stamp is mandatory from AP to TS. No stamp from TS to AP. From today, air travel has no restrictions. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Have you captured any picture of these routes? Naldurg to Tuljapur pathetic....Surprise ...I just did this in Jan last week during Nashik travel.... When you take Tuljapur exit from NH65 after Naldurg....the 1st 100 to 150 meter is pathetic....their after till Tiljapur road is good to very good though there are frequent speed breakers before 2 to 3 km to TULJAPUR..Even inside Tuljapur the road is very good (newly made). After Tuljapur till NH52 flyover...(It is only 2km) the road is very fine. Anyway I have captured all the pictures of these roads. I will upload in the thread "HYDERABAD TO SHIRDI RECENT ROUTE CONDITION". From PATHARDI to till VAMBHORI via MIRI and TISGAON is HELL spelling......are you sure? Yes before PATHARDI it becomes patchy and bad but that will be just 5 to 10 km and that to in patches and not the entire one. From TISGAON to MIRI till VAMBHORI the roads are newly laid and repaired and it is perfectly alright. I could even drove at 80 speed without any issue in my ETIOS SEDAN. Anyway I will upload the pics in couple of days.....Than peoples will decide how bad OR good this stretch is. NALDURG-TULJAPUR-OSMANABAD-BEED-PATHARDI-TOSGAON-MIRI-VAMBHORI- RAHORI ...till 30km before Shirdi... Sent from my SM-M305F using Tapatalk
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    You can skip Lavasa. Nothing much over there waste of time. Lost its charm. Mahabaleshwar is good. consider staying at Zostal Mahabaleshwar. They have good view. You can also add Mulshi and Tamhini to the list.(Andhbar trek) kolad, water rafting is good. Check before you go
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    Beautiful pictures, Baleno looks elegant. Make sure you have necessary permissions, If the group is big.
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    We shall look in to the alternatives and come up with the plan this summer considering the climatic conditions and post the status on the drive meets soon. Please stay tuned for more updates on the drive meets