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    Road condition /update ( 26 June 2020) Hyderabad > Aurangabad > Dhule > Indore Instead of going via Nagpur - Betul, this time I tried this route for my journey to Indore yesterday as I used to get fed up with the road condition from Betul to Indore despite the fact that Hyderabad to Betul route is very nice and well maintained. Start time : 8:30 AM ( Kondapur ) actual plan was to start at 4 AM. Reached Indore ( Vijay Nagar) at 2:15 AM ( a good 18 hours of drive) Hyderabad- Aurangabad route is pretty good and was able to reach Aurangabad by 4:30 pm. This route has become better now I believe as most of the work is completed. I remembered last year I took around 10 hours to reach Aurangabad. Most of the big restaurants along the route are closed or empty.I decided to have my meal at McDonald’s Aurangabad. They were only allowing drive thru. Border crossing : Only once they check the epass on the border and noted down the detail. Aurangabad > Dhule Started from Aurangabad at 5 pm after the meal and reached Dhule at 9 pm. Aurangabad to Ellora Caves route is good. After Ellora caves there is a patch of around 5-10 km where construction is going on. Road condition is not good and mostly service road being used for both side of the traffic. After this patch - entire route till Dhule is 2 lane with no divider so average speed on this os around 40-50 only. Dhule > Indore Started from Dhule at 9 PM and reached Indore by 2:30 AM. This route/highway is well know and well and well maintained as well Overall not many private vehicle on the route and mostly commercial vehicle are plying in the road. No strict checking at any border. Safe to carry a soft copy of e pass. Have not yet decided which route I would take while coming back from Indore [emoji846] By : Amit Jain Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi @Richin, I stayed at the Le Meridien which is outside the city and you reach it first when coming from Hyderabad. I will admit it is a pricier hotel than the usual accommodations I prefer, but I was looking for something that was isolated and it fit that perfectly. Secondly I wanted a hotel which would not spare any expense in measures against COVID, and Le Meridien seemed OK on that aspect as well, since it's part of a big chain (Marriott) and they have a reputation to protect. I found the stay there to be quite satisfactory. Meals were delivered to my room, and all employees seemed to be sanitizing and wearing masks, sometimes gloves too. If you follow google maps, please note it will give you a long-winding route to get from the highway to Le Meridien. Instead you can just take the right side turn a bit before the hotel (right before the Indian Oil Pump) and go in the service road from there itself, and get to the hotel much faster. They have also put a sign board on the hotel-side of the Highway.
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    awesome, thanks for the post. very helpful
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    Hi, I have to travel from Hyderabad to Bhopal next week via Nagpur and Betul with my family. I am planning on covering the entire stretch in a day. I am specially concerned about the security of the entire stretch during this pandemic, particularly Betul to Bhopal part. Also, do I need to get pass for the travel? Now that inter-state movements are allowed, as per the authorities here at Hyderabad we don’t need any passes anymore. However, will get it if required Any advice will be very helpful. Thanks, Saurabh
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    Here is what I can tell you about the part of my recent trip which overlaps with your route: Hyderabad to Nagpur (27th July 2020) Nagpur to Betul (28th July 2020) I hope others will provide information about the rest of your trip (Betul to Bhopal). I left the Bhopal route at Betul and headed to Dewas via Chicholi > Timarni > Harda > Khategaon > Kannod > Chapda > Double Chowki > Bangarda > Lasudia.
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    Yes, I went to a doctor in the neighbourhood (I drove around looking for a small and less busy clinic, since I wanted to avoid a place where I may pick up COVID). I explained the situation and asked for a certificate saying that the subject (me) does not have any COVID Symptoms. The doctor checked my BP, Temperature, asked a few questions, and then issued a certificate. Attaching mine here for your reference. He charged me 500 Rupees for it, which is the same as what you pay many places for consultation, so I paid without trying to negotiate. Maybe you could get a better rate per member from the doctor you go to. I think it will be needed for all travelers. In my case, I was the only traveler.
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    I feel you on the roads between Betul and Indore. NH47 is highly un-national-highway-like on average during that stretch.
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    For Hyd to Nagpur I've posted above, for Nagpur to Bhopal I do not have much to say, except that the roads from Nagpur until the Indore exit at Betul from the National Highway are quite good. This is based on the Journey I did from Nagpur to almost Indore (Dewas) on 28th July 2020. FUEL TIP: Diesel Prices in Maharashtra were cheaper by 2 rupees per litre, so I got my tank filled before crossing over to MP. Saved 60 Rupees. ROAD CONDITION: There is road construction (main highway is under maintenance) going on near the Thermal Power Plant which you see when you are leaving Nagpur. You will have to use the service road for a few km before you can rejoin the highway. So please take care to not leave Nagpur at a crowded time, or your service road experience may consume more time. Dug up road starts here and ends here. From there until border crossing into MP things are OK. No particularly bad patch. MP Border crossing is a free-for-all. The guy sitting at the "CAR" lane just lets you through. No questions, no need to stop even. Just slowing down, making eye contact, and being waved through is enough. Once inside MP, the road is excellent. Fun to drive. You can easily go to speeds like 140 or so in many parts of the highway. I would still recommend being careful when the "GHAT STARTS" signs are seen. Even though the ghats are not really very complex at all, just some curves and you are through. Until Betul, where I got off the nice road bound to Bhopal, onto NH47 towards Indore (which isn't 4 lane) things are great. You should not experience any trouble from the road. FASTag: Very recommended. Do use. Makes things a breeze at almost all of the toll booths. I have a PayTM FASTag and it works great. (The only place where I have found it to not work is the Hyderabad Airport car parking, which for some reason only supports ICICI FASTag) TOLLS: There is one Toll Booth shortly after leaving Nagpur city limits where FASTag wasn't working and they charged me 85 Rupees in cash. Other than that, from Nagpur till the Indore exit near Betul I crossed 2 FASTag enabled Toll Booths which charged me 80 (Khambara Toll Plaza) and 85 (Milanpur Toll Plaza) Rupees respectively.
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    Hey @Richin, I would recommend you to stay somewhere around Somalwada a decent place in Nagpur before entering the core of crowded Nagpur city. A few good hotels in Somalwada are, The Legend Inn, Hotel Star Zest House, Hotel Airport centre point.
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    Thanks Sankalp. I am planning for road trip with family ( 2 small kids) from Hyderabad to Lucknow via Nagpur. this is very helpful. Did you stay in Nagpur in any hotel ? if yes, can you suggest the name?
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    #covidtravel Family reunion in "Family wali Feeling" Car Route : Hyderabad - Nh44- Bangalore-Gundulpet - Muthanga- Meenangadi- Nedumpoil- Thalassery Total distance 960 kms Date July 26th • Start time 12 am • Reached by 6.30pm Epass: • Kerala entry pass via muthanga • Karnataka transit pass ( applied but didn't receive any approval notification so carried the application acknowledgement printout). • AP transit pass not required. • TS exit pass not required. Car : Ford freestyle The plan was to travel without any halt at any city overnight and cover the distance on the same day. And avoid all usual food breaks(carried food /water for whole day) and if possible loo breaks (carried adult diapers as well) Points that may help fellow travellers: • HYD orr is closed during night curfew time , had to take the service road to reach nh44 • Try to plan your travel on Sunday's , because the roads were empty and most of the towns and cities are under lockdown. • Carry all your food /water needs have food inside the car to avoid any contacts • Try using adult diapers for the nature calls Checkposts and experience Kurnool AP check post : Started at 12 am and reached the check post by 3.30 is a large area for checks and they didn't get any details from me when i told them I'm en-route Kerala Bagepalli KA check post: Just before toll plaza 2 policemen were enquiring every vehicle about the destination and when i showed them my Kerala pass they were ok and told me to move didn't ask for KA transit pass Muthanga Check post: This was the real deal , reached Muthanga by 2pm , policeman told me to park the car near the Medical screening centre entrance and go inside with the documents, told me to sanitise and then took my details like address no of passengers and asked me if i have informed about my arrival to local health centre and ward member and told me to inform them as soon as i reach home then in a different they checked my temperature and went till the car to check thr temperature of my daughter and wife , and gave me a slip which indicated 14 days quarantine. informed me to wait outside until a police jeep came to escort me until the main junction, around 12 vehicles where escorted till the main junction . until reaching home at every junction police checked and got the details and made sure we are on our way to home and had enough food as well and told us not to stop anywhere. today morning police visited home , got several calls and a video call from SP office to make sure we are fine and at quarantine and advised 28days of quarantine 14 days room and 14days home another 28 days of quarantine until i step out of home and hit the road. By : Manas Chandran