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    Location : Vikarabad interior roads Distance : ~100 kilometers Hyderabad to Vikarabad road condition is average. It was pleasure meeting up with you guys. Even though temperatures are high, Trip turned out to be more fun than expected. This trip was scheduled to Meetup our new moderators Pralay and Aritray. We had a discussion on 'how to improve' India-drive FB group WhatsApp group Website The team Machines
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    I have never driven to Leh But I have planned to do once soon so did some extensive research. By the way I have been to Ladakh thrice and again for the 4th time I am going this year in July. So this would be my suggestion for route: Day 0: Hyderabad to Nagpur (500km/ 9 Hrs) Day 1: Nagpur to Jhansi (590Km/ 10 Hrs) Day 2: Jhansi to Ludhiana (800Km/ 13 Hrs) Day 3: Ludhiana to Srinagar (500km/ 13 Hrs) Day 4: Srinagar to Kargil (200km/ 5 hrs) Enroute visit Sonmarg Day 5: Kargil to Leh (220km/ 5 hrs) Enroute Visit Lamayuru Monastery, Alchi Monastery, Likir Monastery Day 6: Leh to Nubra Valley via Khardung top (200Km/ 5 hrs) Enroute Visit Hemis monastery, Diskit Monastery. After reaching Nubra you can take camel Ride in the desert. Also Plan to start early from leh Day 7: Nubra to Turtuk and Back (One way 85KM/ 2 hrs) Visit the beautiful village of Turtuk and take a trek through the village. Day 8: Hunder to Pangong Tso (Merak) (185 KM/ 6 hrs this road is very much bad but scenic. Alternate you can take the Diskit Turtuk highway and then join the pangong lake road 250km/ 7 Hrs) Day 9: Merak to Karzok (Tso Moriri) (200Km/ 5hrs) Avail Tsaka La road. Enroute Visit Kyagar Tso, Tso Kar Day 10: Karzok to Jispa (300Km/ 10 Hrs) Day 11: Jispa to Manali (150km/ 5Hrs) Enroute visit Vashisth Temple, Keylong, Rohtang Pass Day 12: Manali to Delhi (550KM/ 12 Hrs) Day 13: Delhi to Jhansi (480km/ 9 hrs) Day 14: Jhansi to Nagpur (590km/ 10 hrs) Day 15: Nagpur to Hyderabad(500km/ 9 Hrs) Before Moving to Leh from Srinagar (Day 4) you can take one day for Srinagar Sightseeing. Before moving to Nubra from Leh (Day 6) You can add one day for leh sightseeing (Shanti stupa, Thikse monastery, Leh Palace, Leh Bazaar -Shopping etc). Before moving to Delhi from Manali (Day 12) You can add one day for Manali Sightseeing (Solang Valley, Hidimba Devi Temple) You can add the days as per availability. For a first timer in Himalayas I feel June/July would be great time to drive because the roads will be dry very less chance of snowfall. Let me know if you need any other details. Apart from the road conditions (lets leave that to experts, we have many who have driven the terrain many times), I can help you out in terms of hotel suggestions and sightseeing plans. Happy Driving
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    Road trip to the Himalayas is the thing that always fascinates me. I read almost all the trip reports available in all the top road trip forums about road trip to Leh. I think this is the perfect time for me to plan a road trip now. I have a beautiful car, completing my Degree which means will have a great time for the trip and also I partially convinced my father. The only things remaining is a proper route plan which is the reason behind this write up and hopefully 15 days of time for my father for this trip. Vehicle: Ford Freestyle Titanium TDCi Drivers: Me and my Father No. of travelers: Me and my parents. Month of travel: Between June, July. So it will be me and my parents doing the road trip. I request experienced people out here to please give information and the route, terrain details as we both are new to drive in the Himalayas, vehicle capability, family friendly stay (if possible), precautions, driving tips, weather details. Waiting for responses, thanks in advance.
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    Details are spot on. If you have time, add few more days to make the trip relaxing/comfortable. All the best for your trip.
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    You can plan your circuit from Srinagar this way.... DAY - 5 Srinagar Local DAY - 6 Srinagar - Sonamarg - Kargil DAY - 7 Kargil - Lamayuru - Magnetic hill - Leh DAY - 8 Wake up Late and cover up Leh Local (Leisure day) DAY - 9 Leh - KhardungLa - Diskit - Nubra valley Day - 10 Nubra valley - Turtuk - Nubra valley Day -11 Nubra valley - Pangong Tso lake Day 12 Leh - Jispa Day 13 Jispa - Manali Day 14 Manali Local (Leisure day) OR Manali - Prashar Lake - Manali Day 15 Manali - Delhi Day 16 Delhi - Sagar Day 17 Sagar - Hyderabad
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    Yes, but just different pitstops. Road conditions: 1) Hyderabad ---> Kamareddy ---> Nirmal ---> Adilabad ---> Hinganghat ---> Nagpur (Halt) ~ 500 kms Hyderabad - Nagpur stretch is a good track for a drive but considering the rainy season scenario, it might be a bit dicey with a few unexpected ditches and potholes on your way. So, just drive carefully. Also, make sure you be maintain decent speeds. 2) Nagpur ---> Chchindwara ---> Narsinghpur ---> Sagar ---> Lalitpur ---> Jhansi ---> Gwalior (Halt) ~ 700 kms Via Seoni is another route from Nagpur which will not touch chichindwara which is avoidable due to bad road condition when compared. Narsinghpur - Jhansi is a perfect four lane all the way with hardly any traffic. Jhansi - Gwalior is again pathetic with many diversions. There is significant traffic all the way about which 80 kms stretch might take 2 hours at least. 3) Gwalior ---> Morena ---> Agra ---> Noida ---> Delhi --> Ludhiana ~ 615 kms Gwalior - Agra is again four lane track but the traffic is dense. Agra - Delhi - Delhi is again a usual story. No way to bypass Delhi. Huge traffic jams at the toll is no option to escape from. Delhi - Ludhiana is a 4-lane road, super good to drive. 4) Ludhiana --> Pathankot --> Srinagar ~ 530 kilometers Roads are average, with beautiful views enroute. Need to start early in the morning.
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    Hey, @SK01 .. Congratulations on starting to plan on such a wonderful road trip from your base to the Himalayas with family. @dishari inputs were spot on and very much in detail. One thing you are supposed to keep in mind is to forget luxurious stays whenever you travel to Himalayas. Make sure to put this note in advance to your family members.
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    Finally get it done at STUNNERZ BOTANICAL GARDEN ROAD. It was good and they are very professional. Finished both alignment and balancing in around 40 mins and they charged Rs.600. They also rotated the tyres.
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    Very much clear. Thank you. Please update on the road conditions and safety for outside vehicles as well. I'm traveling with family so taking extra care.
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    Day 7: Nightstay at Nubra (Hunder Village) - Turtuk is a day trip so you can drive there and come back by evening. Day 8: Nightstay at Pangong Tso (Merak Village) - Already sent you option of Dorjay Delbu guest House and Peacefull home-stay Day9: Nightstay at Tso Morini (Karzok village) - Sent you the contact of Nomadic Life camp. Day 10: Night Stay at Jispa (I will find some contacts of Home-stay and send you the same) Day 11: Reach Manali and Night stay at Manali (I will suggest you 2-3 hotels) Hope this clarifies the doubt.
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    Turtuk is ahead of Nubra valley. Its a day trip. You will go there visit the village and come back to Nubra again. Night stay at Nubra(Hunder) itself Hunder is the village near Nubra dessert. Maximum hotels camps are there only. I have already sent you contacts of Yourdum Guest house and Goba guest house there. As for driving its a national highway so should not be a problem. Leh - Manali is treacherous in terms of AMS. So if any one is going to Leh from Manali one have to be very cautious. But as you are coming back via that route you are already acclimatized with the altitude. So should not be a problem.
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    Where is Turtuk? Is it after crossing leh? Do we find any good stay options for family? Where is Hunder? And do we find any stay options for family? I read Manali route is dangerous from @sagar route suggestions. Any more suggestions please?
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    Beautiful capture @mit1682 This is one shear evidence on how the mobile cameras have advanced in the present day.
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    Why : Monsoon drive Where : Warangal and Laknavaram Lake Distance : 220 kilometres Ride : Fiesta 1.6 Fuel : Petrol Mileage : 15KMPL Best Route from Hyderabad to Warangal 2019: (updates) Hyderabad--> Ghatkesar --> Bhuvanagiri -->Jangaon --> Hanamkonda --> Lanknavaram Lake https://www.google.co.in/maps/dir/Hyderabad,+Telangana/Laknavaram+Cheruvu,+Telangana/@16.8273845,78.7899481,8.25z/data=!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x3bcb99daeaebd2c7:0xae93b78392bafbc2!2m2!1d78.486671!2d17.385044!1m5!1m1!1s0x3a3375164120b7ab:0x9bc96a7ca0f462!2m2!1d80.0618743!2d18.1488657?hl=en Note : Warangal to Laknavaram Cheruvu is at a distance of 80 Kilometers. There is some other place called Laknavaram. Search for Laknavaram Cheruvu if you are using google maps. Places to Visit Laknavaram Lake Ramappa Temple Phakal Lake 1000 Pillar temple (Warangal) Warangal Fort (Laser Show) Temperatures started to dip in the second week of August and we started planning for a monsoon drive. We heard about a place called Laknavaram Lake, which is close to Warangal and decided to visit in a single day and come back. We started in the morning around 7 AM from Hyderabad. The road condition between Hyderabad to Bhuvanagiri was excellent as it was a newly laid 4-lane road with smooth tarmac and we lazily cruised at 120 km/hr. Once we crossed Bhuvanagiri, the road condition started to change as the 4-lane road merged into a 2-lane road. Bhuvanagiri to Hanamkonda road condition is good with some patches in between. It took us around 2 hours 40 minutes to reach Hanamkonda from Hyderabad and the Laknavaram lake is around 80 kilometres from Hanamkonda. The road condition is good, surrounded with greenery and hills. We had some good lunch at Telangana tourism Haritha hotel which is located just before Laknavaram Lake on the highway. It costed us 80/- per head for unlimited meals. After the lunch, we headed to Laknavaram lake taking a diversion towards the lake which is at a distance of 6 kilometres from the main road. Once we reached the lake we parked the car at a designated parking lot and bought an entry ticket. The first view of the lake is breathtaking as it was surrounded between hills, lush green islands and a bridge. Lake is spread around 10,000 acres with a bridge which connects two Islands offering a scenic view. It is around 160 meters in length and is the main attraction. There are rooms available on this island which can be booked in advance online. Boating facility is also available at the lake which includes both speed boats and normal boat rides. Due to the high waiting time, we decided to skip it for the next time. After spending 2 hours at the lake, we headed back to Warangal to visit the 1000 pillar temple and the Warangal fort. Unfortunately we missed the Ramappa temple which is situated near the lake. Warangal fort has a Light show at 6:30 PM, which explains the history of Warangal. We stayed for the Light show and headed back to Hyderabad.
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    Thanks for the response @sagar Is the route suggested by you and @disharithe same? Does the same route conditions written by apply to the route suggested by @dishari?
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    Hi, Hyderabad to Warangal roads are good to go.. But, the temperatures are too hot this season to enjoy the bike ride. Try to stay at the harita huts on the banks of the laknavaram lake. It's worth the stay to spend a pleasant evening
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    My turn, Sunrise : Hyderabad ORR (mobile)
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    All the best for the trip. If you need any information you can post a new thread related to your trip planning.
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    Sunrise this morning in the Army area, Lalbazaar - RK Puram flyover stretch while heading to a family gathering at Malkajgiri!! Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
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    Picture came out very well in the low light condition. Noise is on the higher side in dark areas. Overall image is excellent. Impressive.
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    Night photography Location : Hyderabad Mobile : Poco F1 Software used: Snapseed
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    Last weekend me and Saran decided to explore a new place called Gottamgutta. We started searching online for routes and other information. Even after spending an hour, I couldn't find anything related to routes and places to visit. We decided to start early in the morning and explore this place. Distance : Hyderabad to Gottamgutta : 120 kilometers Route : There are two routes to reach this place. One is a regular route through the village called Chandrampalli (dam). Other route is through few small villages and a forest. We obviously took the forest route. Hyderabad > Sangareddy > Zaheerabad > Govindapur > Mogudampalli > Chincholi wild life scantuary > Gottam Gutta Red marked path is not present in Google maps. Places to visit 1. Chincholi Wild life scantuary 2. Gottamgutta (trek) 3. Chandrampalli dam
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    And those twins had some real good morning exercise on this off road track until they reached this first pit-stop. This energetic soul would never get tired sitting behind the lens. Cheers @Omik. Way to go..! Creta has powered through a few tough bits despite front-wheel drive. We drove along the unpaved paths on the terrain watching through the slush and boulders which came along our way Thar was the only 4X4 amongst the cars which could make it to the drive. The Duster has always been up for any sudden drive planned. Cheers @Vinithreddy All those cheerful petrolheads who have been responsible for bringing in more and more fun to every drive we do. And @Charan9 could finally make it to the drive in his new Ecosport . They have been the 'Chip and Dale' of the drive meet that day. All the cars drove within their ability to explore this unseen beautiful site so close to Hyderabad.
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    Overlooking a beautiful landscape in Vattakanal Good morning Universe! Mannavanur is a small village whose sole mode of income comes from farming. On the way towards the lake you would find a lot of carrot fields. Mannavanur lake, Vattakanal - A sojourn to paradise Few pictures of the Kodai Lake at Sunset - Most commercial place in Kodaikanal The Market place of Kodai Silent valley village is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Kodaikanal Bear shola waterfalls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Kodaikanal and closest to Chennai. Well, you cannot go atop the 'Pillar rocks' and shout in earnest joy, but you could stand at a view point adjacent to the Pillar Rocks and drench by the beauty of the nature.