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    This Dussehra holidays we planned a long road trip to Coimbatore in our EcoSport. Thanks to India-Drive members, especially @sagar @Ranger for suggesting trip route and staying food options along the route. Day -1: We started around 4 AM from Miyapur, Hyderabad. Drive till Anantapur is quite familiar to me, as i have driven this route many times. Drive was excellent with good pleasant weather, around 9:30 AM We reached Anantapur for breakfast at Club RuRu. Food was good as well as the service and atmosphere. After some nice breakfast we started towards Bangalore, as we approach the outskirts of the city traffic made us slow down, and also the fear of over-speeding and getting fined made me cautious, kept at 60-80 speeds reached Devanahalli around 12:30 PM. Our EcoSport flyaudio gave us this route which bypassed the traffic areas of the city (silkboard, electronic city) and took us to the sarjapura main road and joined on the NH just after the electronic city. The route we took to bypass the city is quite scenic and some places were narrow roads. and in some parts very rough roads (2-4 KM) with construction work is ongoing. I am attaching the route map for reference. Around 2:30 we reached Hosur outskirts, despite being a Sunday afternoon the road is filled with heavy vehicles occupying all the lanes and made us slow down, managed to reach a good restaurant which serves good tamil meals by 3:00 PM. The food was good and hot. after staying so long out of Tamilnadu we always look forward to eating in Tamilnadu hotels, glad we could make it for lunch. After lunch started the journey towards Salem, Roads were quite good and smooth but not as wide as Hyderabad-bangalore highway. Not a pleasant experience as the vehicles seems to be in hurry and not giving space occupying all lanes, had to be very patient to outmatch the city buses. Kept a average speed of 60-80 KM reached Salem, thought have a break at Salem, but due to some politicians visit (i am guessing its CM visiting his native Town) the roads were filled with cops asking us not to stop and keep left. At some places the cops were confusing us with their directions, over all a confused environment, but good thing is they reroute the heavy vehicles like lorries and trucks to some other route, so we had a clear road ahead of us. The only catch is we couldn't stop for the tea break. And it started drizzling once we past Salem, it's almost 7 PM, and those rerouted trucks joined us back while we are nearing Coimbatore making our last leg of journey more interesting At Komarapalayam we stopped for some hot Badam Milk and much needed break. After that it was nice to drive to the coimbatore city with with lit wide roads, reached around 9:15 PM to Sungam cross roads, Coimbatore. After parked the vehicle and went inside the house all of us were feeling that still we are moving. From morning 4 to night 9 this makes my longest distance driven in a day. (960 KM says speedometer) We visited the famous GeDee Car museum, Coimbatore. the beauty of the museum is we can see so many vintage cars at one place which are maintained so good. Checkout few pics:
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    Short and sweet report I have been wanting to do Hyderabad to Covi form a very long time. Morning 4 to Night 9 sounds feasible, will try during Dec this year.
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    Hi Guys, I am new to India-Drive. Wasn't aware about this wonderful website. I would like to know your suggestions for Hyderabad to Nagpur drive, like how much time it will take, decent stops ( as I am travelling with family), Fuel stations and as I will driving from Bengaluru, on the way which place , after Hyderabad , I can stop for night halt. I am planning to start by morning 5:00 AM from Bengaluru in Swift with limited stops. Awaiting your valuable suggestions. Thanks, Dhananjay
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    Road trip to Mahabhaleshwar
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    Helpful information. Thank you for sharing. EcoSpot looks sweet on those roads. Classic cars 😎 Is it a new hotel?
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    Mahabaleshwar Amazing/Thrilling/Awesome Tour:- Started 5:30am, 3rd Oct from Nallagandla, lingampally, reached Mahabaleshwar @ 6:00pm, check-in hotel and took rest. Road from Indapur to Phalton is not good, may be due to rain. 4th Oct, full day sight seeing, Mapro Garden, Pratapgad, Elephant head point, Lodwick view points. Unable to cover other view points due to bad weather condition, rain/clouds covered roads/no visibility etc. 5th Oct, visited Table Land panchgani and depart to Kaas plateau via Satara, then we reached Kolhapur @ 7:00pm for Maha Laxmi amma darshan and had night stay. 06th Oct, post breakfast @11:30am we left kolhapur and reached Pandharpur @3:30pm, had lunch and Vithal Rukmini darshan and left there @6:00 pm. Road from Kolhapur to Pandharpur is not good due to under construction. 07th Oct, reached home @2:00 am safely with dinner break Zaheerabad.
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    lol, then what about the sections between Hyderabad to Delhi that we drove on. They have charged us for no roads and single lanes. This one looks much better. Is it available during our Sikkim drive? Because I remember we couldn't a proper hotel between Vijayawada to Rajahmundry .
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    The next day, we checked out after some delicious complimentary breakfast at the resort The drive was set to visit Pattakadal and Aihole which has the ancient sites of age-old temples and ruins. The distance from our start point to Pattakadal was 20 kms which took us 30 mins. The road condition is self explanatory now. The entry fee to step into this world heritage temple complex is INR 5/- per person This temple complex is very well maintained by the Karnataka tourism department which is quite evident Mallikarjuna and Kashivishwanatha temples Papanatha Temple Jambulinga Temple which was probably built in the mid of 7th century A.D Sangameshwara Temple Virupaksha Temple Pattakadal can undoubtedly be called as the cradle of Indian architecture as it showcases the best works of the Chalukya period We drove towards Aihole from Pattakadal to visit this Durga temple and its beautiful architecture which is about 14 kms All set and done after the Aihole visit, we fastened our seat belts and drove back to Hyderabad. We had reached home by 6:00 p.m. to rest down and experience the Monday blues at work
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    All these main temples elevated at different levels are connected by 50 to 100 steps carved between each other The third rock cut temple of Lord Vishnu seemed most majestic inside a 100 feet deep cave. The area surrounding the caves was well built by Red sand stone all over which also has the space to rest down and spend time As we climbed up to the top most level of the Jain temple, we overlooked to this beautiful sight of the 'Agasthya' lake surrounded by the Badami caves, hills, Boothnath Temple and the village houses. We got down the Cave temple and moved towards the 'Agasthya' lake and the 'Bhoothnath' temple which is 1.5 kms from the caves. These temples were dedicated to Lord Shiva Not just being carved at this absolutely scenic location, it also has a lot of rock carvings and caves around This cave behind the Bhoothnath temple is related to the 6th century Jainism which has carving of Jain Tirthankars. One last pic of the day before we headed back to the resort
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    We had reached Badami around 12 p.m. as the ancient ruins welcome us on the either side of the road We had checked-in to a beautiful stay named 'The Heritage resort' The cottage booked was very neat and pleasant which served really tasty food for lunch, dinner and breakfast. We were charged INR 4,200 for the cottage including complimentary buffet breakfast which was definitely a good deal when compared to the other hotels around . Rested for the noon after Lunch and we started off around 4:00 p.m. to tour the grand archaeological remains of the glorious Chalukya empire of 5th century AD We moved towards our first stop at the Badami Caves, 'Mosque of Adilshahi' was the first sight which grabbed our attention The ticket to sight the Rock-cut Cave temples was INR 5/- The Badami caves and temples are the main attractions of this place which has 4 main temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Narasimha and Jain. These caves were carved on the red sandstone having a hall with numerous pillars.
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    Execution:I always prefer staring on time especially when I have a schedule to keep. It was 5 a.m. in the morning and the drive started off quite pleasantly as we cruised onto the beautiful ORR and then onto the sweet NH7 tarmac. We took a diversion from Bhuthpur towards Mahbubnagar and the road started to deteriorate as we got off the Bangalore Highway. We stopped by a small hotel in Mahbubnagar around 7 a.m. for breakfast and continued our drive over the 2 lane road which started to get better again once we crossed Mahbubnagar town. First click of the day at the rise during our drive 2 hours of drive, we crossed the Telangana border to enter Karnataka state and headed towards Raichur. This was where the drive further took a lot of time reason being potholes, bad road patch works and frequent speed breakers throughout until we had reached Badami. So essentially our average speed throughout this path after we had crossed Raichur ranged around 80 kmph. I will let the pics do the rest of the talking until our adventure drive marked its end back at the start point. The bridge built over the flowing Krishna river connects the two states (Telangana and Karnataka) A drive further, we pass by the 'Raichur Thermal Power Station' This plant today represents the backbone of the European power system. Experimenting my creative side, tried capturing this really massive industry in a single frame We drove by this two lane road throughout until we had reached Badami (via Hungund) We passed by this historical fort of Mudgal on our way