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    Yes, as suggested by Ranger, road till Adilabad is superb, but you need to be utmost careful after Kelapur toll, this is the only toll which will charge you Rs 35 INR (just to indicate you that bad roads are starting from there as you wont find any name there ). Road is pathetic there for 30-40 km stretch and while returning its even more pathetic, so plan this stretch during day time. After and Before this stretch you will enjoy the drive. Regarding food outlets: Almost nothing is available on the way. Fog: It could be there b'use of winter. I traveled in October and didnt experience fog at that time. Thanks, Dhananjay
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    Thanks for your valuable inputs Sagar. I think it is a good point what you mentioned about fog. Let me see if i can find a good airbnb option there. Will update in forum during/after journey.
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    Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable inputs @PareshBhinde. I Murali, I would recommend you to choose some airbnb stays around panchgani instead of hotels as they are economical, well maintained and as well as offer very good views. Mahabaleshwar is again more commercial towards tourists and crowded. Try Strawberry cream (Panchgani's special desert) Try and explore less travelled roads between Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar as they offer more scenic views and less crowd. Most importantly, when you visit view points in Mahabaleshwar, make sure you pay your visit during the early hours around 11 AM and the views might be blocked with fog in the evenings.
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    We will have something planned in February. We will update here.
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    Thank you for the update. Once you divert from Solapur, roads are average to bad. Very limited food options as well (once diverted from four lane)
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    Between Hyd and Vskp. Which route is better between Eluru to Rajahmundry:- Eluru - Nallajerla - Rajahmundry (Godavari 4th bridge, Diwancheruvu) or Eluru - TP gudem - Nidadavole - Rajahmundry or any other ....???
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    A member to this forum. Hi, I am planning a drive to Mahabaleswar next week. (Jan 12 to 15). Going to take BHEL - Zaheerabad - Humnabad - Solapur - Mohol - - Pandharpur - Phaltan - Wai - Panchgani & Mahabaleswar route as mentioned by PareshBhinde. Expecting your valuable suggestions. Thanks Murali.
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    It was the massive Hummer that caught my attention @Ranger.😁 It was only when I read the title I rechecked the pic. Anyway, congratulations. 🤩
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    Welcome @naresh237 there are no upcoming meetups planned as of now. The section will be updated immediately after planning a meetup. The forum is always checked and is kept up to date by the admins/moderators. Also, the URLs posted in all the sections are correct.
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    Hi @sunilmisra1971, I would recommend you to do the leg via Seoni which is a better option when compared. I had done the same last year. We stopped by Yash hotel which you will find it after crossing the sagar ring road on the same highway. Most of the other places seemed like small dhabas compared to Yash hotel.
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    Hyderabad - Suryapet - Vijayawada - Eluru - Rajamundry - Annavaram - Vizag is the best route.. Few areas of congestions in this route will be seen around Vijayawada ... Roads are very good. Your drive might take about 14 to 15 hours including breaks inbetween. Would recommend you to start off early.
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    Hi Im planning with my family to go drive to entire pune like mahabaleshwar, lonavala, etc other places also. Plz share the route map for entire pune of visiting places Thanks in advance Sai kishore Sent from my iPhone using India-Drive
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    Hi Sahil, I completed Hyderabad-Mahabaleswar trip day before yesterday. Let me try to answer your queries. 1. Best Route : BHEL - Zaheerabad - Humnabad - Solapur - Mohol - (Take left from Mohol) - Pandharpur - Phaltan - Wai - Panchgani & Mahabaleswar . ( You will find more than 80% good roads ). 2. You will get lot of strawberries in December and you can directly pluck them in the fields. Moreover you will get great views from each view points. Clear blue sky all the time. Temp around 12-15 Degree at night. 3. We stayed in Evergreen Holidays ( 3kms from Mapro Garden towards Mahabaleswar) , Got a very good price since it was weekday. From Dec 21st, the prices of the hotels will be high for year end. 4. Metgutad and Bondarwadi are the places, you will get less prices for sure. Moreover, I would suggest anyone to travel to Mahabaleswar and Panchgani after Jan 10 till March end, to get the cheapest prices for hotesl and Sweetest Strawberries. Its off-season time there, confirmed by the property where I stayed. If you need any more information, I can help.
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    Roads are good, except for few patches after Adilabad. Chances of Fog are high in winter. Plan you food breaks in advance. Very limited food options.
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    Hi , How is Hyderabad to Bangalore Route currently . Any particularly Good place to have breakfast ? Given that there has been mild political unrest in south over the CAA law , Any diversions or advisory from recent travellers ?
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    Should not be an issue. Make sure you get a Fastag. Go through this link https://www.india-drive.com/index.php?/topic/217-hyderabad-to-bangalore-highway-route-and-hotel-updates/
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    Hi guys, I am planning to do a road trip from hyderabad to nagpur. We will start around 5 AM . How is the road condition ? Also, will there be fog in the morning ?
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    Having faced no issues so far with the Paytm Fasttag which is very easy to use, I would want to know if there is any added advantage with the ICICI Fasttag from any of the users here ?
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    Did Go karting in Kompally long back during 2012 And recently did few laps in Chicane. Undoubtedly, it is the Chicane circuit which is better.
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    Fantastic, I am yet to try both Hasten and Chicane with priority being Chicane! So far my favorite is MMS, Shamshabad. I am assuming this is 11 am-11 pm.
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    Nice post, I never did experience Go-karting, will try it soon.
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    @Ranger.. Buddy you are always perfect to make a thread which gives a compact list of the subject. Great work as always. I am sure, this would definitely be useful for the users. 👍
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    Thank you for the information. I am always not sure about the timings of the Go-Kart. Lets plan a Go-Kart meetup at Shamshabad on some weekend?
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    Nice post @Ranger, I almost loved every trial of my karting experience. Runway9 has been my favourite past time during my college days and now that it's become old and lacks proper maintenance, I have started to do this at Chicane in Leonia and MMS at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. Chicane turned out to be my current favourite for the flat track it has and the experience is brilliant. I just came to know about the new one is town through this post. Will try Hasten GoKarting pretty soon. The track doesn't look so impressive to me in the picture but let's see
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    Hyderabad to Laknavaram Hello All, This is my first post, so please bear with me, if there are any mistakes. Distance : 210 Kms Drive time : 5 Hours (Including Breaks) Vehicle Used : Tata Winger Office Cab () Starting Point: Uppal End Point: Haritha Resorts Laknavaram Island Accommodation: Rs 2500/- for Couple with 2 Kids (but still you can manage if extra person) Telangana tourism Laknavaram Lake view resort. Link to book Accomadation: http://www.harithahotel.com/Laknavaram-Lake/ Route Taken: Uppal--->Bibinagar---->Bhongir---->Yadadri--->Jangoan--->Ghanpur--->Kazipet--->Hanmakonda--->Arepally--->Mulugu--->Laknavaram We have planned this tour almost a month back..(or else I would have joined for Breakfast ride to Rachakonda) Actually, we decided to go in 2 cars ( my Vitara Brezza & my brother's Honda Amaze). But last minute change of plans due to Honda engine radiator problem. We decided to cancel the trip, but we made a decent deal with our office cabbie. Started at 11 AM in the morning after having breakfast. Refueled the cab at Uppal HP Service Station until it choked (This pump is operated by Prisons Dept) I am a nature lover, so I have told my mom to prepare food so that we can have it under a nice shady tree on the Highway. It started off to be a foggy day and we encountered all varieties of climate like rainy, summer heat and winter cold etc The road till Yadagirigutta is awesome and the ride was good but after crossing Yadagirigutta, the road turns out to be single lane due to expansion work in progress. Road condition was average. Crossed Hanmakonda by 1:30 pm and our tummies were banging for food (normally when we do long journeys we tend to crave for food) Let the pictures talk the rest. Greenery along the highway. A glimpse of Bhongiri fort from the highway. Closer shot. Our family Cotton plantation en-route. Accommodation is beautiful, given a chance I can stay here for months. Lunch time. We had lunch surrounded by nature. The feeling that you will not experience in the corporate hotels. Breath taking view from the room, Surrounded by hillocks and water, for a second you get a feel of ooty/Kodai. We did boating and some water games. Good to see that safety jackets are mandatory. Fun games near less shallow areas. The famous Laknavaram bridge. My dad I always say that the times in my life when I've been happiest are the times when I've seen the sunset --- View on the next morning. We explored the lake. Island in the lake. Dense forest and newly laid roads. Surrounded by trees. Temple time. Thank you.