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    Started on May 25th, 2019 and ended on 5th june, 2019. Total 5100kms. Write up will be soon Once I collect pics from Sree
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    Did you drive you Jeep to Rajasthan @ksa171983. Pictures looks beautiful.
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    My Rajasthan trip was a long pending trip .. Have been planning it since ages with family but everytime there were some hurdles. Even this time there were major hurdles but decided not to care anymore and just go . Day1/2: Jaipur- Booked a single cozy room with terrace on airbnb. We took a two wheeler for travel within Jaipur. my 4 year old had good fun on the two wheeler.. In Jaipur we went to Hawamahal (dirty) Jantar Mantar (boring as we have evolved a lot and most of the things failed to attract me logically) Amber palace (beautiful) City palace (duh!) Nahargarh Fort (just a city view) Jaigarh Fort (nice) Local market/Bapu bazaar (awesome as per my wife as she just shopped and i walked around with kid) Sheesh Mahal (nice )
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    No bro ... Fly from here to Jaipur ... Hire a local taxi throughout and then return from Udaipur to hyd. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Congratulation on complete the Beautiful road trip .Waiting for more pictures and details @ksa171983
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    Day7:Udaipur -City Palace -(Good) -Lake Pichola (Beautiful) -JagMandir(Beautiful) -Saheliyon ki bari (our own NTR/Lumbini Park) -Fateh Sagar Lake (Good) -Maharanapratap Memorial (Learnt good stuff about our history) Next time if I goto Rajasthan i would definitely go only to Jodhpur(for the food and Mehrangarh),Jaisalmer (For desert safari)and Udaipur(lazing around the lake with 10% C2H5OH) .. rest all can be given a miss .
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    Day5/6:Jaisalmer -Jaisalmer war museum (Learnt some stuff about our country and army) -Jaisalemer fort (Awesome) -Local Havelis (interesting) -Gadisar Lake (Hot and humid with dry lake) -Jain temples (Amazing) -Bada Bagh (Interesting) -Desert Springs (Amazing) -Camel Safari (Stinky but kid loved it) -Desert Safari (Bring it on again and again) -Kuldhara (went only coz of @Sagar) Uploading some pics as of now
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    Day4:Jodhpur -Mehrangarh Fort (Astounding) -Umaid Bhavan Palace (only allowed in museum and the hotel entry is 3k or 6k (dont remember) and u will be given chai) -Jaswat Thada (Beautiful) -Local Eateries around Ghanta Ghar (Amazing food )
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    Day3: Pushkar/Ajmer -Pushkar Lake (beautiful) -Jain golden temple before Ajmer (intriguing) -Brahma Temple and Aarti ( Goosebumps)
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    this was only till Kunzum.. after that towards chandratal or towards rohtang the roads were closed unfortunately ..
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    Congratulations on conquering one of the world's most treacherous roads. Hope you guys had an amazing fun trip. Eagerly waiting to read through your travel story and beautiful pictures..
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    Thank you @LoneRanger. You can cover this while going to Gokarna. Start Early around 3.00 AM and you will be their at waterfalls by 2-3 PM and From waterfalls it will take 3 Hours to go to Gokarna
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    I did not do any write up here and just mentioned the places of importance at respective places and their current state
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    Awesome Pics @Anand Singh, Been planning a trip to Gokarna since long. Will take this as reference for my trip plan.
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    Thank you for this post @Trisha Pictures are super awesome! Good to know that we can spot Black Panther and Leopard's in Dandeli, can you also help us with some more details like when you were there and location of your stay and related costs, it will be helpful for other members to plan their trip accordingly.
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    Hi Everyone Myself Trisha this is my first post. I am sharing story of my dandeli visit and some birds photographs by my friend Chris. Dandeli is truly a heaven for Bird watcher, I am a great fan of birds, I based in Goa and after 15 years of my first day on earth i realize that there is a place near Goa Name Dandeli... being a wildlife enthusiast it was surprised for me. It was like i got a treasure. I remember in 2018 I stayed in Dandeli for 3 days (it was a 2 night package) there was a lots of bird chirping around me near the farmhouse where i stayed. here what my friend Chris captured from Dandeli Coppersmith Barbet Chrimson Sunbird Chestnut Tailed Starling Fish Eagle Great White Egret Not only bird there are black panther, bear, leopard you can spot. Jeep tours in Dandeli wildlife sanctuary are available and its an adventure of a lifetime where you get to witness the natural habitat of wild animals, exotic birds, and unusual reptiles. Dandeli is a Photographer and wildlife lover delight. The place is abuzz with water adventure that rekindles your desire to enjoy the thrills and spills of the sport.
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    Dear friends, This is my very first travelogue in India Drive. Though I have made several trips, I didn't write anything up here. Travel Date 03/31/2018 – 04/02/2018 from Hyderabad to Gokarna & Murdeshwar in Ford EcoSports. This must have been one of the most exciting and in a way unplanned vacation, I had with my office team. Though we had marked the dates almost a couple of days ago, we were a little unsure till the last minute whether we wanted to really go to Gokarna or not. Finally, on Thursday we decided to go and informed my team to come to office on Friday along with their luggage. Friday Morning, I had a good Sleep so that I can drive in night. My team works in EST timings, so we planned to start our trip by 1AM but due to some work it got delayed to 3.00AM and Finally we hit the road at 3.15AM. Route Taken: Hyderabad - Mahbubnagar - Raichur - Sindhanur - Hubbali - Sathoddi Falls - Shivapura Hanging Bridge - Yellapur - Gokarna - Murdeshwar – Raichur -Mahbubnagar – Hyderabad. Total Distance: 1600 kms Day 1 : Sathoddi Water Falls and Shivapura Hanging Bridge. Day 2 : Gokarna & Mudeshwar Night Stay at White House Beach resort (Tent Accommodation) - Gokarna River Kali Murdeshwar Beach Shivapura Hanging Bridge Sun Set time at Murdeshwar Beach Murdeshwar Night view
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    @Pralay It was wonderful reading this Travelogue.Beautiful Pictures and Excellent written with all details.I didn't see who the author is of this blog as i was busy in reading it and at last i came to know that its you. Thanks for sharing that wonderful pictures . Especially that Kargil Picture .
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    Did Go karting in Kompally long back during 2012 And recently did few laps in Chicane. Undoubtedly, it is the Chicane circuit which is better.
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    what is the speed limit on these roads? during me last trip towards nagpur i saw boards with 40,80,100 .. any idea about speed cams on this route?
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    Welcome onboard @Sonu and @LoneRanger.. Good to have you join the club
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    Precursor to the trip(Skip if you want to know Only about the trip) : All five of us went on to a trip nearly 10 years ago. And in all these 10 years , all of us together haven't met even once. We were working at various places - Hyderabad , Chennai , Pune , New Delhi & Bengaluru. As years passed by, 4 of us moved to Hyderabad due to various commitments. Only one was left out in Chennai. At the end of Jan 2018 , Mr.Chennai , gave me a call ans started discussing about his boring and torturous boring IT life. He suddenly pops up the idea of a weekend trip from Hyderabad, only guys trip without wives. Over the next couple of days , we made whatapp group and discussed various options and finalised Belum Caves and Gandikota. We planned to go at the March 2018. As weeks passed by , each one had to drop off due to some or other reason. At the start of March , only Mr.Chennai and me were onboard ( My wife had to go to her parents place). But Mr.Chennai , was very adamant, he used to share the photographs of 10 year old trip on the whatsapp group. People became nostalgic , First to say yes was Mr.Microsoft , Then Mr.NRI and a day before the trip we have a confirmation from Mr.Daddy. Day 1 of the Trip : Plan was , Mr.Chennai would reach my house by 6 and we would have an early breakfast and leave by 7 from my house. But Indian railways have another plans. Mr.Chennai arrived at my house at 7:45. After freshening up we started at 9:00 A.M to pick up Mr.Microsoft and Mr.Nri. And last pick up of the day was Mr.Daddy , from ORR Gachibowli.(We wanted to give more time for him to spend with his daughter). By the time we picked up Mr.Daddy , it was 10:00 AM and we started cruising on ORR , towards Kurnool. My car has Fastag, and i zipped past the traffic on ORR and the Highway. At 12:00 P.M we stopped at Food Pyramid to have brunch. We had heavy lunch and then off to our first destination Belum Caves. The road till Kurnool was NH and was good , After Kurnool we has to take Rayalaseema Expressway(Toll Road) , this was beyond good. It is better than national highway. (Rayalaseema Expressway - Road work going on the Left lane) By 3:00 P.M we were at Owk reservoir, MR.Chennai was mesmerized by scenic beauty and wanted to stop for few photographs. And indeed the place was super scenic. Its just that it was mid afternoon in Rayalaseema. The cool breeze flowing from the reservoir was a bit of relief from the hot Sun. (From L-R : Mr.Chennai, Mr.Daddy, Mr.NRI & Mr. Microsoft, Im Mr.Driver & designated photographer for the trip) (Panoramic view of the Owk Reservoir) The owk reservoir has APTDC center , with restaurant , and has boating and other activities. But we wanted to head to Belum Caves before they close it down. We next stopped directly at Belum Caves. The caves close at 5:30 P.M , and you have to exit the caves before that. We Reached Belum caves at 4:00 P.M. There is an entry fee and parking fee. We were charged somewhere around R.s 285/- for the 5 of us. This is the first time im entering a cave system , and i was amazed. The caves were neatly maintained, and properly ventilated with the help of electric fans. They were well lit too. I'll tel the pictures do the talking from here. And if you are planning a trip to Belum caves , be ready to carry a huge water bottle , as it is humid as hell, and also wear stretchable clothes , You have to bend and crawl through some spaces. (Map of the caves ) (Entrance to the caves) The entrance has a flight of stairs , at the start of which the security checks for your tickets. Once you show his the tickets , you have to walk down nearly 40-50 steps. Any body can do it, both old and young. Once you get down the stairs you will see this plaque. (This is where the Plaque is posted. After this its all dark) (Notice the pipe behind, circulating fresh air) (L-R - Mr.Daddy & Mr.Driver-Me, you must be wondering why i was wearing goggles in a pitch dark cave, i have sight , those are powered , and i forgot my normal glasses, and yes i put this picture only to point that out ) Soon it was 5:20 and we were off to the entry/exit. And while we were ready to leave , suddenly there was a small power cut and everything went dark. It was pitch dark , and even with cell phone torch we couldn't figure out the exit. Luckily for us it was just intermittent power loss. And the power cut lasted for a maximum of 45 seconds to 1 minute. After coming out of Belum caves , we went to the Budha statue near by to click some sunset pics. (Mr.Chennai Tried to be creative) (Budha Statue at Belum Caves) (Last Pic of the sun set into the clouds) On our way we stopped at a small place called Kolimigundla to have some tea. There is a APTDC restaurant at Belum caves , it closes at 5:30 P.M along with caves. Next day we planned to visit Gandikota , and wanted to stay as close as possible. We couldn't get a reservation from APTDC Gandikota. And place nearest to Gandikota was Jammalamadugu. But we could find any hotels online to book. However during the trip we found that there are a lot of lodges and small hotels available at jammalamadugu. You can directly go and take a room for rent , without pre-booking. We could only reserve a room at Prodattur. Our reservation was at Sri Devi palace. Imagine the shock of our life when we found out that Sri Devi Palace is actually Sri Devi Palace Function Hall , and there was a wedding happening when we went there. (Surely made our trip memorable ) (Full scale wedding with Guests outside) Surprised and Shocked we called the contact provided on booking.com. The owner was friendly , apologized and said he would rent out the rooms on normal days, when there is no wedding and arranged us a place(lodge) within in Proddatur. There is nothing special about the lodge , the washrooms have leaky faucets. But since all of us are guys , and we wanted to enjoy the trip , we were ok with good beds and AC , for having a good night's sleep, Which it had. But if you are going with family , there are many new lodges with similar price range. You can go , check the rooms and then make a reservation. Same is the case in Jammalamadugu. You will find most of the lodges in Bus-stand road in proddatur. After checking in , and unloading our luggage in our respective rooms, we went out to have dinner at the Andhra Spice Restaurant. It was good for family , but there is no parking available, the security made some adjustments and arranged some space at the entrance. We has a sumptuous dinner, had the restaurant special - "Chicken Navya" , did some shopping for toiletries and went back to hotel to rest for the day. (Chicken Navya - Boneless Chicken curry , made in butter with roasted cashew's and stuffed in an omelette and sprinkled with grated cheese , roasted cashews & coriander) Day 2 - Gandikota , Orvakal Rock Garden , Alampur. Next day woke up at 5:00 A.M got ready and woke up everybody else. Everyone was ready within an hour. Advantage of not having women in the trip. Our idea is to reach Gandikota before sunrise. If you are planning a trip to Gandikota , plan to reach gandikota before sunrise. Reached Gandikota at 7:00 A.M , it was already sunrise , but God it was beautiful. The canyon, the rocks they were in explicable. I would have stayed there for eternity , enjoying the beauty. (First shot of the Canyon , when we reached there by 7:20 A.M) (Sunrise reflection on Penna River) (Mandatory Group Pic) (Mr.Microsoft, Mr.Daddy & Mr.NRI were happy looking at the scenery and dint want to explore any more) (Mr.Chennai on the other hand doesn't want to leave any nook or corner. We stayed for more than an hour and we are way away from shade. It was getting Sunny and hot , hence we decided to explore the Gandikota fort. There is nothing left at the place. Only places remaining are Ranganatha Aalayam , Gandikoda Granary , and kathula Koneru. The places in pristine condition are Juma Masjid. Heard from locals that it has been redone in recent times by archaeology department, and they will soon improve the other remaining places too. (Juma Masjid) (Inside the Masjid) Came out of fort , there are multiple roadside eateries , all of us are hungry and just stormed into one of the eatery where we all will fit. The eatery is an extension to the home and is managed by father - daughter duo. We had dosas for breakfast , and had coffee right after. The eatery owner told us that there are tents available for rent , and other adventure actives are available to do during evening time. (Campfire, Canoeing, Boating etc , also sleeping bags are also available for rent). After breakfast i observed a road split off and going in the direction of the near by mountain and windmills, looked more like a service road. I inquired if tourists can drive up there , and to my surprise , they said yes. Drove to the top of the hill , and view of Gandikota fort from there is pretty awesome. we decided to take some pics before leaving. (The view of the fort is towards the left of the pic , with penna reservoir in the background, not quite visible) We left the place at 9:30 at started towards our next destination Orvakal Rock Garden. The Rock garden is opposite to the Kurnool Airport Gate , we reached the place by 12:30. Google maps took us through a route with is not great till we reached the Rayalaseema express way, but it was very scenic. Too bad we didnt take any pictures while driving , and just enjoyed the views. It was 12:30 , by the time we reached Orvakal Rock Garden. There was a APTDC resort. And entry Fee to enter the rock garden. As it was 12:30 we decided to have lunch before heading into the resort, but each one of us went and bought an ice cream or Kulfi , ( Feels like child , when wife or parents are not around). Went ahead to Orvakal Rock Garden. It was not big, but the rocks have been sculptured by air flow over thousands or millions of years. But since it was 12:30 in the after noon , it felt very big. Entrance to the Rock Garden , stairs are neatly cut , and anyone can reach it without any difficulty Once you climb up the stairs , you will be greeted with this statue , and then similar statues of multiple animals It was so hot that we settled under the iota of shade available in the entire rock garden. Notice Mr.Chennai missing from the picture , he again went to explore every nook and corner of the Rock Garden. We waited till he came back and started off to our next destination Alampur. Alampur is one of the 18 shakthipeetas , it is the place where Krishna meets Tungabhadra , and is the place for deity Jogulamba. It is said that when Sati immolated herself , Lord Shiva carried her body across the universe. Vishnu not able to see Shiva's sorrow , cut the body of Sati with his Sudarshana Chakra. Those body parts fell back on earth. And it is said that alampur is where Sati's Upper Jaw/teeth fell. The road to Alampur was well paved , and Telangana tourism has provided drinking water and other amenities to pilgrims. Mr.Daddy who was here some years back was surprised to see the roads and amenities provided. The temple has Medieval architecture , and even if you are not a religious person , but interested in history , you should visit this place. There is a Museum for History buffs. We left Alampur at 3:00 P.M and reached Food Pyramid at 4:30 P.M , had some tea , snacks , and started back to Hyderabad. We reached Hyderabad at 7:30 P.M , went to DLF to have chai. And after chai , everyone went their own separate ways . May be all 5 us will together be on a trip in 2019 next. Signing Off Mr.Driver P.S : This is my first post , please provide feedback , on Pics , mistakes , Spelling , writing style , any thing which you felt is out of place.
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    I think they are still pending. Try to check online (news). It was horrible during our last visit. Truck drivers suffer a lot.
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    Thank you Ranger. Yes for us ODISHA peoples, PURI means LORD JAGANNATH TEMPLE, SRI LOKNATH TEMPLE (near to PURI) and SEA BEACH..... Nothing else...I never stayed in PURI overnight.....😃 Because my Hometown is Bhubaneswar which is just 60km from PURI. We normally start to PURI around 1 PM and reach by 2 or 2:30 (very high traffic every time between PURI & BHUBANESWAR ). Do the DARSHAN in the temple , take lunch inside the temple (SPECIAL FOOD called ABHADA). Take a look at the picture . This is called ABHADA or LORD JAGANNATH's PRASAD. You will get them inside the temple . We always eat this whenever we visit PURI . There are ample space inside the temple where you can sit and eat . We eat the food on BANANA LEAF..... If you see below picture , the person has holding BANANA leaf. We always visit PURI as a group . ry once if you go to PURI again or come with me ...We will go together .......😃🙏 Any ROAD REPAIR GOING on in FARAKKA BARRIAGE ? This FARAKKA BARRIAGE road is how much km ? Regards BORNDRIVER
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    I missed the pic of sathoddi waterfalls. Here you go