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    The Jungle Book By Rudyard Kipling - During my childhood , the only cartoon which used to come on DD is Junglebook. And the kids from early 90's late 80's would surely know the underwear clad Protagonist Mowgli. Some of us, like me, would also recollect the song "Jungle Jungle Baat chali hai , pata chala hai , chaddi pehenke phool kile hai" , Now you might be wondering why is this guy being nostalgic , well the story of Jungle book is set in Pench National Park. Hence the nostalgia. Planning to the weekend Trip To Pench : I stay in Hyderabad , and cannot complete the trip to Pench in a Weekend drive. But if you plan properly , you can complete the trip in a weekend. I did this trip with my parents, my dad being in his mid 60's is eager and enthusiastic for trips. Booked a train from Secundrabad to Nagpur on a friday night. Booked a Zoom car on Saturday Morning from Nagpur. Booked a room in one of the resorts from Saturday to Sunday. (One Day). Booked Return Tickets on Sunday Night from Nagpur to Secundrabad. Reach Hyderabad on Monday morning , and go to office. Actual Trip : We have booked tickets to Nagpur on Secundrabad-Nagpur SF express , the train leaves at 22:15 from Secundrabad station. The train reaches 8:15 AM sharp to Nagpur station. (Nagpur Station) We woke up at 7 in the train itself , and freshened up. When the train reached Nagpur , for our conveyance i borrowed my friend's car. Very generous of him to lend his car for my family trip. He left the car for us at the station back gate. For other's , there are multiple options of self drive cars are available. Choose the car according to your needs. Another thing i had to keep in mind with my elderly father is his food. He has to eat on time and take medicines accordingly. Hence we went to the nearest Haldiram's to have our breakfast. To my bad luck , this particular Haldiram's was serving all south indian breakfast that day. I wanted to try something with Pav. . ( Haldiram's where we had our breakfast) (Inside of haldiram's , where we had our breakfast) After having breakfast, my friend left for his place, and decided that we would catch up again here , to return back the car the next day. It was 10:00 A.M by the time we started for Pench National park. We booked our accommodation at Pench Jungle Camp (https://www.penchjunglecamp.com/) , and we also booked the Breakfast, Lunch , Dinner package along with accomodation. We also made the safari booking through them. so no other headaches. but if you do book by yourself , it might be a little cheaper. It took us 2 hours 30 mins(Approx) to reach Pench Jungle camp. And it was 12:30 P.M by the time we reached there. Took some time for check in , and had our Lunch immediately , before even going into our Tents. Lunch was buffet , completely Indian. You will find both Veg and Non-Veg options. Reachech Tents by 2:00 P.M. (The fan and the chandelier inside the tent) (beds , and a lovely wall art) (Extra space with Sofas) The tents are comfortable , we got ready by 3:30 P.M for the evening safari. The safari timing's is evening 4:00P.M till 7:00 P.M , and morning 5:30 A.M till 10:30 A.M. We went to safari on both the days, Saturday evening and Sunday morning. As the Safari was organised by the Resort on Sunday morning , they had packed some sandwitches and boiled eggs , for us to eat. After coming back at 11:00 A.M , we had our break fast , went to our tents , freshened up and checked out at 1:00 P.M. We paid to have our Lunch , there in the resort , and left Pench by 2:30 P.M , By 5:30 we were back at Haldiram's in Nagpur , to catch up with my friend and have some coffee. My friend dropped us at the railway station, we took the train Nagpur - SC train back to Hyderabad. Below are some of the pics from the safari. (The water tanker is used to fill water in ponds for animals) (If you are luck, you will spot a tiger , ) ( This tent/housing belongs to forest dept , and they serve tea/biscuits for tourists, Also notice Mowgli , of the far left of the image) (A Fox) (Wild Dog) (Deers in Pench River) (Thats the safari Road)
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    Tirupati Tour details:- We started @ 6:30 am on 29th Nov from Gachibowli and reached tirupati @ 5:30 pm, total duration 11 hrs including 2hrs break (breakfast 1/2hr + Lunch 1/2 hr + other's 1hr) Gachibowli - kurnool - 4hrs Kurnool - Kadapa - Vontimitta temple darshan - 4hrs Vontimitta - Tirupati - 3hrs same day we had padmavathi amma vari darshan 30th nov - Srikalahasti temple darshan and local tour 1st dec - went to tirumala and post lunch had a 300/- special darshan ( 1 1/2hr darshan duration) 2nd dec - Suprabhatam seva and post lunch vasanthotsavam seva Return journey: 3rd dec - we started @ 7:30am from tirumala and reached gachibowli @ 11:30 pm, total duration 16hrs including 4 1/2hrs break (breakfast 1/2hr + lunch 1/2hr + orvakal rock garden, kurnool 1hr + jogulamba temple darshan 1 1/2hr + dinner 1/2hr + other's 1/2hr) Road condition:- Gachibowli to kadapa - Excellent highway Kadapa to Tirupati - Average road 2 lane without divider with lot of potholes, speed breaker etc., While return changed the route via Rayachoty ( extra 1/2hr journey, 25kms) Tirupati to Pileru - Road was OK with some ghat section Pileru to Kadapa - Highway road without divider with some ghat section Kadapa to Gachibowli - Excellent highway If anybody wants to visit Talakona waterfalls then they can choose this route, it is near by Bhakarapeta on the way to Pileru.
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    Hyderabad - Bengaluru - Madurai - rameshwaram -Trichy - Tanjavur - kumbakonam - chidambaram - Pondicherry - Kanchi - Vellor - Tirupati - ontimitta - Hyderabad
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    What's the best rout now from Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar? Is it a good time to visit in the last week of December? Any good stay options? Or the areas need to be considered for stay near Mahabaleshwar and Panchagni?
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    Helpful information kamal sir . EcoSport ( EcoBeast) \,,/
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    Guys, I am back to Bangalore on Nov 2nd. Started from Bhopal on Nov 1st early morning 5:00 AM. Reached Nagpur around 11:30 - 12:00 and continued. As mentioned earlier, I wanted to cross Hinganghat - Adilabad stretch during day time so didnt halt much in between. This time to my surprise, after Hinganghat and near Kelapur toll, was greeted by craters. If anyone is crossing this section first time that too in dark its very dangerous. There was hardly any place to move car from there. Somehow crossed that section and within 2kms there is a toll named Kelapur toll. I complained there about the road condition and they told work in progress. I even raised public grievance on "https://pgportal.gov.in/." and awaiting reply. We reached Hyderabad at 7:00 PM and stayed in a hotel for night and started next day morning (Nov 2nd) for Bangalore. After having breaks for breakfast and fuel reached home (in whitefield) by 4:30 PM). With this, I completed the trip successfully :). Thanks , Dhananjay
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    What a Wonderful , inspiring and Lovely travelogue - One of the best one I have read this Year . Each Pic of Nature , Landscapes and Mountains are simply Unique and eye catching . Keep travelling and posting Sir .
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    We reached Satara at about 2 PM. Till Satara roads were not so good in Ghat and good in plains. We encountered a traffic Jam at Satara due to failure of a tourist bus at a Junction. When we came on to NH 48 for Kolhapur, we stopped at the first Dhaba. I was not hungry and had a coffee and my wife had a wada. We decided to skip lunch. 4. We picked up the speed on NH and covered 30 Kms in no time, at that time I had to stop for taking a call which forced me to change my plan. I had set Google map to Hyderabad. Distance shown was about 580 Kms via Phalton-Pandharpur. Time of arrival at Hyderabad 2.15 AM (May be without breaks). I thought I will stay somewhere close to Solapur if I feel tired. Took the next U turn and stared back. We crossed again Satara and entered road towards Phalton. When we are about to reach Phalton, we found many police blocking the road with barricades and not allowing vehicles in to town. We were directed to another road stating that will connect Mumbai-Pandharpur Highway. It was not a long diversion and we entered Highway in 10 Minutes. 5. Immediately on entering Mumbai-Padharpur road we had to change our lane to right as the Left line is full of devotees. After driving slowly for some time, 4 lane road became two lane and we had to move inch by inch and when were in the middle of town, we were stopped by police as the devotees increased. When enquired with police, they said it is Rath Yatra similar to Jaganath Rath Yatra. There were few lakh devotees walking with bajans on the road. Temporary water and food arrangements were made for them. When I requested the police officer on duty telling him that I have to reach Hyderabad, we were allowed after 5 minutes. Mean time google map said further road also blocked and asked us to take diversion. We followed it and exited the town without any traffic jams. It took us about 50 Minutes to cross the town of about 5 Kms. Distance to travel increased again and showing 525 from Phalton and the road is through Baramati entering NH 65 at Bhigwan. Till Baramati Roads were good with mix of 4 Lane and two lane and after that till Bhigwan also good two lane road. We entered NH 65 at about 18.30 Hrs and the distance to home is about 475 Kms. Expected time did not change with all the delays and extra kms. It is showing 2.30 AM. Just after 15 Kms on NH from Bhigwan, it started raining and it became complete dark. Though road was good, mist coming out of truck tyres brought down the speed. By the time we reached outskirts of Solapur weather became clear. I saw a OYO hotel before Solapur but my wife not shown interest. I felt I can drive further. For a moment, I thought of bad roads and diversions after Solapur but decided to face it. We continued our journey without dinner. After Satara we did not stop for a tea also. Reached home sharp by 2.00 AM of Day-4 (Friday) and slept off. Finishing touch of the journey is the front right tyre was completely flat when I woke up at 10 AM. Thank god nothing happened in the middle of night. Two punctures were found in the Tyre. Clicks some where between Mahabaleshwar and Satara Ghat road. This is in Mahabalshwar End of the Log Thank you one and all for liking the log.
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    Very nicely composed sagar. A wonderful meet, Kids to elders everyone contributed to make the drive a success. 4 days and 1600 kilometers in a convoy was fun. Even though the drive was hectic, It was great to see the high energy levels and lifted spirits. Thoroughly enjoyed the meet. Looking forwards for the pictures from other cameras as well. Dream Drive Discover.